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6.6.16 #BacktoWork

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After a fun bank holiday and half term week of Sun by many our Celtic Warriors were back to the hard work of constant improvement today at the Box


1) 8 Sets

2 push Jerk

2 split 

Every 90s
2) 1min AMRAP of each 


-HPC 50/35



X 3

Hot and sweaty one for the Celtic warriors. 

Good pairs workout and everyone encouraged and cheering each other on and working hard. 

Top work by Leighton getting out a load of HSPUs strict. 

Lorna moving like a ninja in the wod, forever improving her clean technique.

4.6.16 #SaturdaySweatfest

Our next On Ramp – Introduction to CrossFit starts Tuesday 7.30pm
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Today had the usual mixed bag of fun including Celtic Bootcamp, Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit and Celtic Weightlifting Club

HUGE mention for Jen who has been working diligently and consistently at Celtic Weightlifting Club- hitting a huge 50kg Clean and Jerk PR this am



10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight

Bench press: body weight

Clean: 3/4 body weight

Sunday Open gym 9.30-11.30 Tomorrow


Our next On Ramp- Introduction to CrossFit starts Tuesday @7.30pm

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Today at delightfully Sunny Box we had


Front Squat


OTM 15

  • 40s Row
  • 5 TNG Squat Clean
  • Run 200m
  • 20 Wallball
  • Rest 1min

Remember Saturday Timetable

9-10am Celtic Bootcamp

10-11am Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit

9.30-11.30am Celtic Weightlifting  Club


On Ramp starts Tuesday – be a part of the fitness Revolution

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Another awesome day at the box with a packed and always sweaty Bootcamp 

Followed by another quality Weightlifting session with Coach Christie on her triumphant coaching return, from the successfull Junior Battle in Austria over the weekend, congratulations guys.

Yet another night of improvement in Celtic Weightlifting in the books. With Wave 2 done and Wave 3 ready to commence on Monday

1.6.16 #Pinchpunch

Our Next On Ramp- Introduction starts next Tuesday 7.6.16 contact gettingstarted-celticcrossfit@outlook.com to book in.


Unfortunately we have some sad news to share

Our very much loved member Ladislav is sadly leaving us to travel back home to Czech Republic with having done his last workout at Celtic CrossFit tonight! 

Lad has brought that something else to the box on every visit he has made.

Showing great progress in his time with us showing to be a top athlete.

Everyone here at Celtic CrossFit are sad to see you go Lad but we wish you all the best in the future! 

make sure to stay in touch 

Once a Celtic Warrior always a #Celticwarrior

Today at the box. A few deadlifts brought out of the bag for tonight’s short enjoyable workout.

Dawn patrol – great buzz once again with Paul showing great spot on technique work with his snatch. Rachael’s technique becoming better every session. Abi proving to be the only female athlete to RX with a great score

Class 1 – Leighton proving to improve more and more on his strength and lifts all the time now. Great to see our trusty old friends Rob Hoffrock and Tom Lloyd back into action

Class 2 – A new 1 RM snatch for new dad Geevesy and Matty back from injury showing it hadn’t knocked his engine

Class 3 – Big improvements in snatch bar path from Claudia and Anna also great catch position improvements for Karl and Rob gann 

Awesome perseverance shown by Stu working through a big weakness to finish the Workout in a fab time!

Fastest RX time of the day went to John in class 3 (sub 7 mins) and Rhys Guard with fastest scaled time closely followed by Karl also went sub 7 mins



 1 Snatch 

1 OHS 

3 Rounds 

5 Deadlift (140/100) 

10 OB Burpees 

400m Run 


17.2.16 #Affiliate Cup 2016…

 8 days until the 2016 #crossfitopen and the #ccf2affiliatecup. Final preparations for Celtic Crossfit Friday night lights 16.1 are being made, all that’s left is for you guys to sign up at crossfit games.com and setup a whatsap/Facebook group for your #ccf2affiliatecup team, this needs to be done to coordinate with each other. Ideally all get together during Friday night lights to get the workout done then stick around to cheer the rest of our #celticwarriors, have a coffee or beer and some food, also feel free to bring any of your friends with you to give them a little insight to Celtic Crossfit and the amazing community we have built.


