Celtic CrossFit Affiliate Cup Round 4 and still all to play for…how will your team measure up?



A good luck to Adam Cox who hit his last WOD as a bachelor this evening. Good luck pal hope you have a great wedding day this Saturday. Best wishes from all at CelticCrossFit


Bench Press 5 x 5
3 x max ring dips

7 min AMRAP
5 deadlift
5 HOG Press ups
5 Box Jumps

Olympic Fun to finish
Partner sprint relay

Post loads reps and rounds to comments;


CrossFit is a fantastic new Sport and form of training when done correctly- Full range of motion and control of your body in all movements, the clock ads another great dimension to our training and a focus on precise work capacity and improvements.


A post by hyperFit USA very relevant

The essence of the time clock as a performance measurement is to have exercises with ranges of motion standards, specific weights and repetitions so the performance can be measured and repeated again to track progress. The idea is to measure overall work capacity in specific repeatable measurable terms. (The scientific method) The program itself attracts people who are by their very nature competitive and like to see things done in real terms. The typical “I feel better” is replaced with “I am performing better” and as a result, “I am happy with my training.” A person being able to deadlift more or run faster or do more pull-ups help people to self-actualize their performance in terms of best effort yesterday versus best effort today. The idea of personal best and competing specifically with yourself is the essence and core of CelticCrossFit philosophy in our training.

Definition of a Clock Whore:

Person who is so obsessed with beating the clock/others that they will prostitute themselves and sacrifice important and vital components of training such as range of motion, repetitions or other performance metrics for a “better” time.

These people actually miss the whole point of the training. The point of physical fitness training, from my perspective, is to improve oneself both physically and mentally, not necessarily in that order. The people who have taken the time clock or score beyond the extreme and compromised range of motion, number of repetitions, etcetera are doing so at the expense of the utility of the training. If someone judges their performance solely based on their status relative to others it reflects a distinct lack of self esteem. The idea of the style training is to develop self-esteem to increase capacities in many, many different modalities. A person who compromises training in order to beat others harms their self esteem. People know inherently when they are doing something wrong and there is a price to pay when they go against what they know is right.

Spotting Clock Whores: I imagine it is the same as proctoring an exam – The person who is constantly looking for the instructor is suspect. Another suspect behavior is always partnering with the same person when they score their workout. If some one only does a full range of motion when the instructor is looking, then they are suspect. These behaviors are not hard and fast. On more than one occasion I have been called out by my instructors, rightly so, for ROM violation because I was exhausted. (The call outs are done with much joy and aplomb.)We all have issues when we get tired, it is part of the training. I have asked Tamer on more than several occasions what rep he was on because I had no idea where I was. The real difference is the consistent corner cutting. It takes time to become apparent, but when it is, it is like the giant elephant in the room no one acknowledges.

Why am I bringing this up?

A person’s performance is PERSONAL! We want all of our members to improve, have perfect form, go faster, get stronger and get the results they want. The strict adherence to performance standards is the key to your success. The competitive environment should bring out the best in our natures, not be a showcase for our flaws. Occasionally, bad behaviors become apparent and harm the entire community. Members know when someone else is cutting corners or bragging about a performance they really didn’t earn. If the chin doesn’t get over the bar, then it doesn’t count. Claiming a score on Fight Gone Bad or a Fran time that cannot be repeated when the camera is on is a clear identifier. It harms the integrity of the program as a whole.

We want people to keep records of results to help them track their progress, not to compare to others. We have opted against performance boards in the gym in favor of the forum and personal training logs on our web site. Our goal is the improvement over time based on your efforts in terms of mechanical efficiencies (better form), faster times (higher metabolic capacity) or an overall strength gain as well as the rest of the physiological markers and is the basis of training at CelticCrossFit. The culture we have developed is to strive for perfect mechanics as well as fast performances. We stress perfect mechanics because bad or marginal repetitions contribute to chronic injuries over time. Part of perfect mechanics is developing full range of motion and correct biomechanical body alignment. Our clients often hear “and make the repetitions right” rather than going fast. Forcing a square peg into the round hole to get a faster time is like intentionally hitting your thumb with a hammer; you are tough and stupid, thanks Jeff Martone for that one! It does someone no good to work to get a fast Fran time at the expense of shoulders back or knee soreness (chronic injury).

We post videos and pictures on our web site so people may see what they are doing. The camera usually goes for really good stuff or really bad. In either case, let both be a lesson for personal improvement for each of our people. When someone is doing something right, be like them, when someone is doing something wrong, learn from them.

Striving for perfection is the journey along the only road you make worth traveling. There is no end, but the ride is great.

Gnat in a solid bottom position of her Cleans.

Jonesy who will himself admit struggles with mobility, but is constantly striving to improve this and with it his work capacity and performance.

3 position clean x 5
1 hang power clean
1 hang clean
1 clean
No releasing the bar between reps

Power clean
Front squat

For time

400m Row (bonus a la Geeves)
30 Burpees

Post times and loads to comments;

Remember guys if we tell you your form is off, its off there don’t take it as a personal vendetta.

Don’t be a clock whore!!!


We want you to move better, be better this is what we do!


A decent amount of ‘suck’ tonight at the box with a lovely simple triplet including thrusters.

A movement so simple yet do effective in developing increased work capacity. With its basis is the first movement you ever do with us the squat


The fundamentals of the squat are also essential to the thruster. How many of your thrusters were as functionally sound as the natural ‘baby’ squat above. Where efficient movement is king(CrossFit) the more your movements mirror how nature intended as above, the more work you can will get done every single rep, and the longer you can sustain those movements the more intensity you can bring to your sessions and with this the greater results.



but correct form and full range allow for a far greater amount of work to be done and with that comes the results.

There is no greater exponent of this than the thruster.

With power output easily measured as

Power = Force (load moved) x distance (travelled by that load) / (by the time it took that load to travel that) distance

So you can see how the full range thruster results in a lot of work!

Move well people and keep pursuing that improved movement in all that we do and the endless physical possibilities that come with it!

3 x 12 Press
Max ring rows

200 Double unders (max 4 min)
Power clean

For time

Post loads and times to comments;