A huge week from team 7 bumping them 2 places up the leader board by picking up big position points in both RX and scaled divisions this week! 

But can anyone pull it out of the bag this week and jump ahead of pace setters team 4!!?? 

Participation points are going to be vital this week for final placings!! 
Our Spirit points for last week were awarded to… 
Abi for taking the lead and organising an amazing buffet!! Louise batty for completing the workout in another affiliate while away with work.. Using road signs and sand filled wall balls to get it done! 

Anna McNally for overcoming fears and going RX last min and getting a fab score finishing 5th in the WOD! Finally Tracy Davies for smashing an awesome score topping the women’s leaderboard! despite not long having shoulder surgery and more importantly only just mastering efficient RX HSPU last week! 

*LAST BIG PUSH TONIGHT GUYS! Let’s finish with a BANG!!!*


Saturday Sweatfest & Celtic Bootcamp 


 Another fab Saturday @Celtic Crossfit, starting with our ever popular Celtic bootcamp followed by a very tough Sweatfest class! 

With a large amount of our Celtic community up supporting the 4 Celtic Crossfit Teams taking part in Wild West Winter Slam Competition, it was amazing to see so many of you in classes this morning! 

Bootcamp once again pushed our athletes to their limits! And in turn brought out the very best in all who participated! Especially Louis Alonzi ,who is slowly winning his battle to regain fitness after a long lay off. Another worthy mention goes to possibly our most dedicated member at present, Ryan Wilton, who has literally transformed his physique and all round fitness through dedication and determination! He very rarely misses a session and is working tirelessly to improve his skills and weaknesses at every opportunity! 






Next came Saturday Sweatfest…. Which brought PR’s a plenty followed by a very tasty Annie and Grace Mash up! congrats to Tracy and Alex who hit PR’s in Both Deadlift and Push Press and not to be out done Alex’s younger brother Laurence also hit a 5 rm push press pr! Another feat certainly mention worthy is Haith, that managed to link kipping pull-ups together in a workout for the first time! Another example of hard work and practice paying dividends 

Affiliate cup 2016 

The affiliate cup draws nearer and we are pleased to announce the 10 team captains!!! Congratulations guys! And good luck …. 

Team draws and rules to follow shortly 
Affiliate Cup Captains 2016  


Great to see so many of our latest graduating On Ramp Class already in for their first session the day after completing the course!! Welcome to the community guys! Tonight
Open Gym was an honarary ladies class and mother and baby city as Thea Carter and Tommy Cook  came along to cheer on super mums Nat and Kelly as they took on today’s class workout accompanied by Fern, Fran and Tracy. All ladies absolutely smashed the session! With Fern, Nat and Tracy making the 75 pull ups look easy! 

A) 3×10 Push Press 

B) 25 Power Snatch

25 C2B Pull ups

25 OHS

25 C2B Pull ups

25 Thrusters 

25 C2B Pull ups

Then in classes….

Big numbers in the press for many of our members tonight, including Maria, Kelly, Alex, Dave, Emma and Kathleen! Followed by an amazing race to the finish in today’s “Sick WOD” that saw Matty just pip Master Doff by a few seconds! Thrilling finish to another top session! 

Saturday Sweatfest 

Bootcamp -9am 

Team WOD -10am    

 Amazing atmosphere as always in our Saturday classes! We kicked things off with the increasingly popular Celtic Bootcamp, where along with our regulars it was lovely to welcome Mel Arlett back to the box, along with a first ever visit to Celtic Crossfit for Jo! Both wasted no time in fitting in and we hope to see you both more frequently in the near future! 

 Then came our Team, Saturday Sweatfest Class….

The pairs had a bit of a family theme today, with mum and son, Joe and Lorna along with farther and son Christian and Jack and brothers Alex and Lawrence all teaming up to tackle this mornings workout! 

The workout itself was great fun! With everyone surpassing their original expectations with regard to movement quality, weight used and final scores! Particular mentions go to Bryn for continuing to work hard in his overhead squat, meaning his movement now allows him to comfortably manage challenging weight on a high volume of reps during workouts. Lorna’s double unders also deserve high praise, she is now linking large chunks together consistently with great speed, despite husband Doffy trying to put her off with some tongue in cheek comments! (He is just a bit threatened by your progress Lorna, he knows you will soon be overtaking him in workouts). Finally it’s great seeing Dave and Tracy continuing their amazing journey back from injury and in many cases surpassing their pre injury quality of movement and strength! 

 Everyone pushed themselves to the limit with this one! And we even had a visit from old friend Pukie for a couple of athletes that I won’t name…. 😏 

Awesome session guys! Well done everyone! 

Oly Lifts & Skillz 

Oly Lifts and Skillz tonight @Celtic Crossfit  
Great work by Rhys Guard continuing to show ninja like skills, today was his 1st ever WOD using bar MU and destroying them unbroken in rounds of 7-5s.
He also clocked up the Fastest time of night. He just keeps on getting better!!! 

