A bit of a run in the Sun this evening

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So the open is over and back to business as usual at the box. Everyone did extremely well over the last 5 weeks. Sarah Finishing just outside qualification at 66th and the team so very close just 1 spot out at 31 out of every CrossFit box and entered athlete in europe! If you had said we would do so well we would have been more than pleased with those placings in our first entry to the Open. Having said that being so close but yet so far I’m sure everyone will agree at being gutted not to be going to regionals in Copenhagen!

The little things and a few more reps and a bit more practice of what we suck at and next year we can go that final inch or two. Well Done everyone it has been great at the box for the last 5 weeks onward and upward. Bring that extra focus to the box over the next year and let’s see where that takes us?! Fantastic place to be a part of and thank you guys for making it what it is.

So very close

Sun time fun time
Run 1km
1 rope climb
25 Kb clean and jerk
25 box jumps
25 toes to bar
25 ring dips
50 Double unders
400m sandbag carry
12 kb c&j
12 box jumps
12 toes2bar
12 ring dips
1 rope climb
50 double unders
30 Burpees

For Time

We went long tonight for a change, well done all

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A good post courtesy of CrossFit Balboa which is home to John Welbourn the pioneer of CrossFit Football A 10 Year NFL Pro and fountain of knowledge on Strength and Conditioning in general.

“10.26.11Weight Lifting & MuscleFrom facebook – This picture appears with the caption “You choose, competitive body builder, marathon runner or Crossfitter”

Here at CFB we lift weights. Everyone lifts weights. Most people like it and some… not so much. Most of the people who aren’t crazy about weight lifting are women. No matter what we tell them, the myth that lifting weights makes women “bulky” seems to persist. It’s nonsense ladies. With the amount of weightlifting we do relative to the amount of met-con we program there’s no way your guns are going to win the blue ribbon at the county fair. Weightlifting will improve your posture, prevent injury and give a nice “toned” look to the parts of you that should look toned. Hit the iron hard girls, us guys dig it”

WOD 27.10.11

3 Rounds

1Rope Climb

10 Med ball cleans

15 ball slams

20 OH KB Lunges

25 Burpees

For Time

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WOD 15.9.11

Two groups of sessions at the box tonight, regular class and fundamental session.

Press 3 rep max

Oh kettlebell lunges
1-2-3/2-4-6 rope climbs
Run 200/400/800

For time

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Those monkey skills really coming along good improvements showed all round. Well done people. Big mention to Sarah who could not climb a rope in January but managed the full version of tonight’s WOD as RX’D which is 12 times during a WOD happy days! think Geeves may be in the same boat and needs new trainers now too!

Fundamental WOD

7 min AMRAP
5/7 front squat
5/7 burpees
Run 50m

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Just a reminder if you are planning on the Saturday morning class you need to book yourself in On the whiteboard at the gym

Thanks guys

WOD 27.5.11

Speed and plyometric warm up


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some interesting WOD/POST WOD Photos not sure what some are up to or down to (Geeves!!)


20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

20 Wallball

2 rope climbs

20 Knees to elbows

20 Ketlebell Swings


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Due to our move being in the process/bank holiday/CrossFit Games European Regional in Manchester, which we are involved in. The schedule for next week is a bit quiet but we are planning another open air Session @Tredegar park on WEDS evening (weather dependent). Let us know your thoughts? Enjoy a slight break over the next week. Get some work done but use it as a chance for some hard earned recovery, you all deserve it.

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.2

Downsy within inches- next time it’s yours Downs!

Helen completing the open WOD as RX’D and Claire who’s showing a huge improvement in sessions lately- keep it up ladies.

Double trouble- Alan and Grant after the Open WOD x 2, Alan actually beating his 1st score 2nd time, mobilise boys mobilise!! Rhys Brock bloodied but not beaten (well maybe beaten?!)

Scraped shins post WOD, good or bad?- Post thoughts to Comment