Warrior Wednesday 

   A great night, at the box! We had some skills practices followed by the very tough, #2 Icon Nutrition online qualifying workout, that tested our athletes physical and mental toughness and highlighted the importance of tactics and strategy in competitive workouts. 
It was amazing to see so many people progressing to the next level during the WOD, Ben Black in particular, surprising himself by pushing himself to use 32kg and 30 inch box to RX comfortably! 
Also big shout outs to some of our ladies, that continue to make amazing progress with their skills! Nat Arlett, Tracy and Lorna Doff, are starting to really master their freestanding head and hand stand movements. Hannah Keating has made huge strides, linking her kipping pull ups together more efficiently! And Bridie Griffiths, working incredibly hard on building a base of strength in order to master her pull ups! 


In Pairs 

50, 40, 30, 40, 50 

Box jumps & Russian KB Swings

In the WOD we saw Sam and Liam with 11:12 the fastest time of the night and Abi and Hannah bring roared on by a crowd of class 3 that stayed to support! This evidently paid off with the girls achieving an awesome 14.41! 

Ps. It’s nice to see that some of you pay attention to our posts! Thank you to Sarah, that didn’t look silly at all modelling her shin pads for the box jumps this evening! You are a star! 

Bring on a WOD 3!!! 



A repost from November to take note of, the deadlift is great when done correctly, do it wrong and it will bite your ass!!

Leave your ego out of this lift-MECHANICS AND CONSISTENCY BEFORE INTENSITY (always!!!) which in this case is a heavy load. Do it badly now and your creating motor patterns for the lift that will be hard to undo in the future, which will ultimately limit your potential and could lead to injury.

Bad form is shit and is not worth it FACT!!!


“The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength.Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to “rev up” your metabolism, increase strength or lean body mass, decrease body fat, rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance, or maintain functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is a marked shortcut to that end. To the detriment of millions, the deadlift is infrequently used and seldom seen either by most of the exercising public and/or, believe it or not, by athletes.It might be that the deadlift’s name has scared away the masses; its older name, “the healthlift,” was a better choice for this perfect movement.”

(Glassman 2003, CrossFit Journal Issue 12)

Read the rest of this CrossFit Journal article here


5 x 2 Deadlift



50 Double Unders

21 Kettlebell swings

15 OHS @60% 1RM

WOD 5.10.11

Tabata fun
(20second:10second work:rest ratio x 8)
rope pulls
kb swings
plank(with knees to elbows)
ground to overhead with sand bag



Your score is the lowest number of reps in a 20 second work period for each movement.

Post scores to comments;

WOD 15.7.11

Friday Fun
Lifting practice

10 hspu/wall walks
20 oh lunges
30 jumping ring pull ups
40 wallballs
50 kb swings
60 burpees
For time

Post times to comments;


Sarah and Goughy in some post WOD ‘contemplation’ after another good Friday night shift.

The 5pm class roaring Alun through to finish before the time cap. Does this happen at other gyms?

Another week of varied functional training done and increased work capacities ahead-
good work guys

WOD 27.6.11

‘Some threesome fun’

In 3’s selected by Carters from a hat;

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200 SDHP






RUN 800M


Post times to comments;

A longer team WOD tonight pushing people outside their ‘comfort zones’, some excellent community spirit shown by all working in random 3’s to get the job done with an extra rest in store as we are relocating WEDS.


One of our newer athletes at CelticCrossFit-Xavier who has made some excellent progress so far losing over half as stone in a very short time, another example of how the hard work pays off and CelticCrossFit works. Good work pal  (above-after tonights WOD not a fully clothed shower!)