A huge week from team 7 bumping them 2 places up the leader board by picking up big position points in both RX and scaled divisions this week! 

But can anyone pull it out of the bag this week and jump ahead of pace setters team 4!!?? 

Participation points are going to be vital this week for final placings!! 
Our Spirit points for last week were awarded to… 
Abi for taking the lead and organising an amazing buffet!! Louise batty for completing the workout in another affiliate while away with work.. Using road signs and sand filled wall balls to get it done! 

Anna McNally for overcoming fears and going RX last min and getting a fab score finishing 5th in the WOD! Finally Tracy Davies for smashing an awesome score topping the women’s leaderboard! despite not long having shoulder surgery and more importantly only just mastering efficient RX HSPU last week! 

*LAST BIG PUSH TONIGHT GUYS! Let’s finish with a BANG!!!*



well what a weekend (more almost a week) of competition that was with the most Gruelling and Impressive display of human physical capacity. With the Elite of CrossFit showing an amount of work and performance way above what would have ever thought to be possible in any test of Fitness. Finding 2 new champions and the Fittest on Earth and a whole load of excitement along the way with the champion not crowned until the end of the final WOD and an exciting finale. Just Awesome.


Today saw the start of ‘Games Week’ @celticcrossfit where you our Celtic Warriors will get the opportunity to tackle some of the WODs seen over the last week and a fun test of your own Fitness .


First test for our CelticWarriors saw our athletes tackle the barbell challenge

‘Hero WOD’ DT


5 Rounds

12 Deadlift

9 Hang Power clean

6 Push Jerk

Top of the box tonight for this hero, Big Gav just ahead of Drewy for this on the 1st day of games week. Plenty more fun to be had.

Which games WOD will be next?


Huge respect and well done to #CelticWarrior Ben Black who walked 100km with friend Charlie to raise Funds for Blind Veterans UK – A military charity that supports visually impaired veterans. You can support Ben’s with good friend Charlie’s efforts via the link Ben Black 100km charity walk Link. A genuinely lovely bloke doing good thins to help others. Top man. We hope all your hard work at the box helped to get you from start to finish.  


A) 1RM Back Squat

B) 21-15-9 Pull-ups

42-30-18 Goblet Squats


  What another awesome Monday for the Celtic Warriors- PR City once again with plenty to mention. Apologies if there’s anyone I’ve missed out post them to comments if we have

With our recent short stint of Wendler 5-3-1  proving very positive accross tonight’s numbers.

PR club tonight;

Ryan at a lighter bodyweight 2 weeks into PALEO, little Rob, Kathleen, young warrior Max again surpassing father Box Head.

Kev and Fran also joining PR Club.

Tracy and Erika getting in on the action with comfortable lifts.

Will and Matty also – with a spell of lightheadedness for 1 Direction fan Matt.

Vicky and Maria continuing on the PR trail with yet more bests.

Lee Bradley, Stu, Morgan, Saad getting in on the fun. A +15kg PR for James also for Chris. Rhys Liam and Sam showing their strength levels are jumping up along with their engines.

The 7pm ladies winning the mental battle over the Barbell with Yet more PRs for Laura with the fastest max Squat of the day. Hannah Abi and Claudia getting through mental battles to show their new bests. And Young Katie Doff yet again smashing her way to the most leisurely max of the day.




Big Lee Representing in 40 Degree heat whilst away. #celticwarriortours



 A) 3 Rounds

5-8 Chin Ups

10 Front Rack Lunges

15 Banded Walks

B) 10 Rounds 1:1 with Partner

3 Cleans


5 Over bar Burpee

A sweaty session at the box today.

More progress displayed all around.

Hannah and Steph hitting strict pull-ups

Our Junior Warriors getting well and truly into the mix. With young Katie Doff leading the way.

Amazing supportive atmosphere accross all classes as standard,  exemplified by the 7pmers.





A) Bench Press

5@ 75%


1+ @95%

B) Run 100m in 1 Min

max Press ups in remaining time


Run 200m in 2min

max Press ups in remaining time


Run 400m in 2.5 mins

max Press ups in remaining time


A nice little bit of a blast and plenty of press ups for the Warriors today and great Grit and determination showed after some solid lifting on the Bench.



A) Squat

5@ 75%

3@ 85%

1+ @95%

B) 10 Front Squat

50 DU 8 Front Squat

40 DU

6 Front Squat

30 DU

4 Front Squat

20 DU

***Competitors Programme***

With Regionals underway and as inspiring as ever.

If you are interested in the Upcoming Competitors programming coming to the box. Your names must be up before close of play Friday for us to get the ball rolling. 


Strong Is Sexy!!
A very busy but, successful day @Celticcrossfit! Our strength focussed session saw loads of Front squat PB’s

plus…a very interesting introduction to some new accessory strength building movements that I’m sure will have a few walking like John Wayne after a vindaloo!


It was also the final session for our October On Rampers! And may I say what a pleasure it was to introduce such a great group of people into our community! I know you will all make them feel very welcome!! (Or 50 of the best await you)
A) Front Squat
B) Sumo Deadlift
C) KB step ups
D) Hamstring lowers
E) Over head Sit ups & Plate twists


Tonight sees the start of “Burpee Week” at the box
Motivated by the huge amounts of plastic bottles and rubbish left at the box, even after we have pleaded with you to take it home. We have decided to implement one of your favourite exercises in greater volume in our workouts and warm ups this week! We hope that this helps you remember to take things with you when you leave and deters you from repeating these behaviours in future… On the plus side by Sunday you will all be Burpee Ninjas and never fear the dreaded exercises cropping up on the whiteboard when you rock up to a session in future! WE REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY BURPEE WEEK!!

A) 3×5 Back Squat
B) 150 Onto Plate Burpees

Great effort and mental toughness shown by all of our Celtic Warriors this evening to get through such a mentally and physically challenging workout! You have once again demonstrated that you really are physically prepared for anything!