6.6.16 #BacktoWork

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After a fun bank holiday and half term week of Sun by many our Celtic Warriors were back to the hard work of constant improvement today at the Box


1) 8 Sets

2 push Jerk

2 split 

Every 90s
2) 1min AMRAP of each 


-HPC 50/35



X 3

Hot and sweaty one for the Celtic warriors. 

Good pairs workout and everyone encouraged and cheering each other on and working hard. 

Top work by Leighton getting out a load of HSPUs strict. 

Lorna moving like a ninja in the wod, forever improving her clean technique.



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Today at delightfully Sunny Box we had


Front Squat


OTM 15

  • 40s Row
  • 5 TNG Squat Clean
  • Run 200m
  • 20 Wallball
  • Rest 1min

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Another awesome day at the box with a packed and always sweaty Bootcamp 

Followed by another quality Weightlifting session with Coach Christie on her triumphant coaching return, from the successfull Junior Battle in Austria over the weekend, congratulations guys.

Yet another night of improvement in Celtic Weightlifting in the books. With Wave 2 done and Wave 3 ready to commence on Monday

27.8.15 #Cleans&PBs

Today saw another great day of sessions at the box. With PRs to start the day at DP another 2 sessions of Strength and Conditioning from their pre season summer block. With plenty exiting opportunities and developments to come for our promising youngsters.

PM classes carried on the standard set by dawn patrol with lots of PRs being chalked up.

In class 1 it was the youngers (Max, Alex and Euan) who were demonstrating superb technique in there cleans. Can’t wait to see some of them in the upcoming Welsh teen throw down. 

In class 2 Abbi nearly surpassed her 1RM for a triple and bully and Sam hitting some big numbers. 

Class 3 carried on the theme with Claudia, lorna, Hannah and Ami hitting new PRs. 



Liam powering through his 3reps  

 Hannah in the process of her new 3RM

 karl working on his setup 

 Sam and bully getting as close as possible 😉 whilst getting their pump on 💪😍

 Ami and lorna recovering before hitting their new PRs. 


A) 3 RM Power Clean

B) 3 Rounds

1 min each

Row Cals

Plate twist

Close grip ring rows


27.8.15 #StrengthinDepth15

Today we saw everybody hit SiD Qualifier #1.

SiD is a unique competition looking for boxes with much larger teams than normal to compete to qualify for the Final.

We are proud to say we had plenty of interest in the box to field a team that requires a minimum of 12 per box including male female and masters competitors.

Showing how the hugely Improved ability of our warriors and in fact the confidence in their own abilities. To put themselves forward to  compete and try to gain qualification to the Final in the quality venue of Bath University on 28-29th of November. 

It has begun and we look forward to competing as a box in this unique Competition.





Drew and Ross quickest time so far and stu first ever RX’d workout. 

Mike’s movement getting a lot better consistently across all movements.

Vicky B getting back into the swing of things after hols making 30kg ground to overhead look like a toothpick 

Matty and Erika quickest over bar burpees.

25.8.15 #squatsatthedouble

Here’s a little coaching video for those of you working to develop your Double Unders. But remember it is a skill that takes correct practice to develop and will not simply happen by just a little go now and again. Perseverance is key. Practice, practice, practice…


A) Back Squat 

3 x 10


50 Double Unders

12 KB Swing

15 Sit ups

Great sessions today at the box.

New warriors  Jackie and Jess getting to grips with the skipping although no double unders yet but progress definitely on show in DP.

After practice all weekend Anna still couldn’t get double unders but by listening to the coaching did all double unders in the wod well done Anna!

Claudia getting double unders linked with singles. 

Kev also stringing them together with more efficiency.

Good Job 

20.8.15 #Squatand Snatch

Another top Thursday in the books- with 2 more quality sessions with our Newport Schools Rugby Boys who have really come on leaps and bounds already in 5 sessions. 

Getting to grips with improved movement patterns and already increased work capacities, Getting lots of quality work in as part of their pre season schedule of strength and conditioning. The futures bright for these young future athletes. 



A) 10 Rep Max Back Squat

B) 4 Rounds

Row 250m

5 Hang Power Snatch

Run 200m 

5 Hang Power Snatch

Rest 1min

Mentions for our Celtic Warriors from today great work by Abbi almost hitting her 3RM (only2.5kg of) for a 10RM!

Big numbers for the master Doffy and Geeves for 10RM on their backs.

