Name: Ceri Jones

CrossFit Certified Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
CrossFit Kids Certified
CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified
CrossFit Football Certified
Freestyle connection gymnastics NAKA Athletics (Carl Paoli)
BWL Olympic Weightlifting
BWL Resistance & Weight Training Certified
BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching
PGCE Secondary PE
Wales at various schoolboy International age groups in Rugby Union and Rugby League.
2 seasons with Bath Rugby
Premier Division Rugby for Llanharan, Glamorgan Wanderers, Bedwas and Caerphilly.
Recently having retired as a result of injury and a young family.
“I have been training using the CrossFit method since 2009, having trained seriously for over 10 years prior to CrossFit. Before this I considered myself very fit, until i attempted my first CrossFit session and it totally shocked me. Highlighting the limits of my training exposure. The correct form and efficiency of technique needed to perform the movements correctly which are at the core of CrossFit, very different to my repetitive heavy weight training and interval sessions. Since then my work capacity has improved to no end and am still finding the constant challenges and rewards highly enjoyable.“
“Since completing my Level 1 Certification in April 2010 and numerous subsequent certifications i have enjoyed being able to share my knowledge and help many others improve their fitness and health in this way. With the hard work and noticeable results, combined with obvious enjoyment my friends and CrossFit athletes have all achieved. Mastering the basics and the endless possibilities CrossFit training allows.  Building the unique Celtic CrossFit community and seeing our athletes enthusiasm continue to grow, helping to make each one of them better and loving every minute of it. I would highly recommend CrossFit to absolutely everyone having seen firsthand the changes and improvements it provides for all levels of abilities. With hundreds of lives changed already.
Name: Ian Carter

Crossfit Certified Trainer
CrossFit Kids Certified
CrossFit Powerlifting certified
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified
CrossFit Football Certified
BWL Olympic Weightlifting
Freestyle connection gymnastics NAKA Athletics (Carl Paoli)
BSc (Hons) Sports Science
PGCE Secondary Physical Education
Competitive CrossFit Athlete 
Rugby playing and coaching-
playing in the Welsh Premiership for Caerphilly for many years, including being part of their Konica Minolta Cup Runners up team.
Ian is also a WRU Level 2 Qualified coach and recently coached Machen RFC to their highest finishing league position in their history.
“I was the biggest advocate for “push – pull” strength based training that there was. Thinking that as long as I was improving in my bench press and bicep curls as well as throwing in the odd 3-6 km run I would be ticking all the boxes to achieve complete all round fitness. In reality all it was doing was decreasing my flexibility improving the chance of me becoming injured through bad technique and only improving my bench press and bicep curls not my all round performance. It was only after becoming bored of my training and seeing my results plateaux that I gave Crossfit a sceptical chance and I have not looked back since! Crossfit has transformed the way I approach my training especially with regard to technique and intensity. Ensuring that my training is constantly varied at a high intensity across all muscular movement types and energy continuums, I have experienced huge gains in weight being lifted, times being run and rowed and especially in the functional movements my improved technique now allows me to perform.
The community that is found in all Crossfit gyms is something very special and we take pride in the strong community that has developed at CelticCrossFit. everyone is made to feel welcome and being encouraged and spurred on by your fellow athletes and coaches to achieve PB’s every time you train is an amazing way to see quick gains in performance. Crossfit has to be experienced to be believed and once you’re in your hooked!! Give it a go you won’t be dissapointed” 
Name: Craig Reeves
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified
CrossFit Football Certified
BWL Olympic Weightlifting
WAGA level 1 Coach
BA (Hons) PE and Sport
PGCE Secondary PE
Competitive CrossFit Athlete
Crossfit has completely changed my life, the way I eat, train and live my life reflects the ethos and values of crossfit. Prior to crossfit I was an avid gym goer following the norm chest and tri’s, back and bi’s model which was used to supplement my gymnastics and rugby. Since becoming a member at Celtic Crossfit and attending my level 1 trainer course I have gained a broader understanding of ‘what fitness is’. The constantly varied workouts have identified strengths and weaknesses and highlighted the importance of general physical preparedness. The value of expect the unexpected has now made my training fun as well as challenging and demanding.I truly believe the crossfit model is the most inclusive and effective strength and conditioning program out there, its ability to scale all workouts to the ability of the individual delivers results and creates a community like no other.
NAME: Ross Bridgeman
CrossFit level 1 coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer  
Bsc Sport Science
Name: Pete Davies
CrossFit Level 1 coach
English Junior Weighlifting champion 



CrossFit L1 Certified


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  1. Are you open only at these times during the summer? Would be great to have daytime slots! Really would love to try it, when are your next Ramp up sessions starting? Thanks, Gemma.

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