For tonight we had a little more skills practice with some HSPUs and then a tough team workout consisting of rowing, wall walks, db thrusters, SDHP and DUs. 

Mentions for Hannah Reilly for conquering her life long fear of handstands to achieve 4 tonight in our skills practice! Also a huge well done for Mike, showing hard work and perseverance really does pay off, as after some skill work, he nailed his first ever HSPU with more or less his last attempt of the evening. Was great to see Fern, Nat Tanner and Maria now comfortably hitting RX HSPU consistently! There was also awesome progress from Anna Mac, Rachel Burke, Emma and Lawrence on their Double unders! Bring on the skills on the Open this Year! We will be prepared!!!!!   

Great to welcome Chloe and Sara to full classes and a big welcome back to Rob Hoff!!


A) HSPU practice

B) AMRAP25 – in pairs

1600m row  

20 wall walks

40 DB thruster

50 OH lunge

60 sit-ups 


160 DUs

27.8.15 #StrengthinDepth15

Today we saw everybody hit SiD Qualifier #1.

SiD is a unique competition looking for boxes with much larger teams than normal to compete to qualify for the Final.

We are proud to say we had plenty of interest in the box to field a team that requires a minimum of 12 per box including male female and masters competitors.

Showing how the hugely Improved ability of our warriors and in fact the confidence in their own abilities. To put themselves forward to  compete and try to gain qualification to the Final in the quality venue of Bath University on 28-29th of November. 

It has begun and we look forward to competing as a box in this unique Competition.





Drew and Ross quickest time so far and stu first ever RX’d workout. 

Mike’s movement getting a lot better consistently across all movements.

Vicky B getting back into the swing of things after hols making 30kg ground to overhead look like a toothpick 

Matty and Erika quickest over bar burpees.


well what a weekend (more almost a week) of competition that was with the most Gruelling and Impressive display of human physical capacity. With the Elite of CrossFit showing an amount of work and performance way above what would have ever thought to be possible in any test of Fitness. Finding 2 new champions and the Fittest on Earth and a whole load of excitement along the way with the champion not crowned until the end of the final WOD and an exciting finale. Just Awesome.


Today saw the start of ‘Games Week’ @celticcrossfit where you our Celtic Warriors will get the opportunity to tackle some of the WODs seen over the last week and a fun test of your own Fitness .


First test for our CelticWarriors saw our athletes tackle the barbell challenge

‘Hero WOD’ DT


5 Rounds

12 Deadlift

9 Hang Power clean

6 Push Jerk

Top of the box tonight for this hero, Big Gav just ahead of Drewy for this on the 1st day of games week. Plenty more fun to be had.

Which games WOD will be next?

21.7.15 #ICON4

Today saw #WOD4 in the ICON same sex partner Throwdown with some lifting and getting over the bar on the cards, along with plenty of repetitions all around in the partner relay.

Top performances for Doffy and Drew, for the Ladies Abbi and Hannah K, who’s skills just keep on getting better day by day week by week. Don’t let your improvements be a suprise Ladies, we a are not they are earned. By hard work and diligence on your form and efficiency of movement. Keep getting better.

It will be great to see where our partnerships end up as lots of #celticwarriors enjoying the fun of CrossFit competition. With plenty more to come 



sees the Speciality Deadlift Seminar with expert coach Kevin Don 6-8pm tomorrow £20 for the seminar and seminar T-Shirt with fantastic numbers signed up to  what promises to be a fun night at the box for all of our Celtic Warriors


Sees a slight alteration to class times in the evening with CrossFit classes starting at 5.30-6.30-7.30pm as another exciting development begins.


This week sees the 2015 games about to begin…Who fancies watching at the Box in a big screen with a few beers and possibly a BBQ Saturday or Sunday night to see the action??