More ninja like skills with the Barbell by Aimee and Alsept Sean continuously hitting excellent movement during the WOD.

19.8.15 #skillsandsweatsfortwo

#warriorwednesday at Celtic CrossFit saw our warriors tackle some skills and put them to the test in a pair of lovely couplets in pairs, a great way to highlight any movement limitations and help to build more efficient movement patterns. With great progress displayed again across the skills across our Celtic Warriors at the box.




A) Skills

B) 21-15-9



C) 20 OTM

Odd 40 Double Unders

Evens 12 Burpees

Some mentions for the day-

Firstly a belated happy Birthday to the quietly always improving Claudia Alonzi-Lewis who managed to sneak in and out under radar before we knew it was her Birthday saving her and the class any Birthday Burpees. And her Bitthday present from Celtic CrossFit, her first pistols! Boom! 

Same for Steph also getting her first pistols tonight, comfortably and just before she heads off on Holiday. With other half Luke possibly getting his final WOD tonight before he relocates to Essex for a new job- so we wish him all the best in his pastures new.

Good luck to Katie Doff collecting her Exam results tomorrow.

Top Work again tonight for the always impressive Sam and Liam absolutely destroying the OTMs tonight. 

Best DUs shown by Jo also completing all sets of double unders with ease.

Ben Black with consistently the quickest DUs across the whole workout. 

And James for perseverance whilst his DUs deserted him mid WOD only to regain his composure and finish in style.

Well done all on another awesome #WarriorWednesday

18.8.15 #pulluppulluppullup

With the amazing progress of late continuing with our awesome #celticwarriors the pull-up efforts today were no different demonstrating the continued improvement across many movements. Followed by tasty little weightlifting and gymnastic mash up of the 5-10-15 rep scheme 


A) 3 x max Pull-up 

B) 15min AMRAP

5 Box Jump

10 Push Press

15 KBS 

Run 150m

Rest 30sec

A warm DP welcome this morning to some more August On Rampers Jess and Jackie,  throwing themselves into the pre breakfast fun. Great way to start the day ladies!

The awesomeness continued this evening- with some very busy classes and the typical awesome atmosphere.

Shout out to Steph-Her first time RX’ing a wod combined with excellent tekkers on the push press. Great community spirit all round tonight with plenty of support from everyone on a tough wod. 

Another mention yet again for the always improving Rhys with 31 unbroken pull-ups. Another Celtic Warrior who just keeps getting better.

Beach WOD 

“Beach WOD!!!!” Our GPP cycle continues, with our athletes getting comfortable in the uncomfortable! Not just using odd/ different implements within their training recently, but training in different environments, on different surfaces and at different times of day! Ensuring our Celtic Warriors are able to perform to their full potential whatever the situation! 
Today we took our Saturday SweatFest on the Road to “Coney Beach” for the second year in a row. It is not an easy feat to get a group of cross fitters to travel 40 miles lugging a load of equipment just to workout! But this epitomises the attitude of our community! Everyone was up for the challenge, everyone pulled together, carried equipment, offered lifts and despite a few hiccups with directions, everyone got there ready to train! 

It was also lovely to welcome back two of our favourite members to work out with us! Firstly, Kirsten, one of our earliest members who represented us in team competitions such as London Throwdown! who due to work and family commitments had to move away, but is obviously not lost her engine! Kirsten is an amazing runner and body weight ninja, so there is no surprised paired with the ever improving Shazza she smashed this workout! 

We also welcomed back Angharad, another life long Celtic Warrior, that was really starting to get into competing before she also had to move to pastures new, due to work commitments. It’s great to see that she has continued to work hard at her new box and is obviously reaping the rewards! She is stronger and fitter than ever! It was awesome to catch up with you both ladies! We all miss you loads! 
Then there was the workout…. 

In pairs…. 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42 x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42x OH Lunges

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x OH Lunges

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18 x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18x OH Lunges

Amazing determination and encouragement in the sun by everyone! Especially as the tide was going out, which meant the runs got further each round… 😰 (This of course was planned, reps decrease/ run increases 😏) 

Ross and Matty lead the way with the best time, but everyone did incredibly well! Erika and Maria smashed every run and their movement was superb throughout! I think Owen just pipped Iwan in the first father son battle, but Joe definitely smashed dad Doffy in their family competition! A final mention must go to Anna McNally, her enthusiasm and attitude is contagious, she even wanted to do an extra run once we had finished! “Crazy!”I hope everyone enjoyed getting out of the box and into a different environment for the day!