*NEW FACES & OLD*It was lovely to welcome so many of our August On Rampers into main classes tonight and this workout really was a baptism of fire that they did not shy away from! No fewer than 6 took the opportunity of their 2 weeks free membership on their first Monday since graduating! Amazing!!!

We also got to welcome back some old faces, including Claudio “The Italian Stalion” Martini and Kelly Cook, who had the adorable Tommy in tow. It was lovely to have you guys back at the box and hopefully we will see a lot more of you on the near future!

 Our workout included an extended focus on clean and jerk technique leading into the following complex OTMEM for 12 mins

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Power clean

1 Split Jerk

There was once again some amazing progress made on these lifts in Particular Mike, Lorna, Aimee and Kevin who really improved their split jerk mechanics, with their last lift actually better than their earliest!

 Then we had the workout ….

50 Double Unders

20 front Squat

400m run

40 DU’s

15 Front squat

300m run

30 DU’s

10 Front squat

200m Run

20 DU’s

5 Front Squat

100m Run

Sam and Liam hit the fastest times for the boys with Bridie Geeves smashing the WOD for the ladies!

It was great to see so many able to go unbroken throughout while hitting the runs extremely hard!

A big shout out to Stu for a 100m finish Usain Bolt would be proud of and Jo and Ross for some awesome double Unders!

Great work guys!



Welcome Back “Geezer”

Great to see yet another familiar face rejoining us at Celtic Crossfit! You have been missed Crispy!

2015 Goals
Another Busy night at the box, with our athletes really showing the drive and determination it’s going to take to reach their Personal Strength, health and fitness Goals set for 2015. The Goals board will soon be added to the box, with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month targets to be set! Let’s start raising our aspirations and not settle for just getting fitter, let’s be the fittest, fastest and strongest we can be!

A) Coach Sim’s Special Warm Up

B) 3×10 Front Squat


C) 90sec on 90sec off
4 Thrusters (50/30kg)
8 Pull ups




WELCOME to our January On Rampers
A fab first session from the newest members of our community, a great bunch of people who will fit into our Crossfit family nicely! no doubt there will be a few sore legs tomorrow! Make sure you get some active recovery in, so your raring to go again in Session 2 on Thursday!

A change to Warrior Wednesday

In preparation for the 2015 Open and Affiliate Cup we are changing Warrior Wednesdays to …….
“Open WOD Wednesdays” for the next few weeks. In these sessions we will be re visiting some of the most gruelling Open qualifying Workouts from the last few years, looking at tactics and how best to approach them if something similar presents itself this coming February!
As always there will be varying levels of the workout, scaled to suit every individual athlete!
The first one starts tomorrow….
Look forward to seeing you all there!!


Strong Is Sexy!!
A very busy but, successful day @Celticcrossfit! Our strength focussed session saw loads of Front squat PB’s

plus…a very interesting introduction to some new accessory strength building movements that I’m sure will have a few walking like John Wayne after a vindaloo!


It was also the final session for our October On Rampers! And may I say what a pleasure it was to introduce such a great group of people into our community! I know you will all make them feel very welcome!! (Or 50 of the best await you)
A) Front Squat
B) Sumo Deadlift
C) KB step ups
D) Hamstring lowers
E) Over head Sit ups & Plate twists


Tonight @CelticCrossFit… Burpee week continues…

You will be pleased to know we have had a grand total of Zero water bottles and or rubbish left at the box since burpee week has begun!

A) 3×3 Front squat
B) Pairs WOD
1km Run
100 Thrusters
60 Pull ups
1 km Run
100 Burpees
60 Ring dips



Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

A) 5min Amrap
10 Box jumps
20 Du’s
Straight into 15min to establish 1RM Front Squat

1 Min REST
B) 5min Amrap
5 Thruster
5 Burpee
15min to establish 1RM STOH

One more day until our Throwdown with Crossfit Caerphilly guys… Rest up, drink plenty of water, sleep well, take your fish oils, mobilise, foam roll and BRING YOUR “A” GAME!!! IT’S ON!!


Tonight we will see the return of this simple but highly effective warm up procedure….and maybe the junk yard dog?! Who better to talk you through the how and the why than the man himself, Coach B;

tonight some lifting amongst other things,

Establish a 3RM power clean/5 x 3 power clean

10 box jumps
1 power clean
3 front squats
Rest 30s
X 8


Front Squat
3 x 5


3 Rounds
5 Overhead Squat
8 Burpee Toes2Bar
Run 400m

For time

Remember to get yourselves signed up for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 here by tomorrow night as all entries must be registered before the Open Begins on Weds 22nd. And we will be holding the Open WODs here on Fridays @ 6.00pm get down get involved come and support our athletes.

Where else can you register and take part in a competition to find the Fittest people on Earth? The competition begins here! Do it..What are you afraid of??!


London Throwdown WOD #2

Output 1200/800kg of power clean. (Select your own weight).

Then complete…

5 rounds of:

5 Shoulder-to-overhead 60/40kg

7 Front squats 60/40kg

9 Toes-to-bar

Output 1200/800kg of power clean.

For time

Movement Standards

Power clean:
Chosen weight start from the ground, on ‘go’ you can grab the bar.
Bar received on shoulders with elbows in front of the bar. The rep is complete when the hip and knee are fully extended.

Bar starts on shoulders (can go right after the last power clean).
Bar must travel from the shoulder to a position locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended, feet inside shoulders and head neutral.

Front Squat:
Bar starts racked on shoulders (can go right after the last STOH).
Crease of the hip must pass below the knee then return to a full stand, with hip and knee extended.

Must start at a full hang from the bar.
Both feet must touch the bar simultaneously.
Any part of the foot/shoe is acceptable as a contact point with the bar.

Fantastic effort by the girls at the box this evening with Sarah sub 12min and Kirsten at around 14 mins. Top work ladies!

Post times to comments;


Lots of Women are afraid to lift weights as they are afraid it will have the artificial steroid enhanced look of the top picture.

In reality strength training and weightlifting will make your physique more like the bottom picture. With our structured ratio of strength/met con sessions and constantly varied programme of training. You ladies will get stronger yes, but by taking on the desired more (pains me to say it, girls gym term ‘toned up’) ATHLETIC look of the 2nd picture. With a more functionally sound, working body with a little more muscle that will work like a furnace to burn more bodyfat while you do nothing!! Couple that with the improved movement and intensity CrossFit provides you are en route to that better looking desirable athletic physique. NOT the chemically enhanced by extra male hormones(steroids) Female bodybuilder body so many are afraid of becoming, just by looking at a barbell!

So Who doesn’t want to look and feel better and be able to do a hell of a lot more with your bodies? Who doesn’t want to be CrossFit ladies?

Front squat 5 x 3


8 min AMRAP
10 kb swings
5 6ft Burpee long jumps

Post weight and rounds to comments;