11.7.16 #DadBodat40


Mark Yeandle – 41

July 2015-July 2016

Why Celtic CrossFit?

During July 2015 having turned 40 I decided that I really should improve my overall fitness before I became a complete couch potato. Previously I typically went to a leisure centre gym approx. three times per week and saw little improvement and received very little guidance.

A friend recommended Crossfit as an alternative, instantly I thought I am not the type to take part in fitness based classes but thought I have nothing to lose so give it ago at least. After talking to Ceri about taking part I arrived to do on-ramp classes and instantly realised there was a lot more to this than meets the eye,people of all ages shapes and sizes working hard together and the box was” not full of superhero’s” but a community of likeminded people.

My first class felt pretty intimidating walking into a new environment but this was quickly settled with people introducing themselves and training with me right from day one.

I’ve seen huge changes in my body shape and fitness, I train approx. 5 times per week now, not just for the fitness but also to socialise with the many new friends I have made. I have also cleaned up my diet considerably, in the week I eat clean and low carb. At the week end I eat and drink what I like so that I do not fail in the week, this seems to work for me.
Is Celtic Crossfit expensive? 

It’s not the cheapest sport or pass time but pound for pound it has to be one of the most valuable. I receive constant guidance and advice through the coaches, my training plans are worked out for me and I can go as little or as often as I decide, all I need to do is turn up, work hard, oh and have a bit of fun on the way.



– 10-15 cal Row

– 8-12 HSPU

– 8-12 DB Snatch

– 20-40 DU’s

Repeat for 7 rounds


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