Katie Doff gets another mention for great kipping form on her pull-ups linking large chunks and getting better as WOD went on. 

Our fastest ladies time this evening went to Nat Tanner! Like Rhys, she is another unassuming athlete that continues to go from strength to strength!! 

Then we come to the barbell… Where Jo,Tracy and Aimee came to the fore for the ladies showing consistently smooth form throughout their lifts and it was great to see Kathleen cycling the Bb well after her return from globetrotting. 

Not to be outdone the boys also put a shift in with their cleans! Little Robs speedy return from his nasty road accident was great to see! as he and bully worked incredibly hard on speed under the bar and hitting full hip extension throughout every lift! 

And a final special mention goes to member no.1 Bridie for no repping husband and member no.2 Geeves on his press ups, that really is True Love!

Warrior Wednesday 


It was lovely to welcome back so many members from their holidays this evening! All showing off their great tans and all no doubt regretting that extra desert or glass of wine now they are back in main classes! 

We also got to welcome back the fabulous Nic Jones! One of our most loved members over the years! And it was as if she had never been away, helping her team to smash tonight’s long sweaty chipper! 


In teams of 2, 3 or 4 

40min AMRAP 

100 cal Row 

150 Burpees 

150 Dumbell GTOH 

200m Lunge walk 

400m Sprint 

*One athlete performing sit ups throughout

Our best score by a pair goes to Ross and Matty 
  best score in 3’s Drewy Bryn and Dave 

 And our top group of four went to Kelly Maidment, Nat Arlett, Jenny and Nic Jones 
Amazing attitude displayed throughout a very challenging workout by everyone! It was fab to see such teamwork and encouragement by all! 

 It was awesome to witness!!! Especially the Excellent competition from two of our ladies teams in class one. After being neck and neck throughout the workout- Jo, Sharon and Kelly Aherne just pipped fern, Kelly Cook and Natalie tanner by 4 cals in the final seconds of the workout! Amazing competitive attitude and teamwork shown throughout!



*NEW FACES & OLD*It was lovely to welcome so many of our August On Rampers into main classes tonight and this workout really was a baptism of fire that they did not shy away from! No fewer than 6 took the opportunity of their 2 weeks free membership on their first Monday since graduating! Amazing!!!

We also got to welcome back some old faces, including Claudio “The Italian Stalion” Martini and Kelly Cook, who had the adorable Tommy in tow. It was lovely to have you guys back at the box and hopefully we will see a lot more of you on the near future!

 Our workout included an extended focus on clean and jerk technique leading into the following complex OTMEM for 12 mins

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Power clean

1 Split Jerk

There was once again some amazing progress made on these lifts in Particular Mike, Lorna, Aimee and Kevin who really improved their split jerk mechanics, with their last lift actually better than their earliest!

 Then we had the workout ….

50 Double Unders

20 front Squat

400m run

40 DU’s

15 Front squat

300m run

30 DU’s

10 Front squat

200m Run

20 DU’s

5 Front Squat

100m Run

Sam and Liam hit the fastest times for the boys with Bridie Geeves smashing the WOD for the ladies!

It was great to see so many able to go unbroken throughout while hitting the runs extremely hard!

A big shout out to Stu for a 100m finish Usain Bolt would be proud of and Jo and Ross for some awesome double Unders!

Great work guys!

Beach WOD 

“Beach WOD!!!!” Our GPP cycle continues, with our athletes getting comfortable in the uncomfortable! Not just using odd/ different implements within their training recently, but training in different environments, on different surfaces and at different times of day! Ensuring our Celtic Warriors are able to perform to their full potential whatever the situation! 
Today we took our Saturday SweatFest on the Road to “Coney Beach” for the second year in a row. It is not an easy feat to get a group of cross fitters to travel 40 miles lugging a load of equipment just to workout! But this epitomises the attitude of our community! Everyone was up for the challenge, everyone pulled together, carried equipment, offered lifts and despite a few hiccups with directions, everyone got there ready to train! 

It was also lovely to welcome back two of our favourite members to work out with us! Firstly, Kirsten, one of our earliest members who represented us in team competitions such as London Throwdown! who due to work and family commitments had to move away, but is obviously not lost her engine! Kirsten is an amazing runner and body weight ninja, so there is no surprised paired with the ever improving Shazza she smashed this workout! 

We also welcomed back Angharad, another life long Celtic Warrior, that was really starting to get into competing before she also had to move to pastures new, due to work commitments. It’s great to see that she has continued to work hard at her new box and is obviously reaping the rewards! She is stronger and fitter than ever! It was awesome to catch up with you both ladies! We all miss you loads! 
Then there was the workout…. 

