Competition Season starts off with a BANG!
An amazing turn out for all of tonight’s classes! Great to see some members returning from prolonged work commitments or a break for the Christmas period.


January sees the start of a very busy competition season for us at Celtic Crossfit!
– Icon Nutrition Online Championships start this Friday, if your yet to sign up get involved ASAP
– February welcomes the Welsh Mens Throwdown at Crossfit Pen Y Bont. We have 5 spaces available to represent Celtic Crossfit in this event, that follows on from the success of the women’s competition last year in which our Warriorettes were amazing!

– February/ March are also the dates for the Crossfit Open and more importantly for you, our members, the return of The Affiliate Cup!
Now is the time to set your training, health and fitness goals! focus your training and step up, be bold and test yourself against the best there is!
A) OTMEM 12 mins
Even mins – 5 Power cleans
Odd mins – 3 Push press
B) 21-15-9
Kb Swing & Burpees with a 400m run at the end of each round



Good sunny evening at the box, but somebody left their barbell out???

Clues… It ain’t Dorothy in the picture, but begins with D ends with Z?!?! Hmmmm..??

Find 3 rep max power clean

1 minute 60% of 3RM power clean
1 minute 50m shuttle run
X 6

Post loads and reps to comments;

Well done to those who hit 12.5 this evening, she is a bit spicey!

And well done Sarah who broke her 1RM Power Clean and did a 3RM 2.5kg heavier than her previous 1RM. Told you!


London Throwdown WOD #2

Output 1200/800kg of power clean. (Select your own weight).

Then complete…

5 rounds of:

5 Shoulder-to-overhead 60/40kg

7 Front squats 60/40kg

9 Toes-to-bar

Output 1200/800kg of power clean.

For time

Movement Standards

Power clean:
Chosen weight start from the ground, on ‘go’ you can grab the bar.
Bar received on shoulders with elbows in front of the bar. The rep is complete when the hip and knee are fully extended.

Bar starts on shoulders (can go right after the last power clean).
Bar must travel from the shoulder to a position locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended, feet inside shoulders and head neutral.

Front Squat:
Bar starts racked on shoulders (can go right after the last STOH).
Crease of the hip must pass below the knee then return to a full stand, with hip and knee extended.

Must start at a full hang from the bar.
Both feet must touch the bar simultaneously.
Any part of the foot/shoe is acceptable as a contact point with the bar.

Fantastic effort by the girls at the box this evening with Sarah sub 12min and Kirsten at around 14 mins. Top work ladies!

Post times to comments;

WOD 9.5.11

Reebok CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.5

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5 Power Cleans

10 Toes to bar

15 Wallballs

Post Weight used and rounds to comments:

Some very impessive work completed tonight in another tough 20MIN AMRAP as you can see by some of the POST-WOD photos. Good effort people it’s all very evidently paying off!!

WOD 27.11.04

Wednesday weightlifting

The fun in the sun continues @ CelticCrosFit

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For max weight (perform the whole complex without releasing the bar to the ground)

5 rounds of

5 Power Cleans

10 Front Squat

5 Push Jerk

Post weight lifted for each round to Comments;


Run 1min for max distance/Rest 1 min X

X 4

Post distance for each 1min Interval to comments;

Just a reminder we are running another OPEN session at Tredegar Park 10.30 – 11.30 on Friday to take advantage of the extra bank holiday.

Bring your friends/family/loved ones to get some more top quality work done following last weeks successful efforts by everyone who made it. See you there for a right royal WOD