First Day of the 2015 Celtic CrossFit – Paleo – Beach Body challenge

Not too late to get registered…just download the User Friendly App and register for $9.99 in our challenge and start using the easy to follow guidelines and scoring system. Become accountable to yourself, officially recording how you’re doing with your eating.

Including a points system for different foods, tracking systems, private before and after pics and measurements for you to see the change over just 1 month. With the option to buy weekly meal plans or even a 30 day meal plan for ideas to help keep you on track and your taste buds interested.

Previous challenges have seen big changes to many, transforming eating habits and performance forever after.

Remember it is not only a challenge against others but a system to help you along the way and keep track of progress with your fellow #CelticWarriors. Making the habit changes a much easier thing to do in good company with help and support than by yourself.

30 days to looking better, feeling better and performing better. Are you ready?

Beach Body Pre Test


A) Power Clean 1RM

B) ‘Jackie’

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters

30 Pull-ups

For Time

C) 2 Min MAX Burpees

Another AWESOME Monday at the box- 

Too many PRs to mention and some great targets to aim for after a month of clean eating. 

Big lifts by little Rob, Lorna,Kate, Lee, Fern, Bull, Mike, Maria, Vix, will, James, Rich, Parky, Rhys, Sam,Liam, Ben to mention just a few. 

With many more good scores on Jackie and some good numbers on the Burpee test.

Great grit and determination showed by all in a busy bustling record beating box!

AWESOME JOB #celticwarriors







The challenge has started.

How much change do you want to create in your body?

You decide what goes into your mouth. You have the knowledge at your fingertips, help at hand, a supportive community of many like minded individuals contemplating the new journey.

Are you prepared to change traditional/bad habits for the sake of your health, physical performance and the nice little bonus, your appearance.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION- less fat, more muscle a more effective physique

RESULTS OR EXCUSES…you decide which you are going to have!

5 RM Deadlift


5 Rounds for Time
10 thrusters
10 burpees
Run 200m


How is all of your Paleo weekends going?


How close are we sticking to this statement over the weekend?!

Some good quality seasons yesterday with some team Frannage and Elizabeth with a little bit of Annie too. Whilst some of you hit Morrison. Good stuff guys now fuel the machine.


Some info on how lack of sleep can affect your performance


Some great work and PR’s again at the box well done all.

First weekend of our Paleo challenge ahead keep focused on why you have signed up people, plan your food ahead of time to keep away from old temptations.

You know it’s a challenge when you go to a family birthday meal all are having deserts and your only option is the coffee, black. Choose for the better of your long term health and physical performance.

Keep your points up to
Date or your penalties are waiting tomorrow and Monday!!

Great posting guys Phil owes 50 burpees all of you posting keep track on all the non posters as non posting= bonus work also make a note on the paleo board. Oh and did I mention PHIL OWES 50 BURPEES!!


Thank you Gremlin



A few minutes in the kitchen and some tasty paleo this evening- some pork sweet potato and apple patties courtesy of the gremlins link accompanied with a boiled egg a nice meal containing protein, veg, fruit and the essential to keep you feeling fuller, fat.

Plus a creation of my own macadamia and date paleo brownies for some paleo treatage. And I am not usually a fan or do i spend much time cooking, unless it is a nice steak!

Remember anything on the sweeter side must still be eaten in moderation as any ‘treat’ should be especially during the first week or two as your body tries to adjust!! Not just replacing lots of your meals/snacks with ‘Paleo’ versions of your old sweet favourites. A sweet tooth is a Bitch to cure, sticking to paleo meals and snacks that contain a source of protein (meat/fish/eggs), fat (nuts/seeds/paleo oils/avocados) fruit, vegetables each time as much as you can is a must otherwise you are really changing nothing about your food habits.

Remember this is a food choice transformation as well as a body and performance transformation. For you to look differently at how you approach and choose the food you put in your mouth and as a result fuel your body. Make changes for the better and for the long term keep it up people be wise with your body’s fuel!!

Feel free to bring any creations you create to the box for others to try and share your ideas and tastes (also it will stop you eating a full paleo chocolate pie to yourself Bevs? We are a community here. Ha!)

