4.6.16 #SaturdaySweatfest

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Today had the usual mixed bag of fun including Celtic Bootcamp, Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit and Celtic Weightlifting Club

HUGE mention for Jen who has been working diligently and consistently at Celtic Weightlifting Club- hitting a huge 50kg Clean and Jerk PR this am



10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight

Bench press: body weight

Clean: 3/4 body weight

Sunday Open gym 9.30-11.30 Tomorrow



Our next On Ramp- Introduction to CrossFit starts Tuesday @7.30pm

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Today at delightfully Sunny Box we had


Front Squat


OTM 15

  • 40s Row
  • 5 TNG Squat Clean
  • Run 200m
  • 20 Wallball
  • Rest 1min

Remember Saturday Timetable

9-10am Celtic Bootcamp

10-11am Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit

9.30-11.30am Celtic Weightlifting  Club

27.8.15 #Cleans&PBs

Today saw another great day of sessions at the box. With PRs to start the day at DP another 2 sessions of Strength and Conditioning from their pre season summer block. With plenty exiting opportunities and developments to come for our promising youngsters.

PM classes carried on the standard set by dawn patrol with lots of PRs being chalked up.

In class 1 it was the youngers (Max, Alex and Euan) who were demonstrating superb technique in there cleans. Can’t wait to see some of them in the upcoming Welsh teen throw down. 

In class 2 Abbi nearly surpassed her 1RM for a triple and bully and Sam hitting some big numbers. 

Class 3 carried on the theme with Claudia, lorna, Hannah and Ami hitting new PRs. 



Liam powering through his 3reps  

 Hannah in the process of her new 3RM

 karl working on his setup 

 Sam and bully getting as close as possible 😉 whilst getting their pump on 💪😍

 Ami and lorna recovering before hitting their new PRs. 


A) 3 RM Power Clean

B) 3 Rounds

1 min each

Row Cals

Plate twist

Close grip ring rows


2.7.15 #grippy

Tough mental game tonight. Lots of #celticwarriors hitting a new version of an unpopular movement (lunges), with superb technique and form, and then going hard on a very grippy WOD, with most deciding to just shake out there arms, whilst Hannah K deciding to very agressivly punch her forearm to get it going again. Big shout out to Abbie and Katie Doff who’s partnership pushed each other to the limit, with both of them hitting the RX’d weight for the cleans in the WOD. Liam cycling a heavy barbell as quickly as possible whilst maintaining excellent form. 

In addition a big shout out to Stuart who has been pushing himself every session, and is one of the most coachable members we have. Thank you Stuart, it has been a pleasure to coach you and see you develop so much in such a short period of time, keep it going!

A) 10 Rep Max Load Reverse Lunge

B) 12-9-6-3

Hang Clean


OB Burpee


Firstly I would just like to say what an amazing community we have at Celtic CrossFit, an amazing atmosphere this evening in hot and sweaty conditions. 

A tough couplet tonight for the Celtic Warriors. Surprisingly GRIPPY!! 

Big shout out to Sam who went to that dark place hitting the fastest RX’d time of the night, Kelly M who’s movement allowed her to smash all her T2B and young Rose, Katie and Jo demonstrating age is just a number.



10 DB Step ups

10 Wallballs

2 Wall walks 


10 Push press

10 T2B

C) 3 x 1min

Plank hold


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A) 10 OTM 

2 Power Clean

B) 5 Rounds

200m Run/Row

10 Deadlift

20 Hollow Rocks

1min Rest 


A) 3 RM Front Squat – no belt

B) Hero WOD  

20 Min AMRAP


10 Push Press

10 Kb Swing

10 Box Jump

 The  WOD and the aftermath-

Great Sweatfest on a Thursday with Hero WOD ‘Jack’ doing what Hero WODs do. A ton of work and a test of capacity and mental resolve.

Before which we had a test of another kind- 3 RM Front Squat belt less.

Providing PR lifts and previous PR lifts for reps for many #celticwarriors including Jo.

With Owen, Maria, Tei all getting in on the action before breakfast. With too many to mention in the PM. Matt, Emma, Kris, Katie, Nicola, Lorna, Doffy and son Jo getting on the bandwagon. Great lifting by Aimee with plenty in reserve. And a welcome back to Boxhead father to far more talented young Warrior Max!

Last but not least at all Little Rob with an almost 2x BW front squat for 3!!

Another AWESOME Celtic CrossFit Day.


Gymnastic Focus/ Warrior Wednesday 

It’s that time of the week again… Gymnastic skills / Warrior Wednesday


                             A) Muscle up strength work 

B) Muscle up transition skills 

C) Warrior Wednesday WOD 

Pairs – 1min work : 1min rest

X 3 Rounds 


Toes to bar 

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Over Bar burpee

Another packed day at the box, with yet more significant progress made by our amazing Celtic Warriors. Today, saw us hit Muscle ups, one of the show piece movements that every Crossfiter aspires to achieve. This skill does not come easy and requires a sound foundation of strength and plenty of practice on the transition from below to above the rings. Every one of our classes managed this today, now have a clear understanding of how to build strength in order to be core successful or more efficient at this skill

Athletes that showed particular promise on the transitional phase included, Kira, Hannah, Maria, Michael, Stuart, Tracy, Georgia and Rob Hoff

We also got Rhys to string together his first ever consecutive muscle ups

Also in a very nasty workout we saw Jess get her first ever Toes 2 bar and Kira and Dave Vigar making real progress in their efficiency of this very tricky movement.

Great night again everyone!! More next week. We we will hopefully get some more of us moving to those big boy rings! 




A) 10 OTM

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Power Snatch 

1 Overhead Squat

B) 5 Rounds

6 Hang Power Snatch

12 Bent over rows

20 Hollow Rocks

50m Sprint


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Starting Tuesday June 30th@ 8pm ***



Saturday SweatFest WOD

A) in 3s OMEMX15

Min 1:15cal row

Min 2: 6 thruster & OB burpee

Min 3: 40 DU’s 

B) in 10min window 

(in teams of 3)

Run 1mile

Max reps C & J @ 70/40kg

Big shoutout to all this morning worked hard specifically Aimee who is fresh off on ramp and was worried about running in part 2 so planned to scale to an 800m which she had never ran before. But thanks to encouragement from Vicky B Hannah K and Abbi ended up running the full mile. 

Big Milestone for her already breaking down barriers thanks to the help and Celtic Warrior spirit shown by our lovely Warriorettes.
AWESOME stuff Aimee your journey is only just beginning and AWESOME stuff ladies you are AMAZING