In pairs…. 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42 x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

42x OH Lunges

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

30x OH Lunges

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18 x Dumbell Snatches

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18x OH Sit Ups 

1x Beach run into sea swim/ run 

18x OH Lunges

Amazing determination and encouragement in the sun by everyone! Especially as the tide was going out, which meant the runs got further each round… 😰 (This of course was planned, reps decrease/ run increases 😏) 

Ross and Matty lead the way with the best time, but everyone did incredibly well! Erika and Maria smashed every run and their movement was superb throughout! I think Owen just pipped Iwan in the first father son battle, but Joe definitely smashed dad Doffy in their family competition! A final mention must go to Anna McNally, her enthusiasm and attitude is contagious, she even wanted to do an extra run once we had finished! “Crazy!”I hope everyone enjoyed getting out of the box and into a different environment for the day! 



Awesome effort from every one of our athletes this evening! First, we spent a lot of time refining our split jerk technique. With a focus on maximising power output by driving through the hips, ensuring the weight stays over midline and feet positioning in the catch. There were substantial improvements made by all athletes! In particular though, Katie Doff, Stewart and Bryn deserve a mention for efficiently generating force with full hip extension before getting under the bar and Richard Coates, Fern and Aimee worked incredibly hard on their split length and feet positioning which really helped them stabilise their landing position, when getting under the bar at speed.    
Next we did a little more work on our engines, with some 800m intervals. I know many of you were dreading this! Especially those with a real phobia of running! I won’t mention any names but I’m soooo proud of you all! for not just comfortably managing to finish all three runs, but actually hitting them hard, giving your all and finishing in amazing time! Matthew and Richard Coates also need a mention here for some unbelievable fast and consistent times! These guys saw hardly any drop off over the 3 runs! Which is amazing when you realise how fast they ran!! 

Finally there was a little time to get some extra conditioning in, with a short WOD. Kris Welsh and Tracy Davies took fastest times for the gentlemen and ladies respectively in this section of the class. Two competitors that have unrelenting levels of muscular endurance! Great evening everyone!!! 

 We also welcomed Alex, fresh out of on ramp last night to his first class today! And what a class to hit!! He did not look out of place and worked extremely hard! I hope we give the rest of our August on Rampers the same welcome when they hit classes next week! Great work Alex!! 
A) Split Jerk Practice 

B) 8mins OTMEM 

X4 Split Jerk (2 E/L) 

C) 3x 800m run (2mins rest) 

D) 50,40,30,20,10 

    KB Swings & Sit Ups

Celtic Teens  

Our Celtic Teens absolutely killed it today!! Building strength with some bench press, some gymnastic skills work with wall walks and then a spicy little metcon to finish! These guys are really coming in leaps and bounds! It’s amazing to see!! 


Beach Workout/ Saturday Class

Please remember tomorrow’s class will be held at Coney Beach Porthcawl. Either meet at the box at 9am and travel down in convoy or meet at the beach at 9:30am in the car park opposite the amusements. 

*Announcement 2* 

We will also be holding some trial/ taster sessions for potential future class times. Monday we will be running a 9:30am class for existing members or anyone interested in joining Crossfit, if you plan on attending please message us… Thank you 


The newest members to our Celtic Crossfit Community completed their final On Ramp class this evening and are now fully fledged Celtic Warriors! You will all now have the pleasure of meeting and training with these guys in class and I’m sure you will be looking forward to introducing yourself in true Celtic Crossfit style! I hope our new members enjoy the rest of their first month with us and make the most of learning from and working with our inspiring coaches and members! 

You have been a pleasure to induct into our community! Now the real fun begins! 

Future Superstars

Today also saw us welcome back Newport Schools U 15’s for their weekly pre season strength and conditioning sessions. These boys have progressed at an unbelievable rate over the past four weeks. Witnessing them master physical literacy along with substantial betterment of movement patterns, core strength and work capacity has been a pleasure! And there is plenty more to come in the remaining few weeks with us! Great effort today boys! (Don’t forget for more of the same, our teen classes are available to all of you, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3-4pm) 


(Sorry backs your pic didn’t come out 😢) 

As for classes ….. 

Tonight had an in depth mobility focus on one of our problem areas, the overhead squat. Coach Ross utilised a variety of mobility exercises to, in many cases drastically improve foot and hip position, during the squat, as well as upper back, lats and shoulders in the overhead position. This again proved a huge eye opener to some and once again highlighted the importance of core strength and mobility to conquer this movement. (This will be an area of focus in our up coming mobility seminar, don’t forget to sign up at the box, ask a coach for more info.) 

Top time this evening went to Sam, who continues to impress! Even superman had his cryptonite, but we are yet to find anything to slow this guy down!! Sam was closely followed by the ever improving, hard working, Matty. There was also Awesome work from Hannah completing the workout under cap including 10 rounds of un-assissted pull ups!!! An Amazing achievement!! Our final shout out goes to Claudia. Claudia is an athlete that likes to fly under the radar, but I’m afraid, when putting the first class, hard work that she has of late, not only RX’ing nearly every workout these days, but demonstrating amazing resilience and perseverance to ensure almost flawless form throughout each workout, she definitely deserves a mention. Keep it up Clauds!  

A)OHS Clinic 

B) 10 Rounds

X5 OHS, x7 pull ups, 100m Sprint 

C) 3x max effort banded pull downs