Snatch practice

3 sets
4 strict HSPU into max kipping HSPU

5 Rounds
6 Power snatch
10 Box jumps
15 HOG press ups

(bonus: if press ups are paused/broken a 3 Burpee penalty to buy back in before continuing the WOD)

For Time

Post times and keep sharing the paleo love and scores to comments;


Day 1 of PALEO for lots of you how are we all doing so far? Remember to post your points for today 12.6.12 onto here by 4pm tomorrow 13.6.12 for food/training/sleep or earn a bonus whatever your score!

A simple chart to follow over the next 4 weeks


Hopefully that helps to answer a few questions

For those of you with an iPhone there is a great APP called ‘ONLY PALEO‘ on which you can type the name of the food/ingredient you are planning on eating and it will tell you “paleo/paleo but eat in moderation/not paleo skip it
” good if you want quick answers for things without an Internet search or wait until your next visit to the box.

Remember max 5 points for 3 meals plus 2 snacks, but more snack/meals are possible you just don’t score extra points. Each meal/snack should contain an amount of protein:fat:carbohydrate (from fruit and vegetables, the good ones!!)



On the min for 8 mins
3 reps Clean and Jerk

5 rounds
5 Deadlift
10 Burpees

For time:

Post wod and Paleo challenge scores to comments on this page by 4pm tomorrow- you have been warned!


Paleo Begins
A great take up of the paleo challenge already with the vast majority buying into the challenge this evening.

Anything below 5 points for your food log= a bonus round of work at the box

Failure to log your WOD scores and PALEO CHALLENGE points for the day = bonus round of work at the box (all points/scores logged by 4pm the following day at the latest)

Use what is unique about CrossFit to help each other through this challenge and keep each other on track for the month- YOU, our community and this BLOG

The 1st week to 10 days will be tough, get past those with no cheating and watch the improvements follow.

Post your scores and post any useful links/pages for each other to use.

Record your scores when you come to the box for our records

Put any tasty paleo recipies you find/use on here for others to enjoy too

HONESTY IS PARAMOUNT to you and your success log accurately to track your progress do not fill in what you think should be on there be honest to you

Let the games begin- GOOD LUCK any questions ask a coach at the box.

And just to clarify eggs come from chickens not cows so are NOT DAIRY. I or any other coach has never personally had a beef egg!!




Sean the ‘meat’ above who in case you don’t know is Sean Willis of Douglas Willis the award winning local butchers, who will create a great package of paleo friendly very well priced and amazing quality meat for you athletes at CelticCrossFit. It kicks the ass off any water filled supermarket shit you may buy fact!! The weight you buy is actually the meat, Paleo is about quality fuel for your body and the meat they produce is definately that!! Get some.

Paleo Benchmark Girl
3 Rounds

Run 400m
21 Kb Swings
12 Pullups

For time

Post times to comments and get counting your scores from now or face a bonus round at the box;



For 4 weeks you will eat from this phrase and nothing other than this phrase:

“Meat, and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar!”

• £5 entry fee (pot split between winners judged by the coaches)

• Before and After Picture

• Performance measurement – NAMED BENCHMARK WOD before and after

• keeping a food/training/rest and recovery log/updating your daily scores to the CelticCrossFit Blog

• Failure to eat Paleo (per -1 point of bad food choice) = a penalty of work post WOD

• Failure to log daily scores by 4pm the following day = a penalty of work post WOD which can be accumulated and finished daily/weekly

Points will accrue for the following:

*Each Day of Eating PALEO and keeping a Food Diary

*Crossfitting a MAX of 6 days in a week with a minimum of 1 or 2 rest days and mobilising/foam rolling having active recovery on these days.

*Sleeping 8 hours per Night

Weekly Recipes and links will be posted on the Celtic Crossfit Blog (intro already there from Rob Wolf)

At the end of each week you will post your points If you do not post your points, you will get a ZERO!

Challenge dates:
Weeks of June 11th- 16th until July 9th-14th (4 Week Challenge)

Sign up and info sheets with scoring charts available from the box tomorrow onwards. Let the transformations begin!!