Good way to finish off the week


   A) 5 ME Ring Press Up

5 Sets 10 Step ups

3 Sets max Kb Row

B) 15-12-9-6-3



***Yet more Perpetual Progress accross the box ***

Well done to Steph and Kelly on mastering ring press ups- then surpassing their expectations by smashing out 5 rounds of them.

Great work by Sam, Saad and Morgan for taking max effort to another level.

Zoe England getting her first set of strict gymnastic position press ups.

Erika getting her first toes to bar, then linking 4 together.

Then Morgan again and Abby for determination and perseverance to finish the workout under the time cap- with fantastic support and encouragement from their fellow warriors.

Now Relax enjoy your Friday evening and recover ready for our ever popular  Saturday Bootcamp@9am and Saturday SweatFest @10am




Something’s going well here at the box with some of the PR’s on the PR board?! Clean off tomorrow and ready for a shit load more improvements next month too. Well done guys.


2 x power snatch on the minute for 10 minutes

20 Min AMRAP
10 Kb snatch(each arm)
50 Double unders
Run 1km

Post rounds to comments;


New CrossFit Video by Reebok- The Sport of Fitness has arrived.

8 min AMRAP
7 back squats 100/70
7 chest 2 bar pull ups

10x 200m run 90s rest

Post rounds and times to comments;


Great Article from men’s Health


The world’s hottest new workout system is also the most controversial. Are you ready to join the WOD squad?
By Grant Stoddard, Posted Date: October 11, 2011


“CROSSFIT IS GOING TO transform your body. It’s going to transform your life in ways you can’t imagine.”

This wasn’t a late-night infomercial. It was the ardent opinion of my former girlfriend. I had mentioned that I was thinking of trying CrossFit, and Becky, to my surprise, told me she was already a year into it, and that it had given her a “new lease on life” and a “whole new family.” On every other subject she sounded like the same levelheaded girl I used to live with. But when she talked about CrossFit, she sounded like a lunatic.

Then she directed me to YouTube videos that showed her busting out pullups by the dozen and sporting the strong, sinewy physique of a martial artist. If that was madness, I wanted some. I scheduled a free demo session as soon as I hung up the phone.

THE APPEAL OF CROSSFIT—A CONDITIONING program that mixes Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, plyometrics, and a few hard-to-categorize exercises like rope climbing—is that the workouts are short, intense, and constantly changing. So they were nothing like the long, monotonous, and unsatisfying workouts I’d been doing for most of my adult life.

And CrossFit is everywhere now. I counted 10 affiliates near my apartment in downtown Vancouver. I decided to try CrossFit Westside, which is within walking distance.

Like the CrossFit facilities I’d seen in videos, this one didn’t look anything like a traditional gym. No mirrors, no machines to isolate muscles, no stationary bikes, no display cases full of expensive powders and bars. The box, as they call each of their gyms, was mostly open space, with a rubber floor, high ceiling, and equipment—barbells and plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, rowing machines—stacked neatly around the perimeter. The walls were bare, save for stenciled quotations attributed to Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s founder and frontman. “No, it doesn’t get any easier,” read one. “You wouldn’t want it to either.”

My initial assessment included a timed run through a typical CrossFit sequence during which I rowed, jumped, and did pushups and body-weight squats. The streams of sweat pouring off me left no doubt that I hadn’t been bringing my A game to my self-designed workouts. The assessment was followed by a series of “elements” classes, during which my fellow rookies and I learned the basic exercises. Then it was time to try the real thing.

The highlight of each class was the workout of the day, or WOD. (A lot of these have been given women’s names—anybody up for a Cindy? How about a Fran?) My first WOD consisted of 12 “chest to deck” pushups, 9 deadlifts with 225 pounds, and 15 jumps onto a 24-inch box. That was one round; the challenge was to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. The clock started, house music blared, barbells clanked, and my fellow CrossFitters grunted, groaned, and screamed encouragement at one another. Sweat flecked the gym floor.

“Back to pushups! Chest to deck, let’s go!” screamed our trainer, Jenika Gordon, who also owned the gym. “Five minutes gone, so you’re a third of the way through!”

I was oxygen-starved and confused after three rounds, and I still had 10 minutes to go. And I wasn’t the only one suffering. Pushups around the room became increasingly bendy, jumps turned wobbly, deadlifts turned ugly. And even though some CrossFit crazies think vomiting during a workout is a badge of honor, I hoped I wouldn’t erupt my first time out.

In my quarter-hour initiation, I’d made it through the three-exercise circuit—a “triplet” in CF-speak—just shy of six times. We called out our scores and Gordon posted them on a chalkboard. I was near the bottom of the class of a dozen men and women, some of whom outweighed me by at least 50 pounds. One of the biggest surprises in this and subsequent classes was the range of body shapes, which didn’t seem in any way predictive of who would end up with the highest score. On any given day the doughy endomorph might outpace the cantaloupe-butt Amazon or the wiry guy with the anatomy-chart muscles.

We limped off as another group stepped up.

“How was the WOD?” someone asked.

“Fifteen minutes of sheer hell,” I wheezed.

“Awesome!” he said, without sarcasm.

Enjoy the Festive season and a well earned rest. Ready to reach new heights previously thought impossible in 2012!!


Compare  to  18.5.11 Our first ever Hero WOD revisited

 An early Christmas present for you all 




For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

Murph was a member of an elite Navy Seal team fighting terrorists back in 2005 when they encountered some heavy fighting and ended up being killed with other members of his team. Due to his heroics, he was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor.

Please read the full story on ‘Murph’ HERE http://www.navy.mil/moh/mpmurphy/soa.html


Hope you all enjoyed revisiting this beast, seeing the improvements from your previous efforts.

3 more WODs Till Santa lets see how festive we can make the box for these- Hats,jumpers,costumes enjoy the last few before the excess of Christmas hits us all fully. But don’t worry enjoy yourselves be merry.

Just remember we own you afterwards!! ENJOY

Post times to comments;



GET YOURSELF SIGNED UP FOR A NEW YEAR CROSSFIT COMPETITION some already have- We are hoping to enter individuals and a team or two (from members and coaches) gat in and represent us!  Also we will be running the qualifying WOD’s during Classes next week so you will all be doing them anyway. It would be a great chance to make a CelticCrossFit ROAD TRIP TOO?!

IF INTERESTED (and you should be as your already going to be doing them!!) YOU NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE BY SAT 3rd of DEC (this week) and its only £8- nothing to lose qualification into a big CrossFit Competition to be gained, and think how much you all enjoyed our 737 competition, give your training a goal to work to.(click on the picture link below)

London’s first major crossfit competition.

Online qualifiers December 5th-11th

Competition date February 11th & 12th

60 male and 60 female athletes

40 mixed sex teams

 Held at Brunel University Indoor Athletics Centre, home of British Athletics.

On site accomodation and catering for the whole weekend


Kipping pullup practice

2 x max strict pull ups


8 Rounds each for time

Row 200m

Run 200m

Rest as needed between rounds:

Get signed up get competitive and post times to comments;







Loads of new toys at the box to improve your gym, with lots more to come in the very near future.

Some great improvements shown during tonights WOD’s. Notable evenings for Ian Griff and Rhys Bevan completing the WOD as RX’D, Parksy for hitting his 2nd WOD in 2 days with his athritic shoulder and ‘cold toe’ but still getting the job done, and Sarah nailing Diane RX’D completing 45 handstand press ups in a WOD despite the fact she could not do one fully only a short time ago!! AWESOME WORK GUYS!


Establish a 10RM Deadlift



Deadlift 100kg

Handstand press ups

For time

Post times to comments;

737 charity challenge photos

check out some of the pictures of some of our members putting it in to the charity WOD’s this past Sunday

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really chuffed with the effort of all of you, great work.

With more pictures and roundup to follow shortly on the dedicated 737 page coming soon