The guys at yesterdays morning classes hit this little gem WOD #2 from this years regionals- See how it’s done by the daughter of Thor (has there ever been a more fitting name/!) in world record time with a smile on her face!

Great effort by our guys at this yesterday with PR’s in the hang clean all over the place-Good work people


1RM Hang Clean


200m Row

50 alternating 1 legged squats

30 Hang Cleans 100/60

For time

Oh and we had a guest appearance from Rich Froning Jr…

Or is it the smaller less physically capable and more folically challenged Craig ‘the gremlin’ Reeves with a wannabe sweatband to cover his reversing hairline?!?!




Push press 3×5

3 min AMRAP of each of the following:

Rope climbs
Ring dips
Barbell lunges
Row for distance
Kettlebell swings

Post total reps to comments;




Great energy at the box this evening for some short blasts of functional fun

Front squat 4×6

1) 500m row for time

2) 50 wallballs for time

15 pullups
15 box jumps
15 hand release press ups

4) 100 overhead sit ups
100 plate twists

A big congratulations to Joe who is now officially ‘Grandpa’ and Kiwi Suze who nailed her 1st kipping pull ups, well done both!!



Different night at the box for some time trials;

Within the hour establish a time for each of the following;

1.3km run
250 du’s
50 burpees
100 ab mat sit ups
1000m row

Post times to comments;

Remember to get yourselves registered following the link below for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012< where as last year 5 WODs will be posted 1 each week starting 22.2.12 to find the qualifiers for Regionals. We will be running the OPEN WODS at the box. Get involved officially.

All of you get signed up and put your skills and work capacities to the test, measure yourself against the Crossfit World. “what have you got to be scared of?” hopefully we get another good showing and our team goes one step further?!? That could be anyone of you who register!


Remember no open gym this Friday or class Saturday morning as Team CelticCrossFit is representing in the SICFIT London Throwdown at Brunel Athletics centre.

Paolo and Sarah having done really well to come in the top 60 from hundreds of entrants from all over Europe to qualify for the individual competition. Our team of 5 other athletes challenging in the team competition. Some are hitting the road to support/enjoy the weekend! Good Luck all involved- Do us proud!



Today sees Shane Williams last test in a Wales shirt. After the close but oh so far world cup campaign with Wales showing so much promise.

Let’s hope we get another great performance to say goodbye and thank you, to without doubt one of the all time greats of Welsh and World Rugby. Who was ‘too small’ to play International rugby!! Changing many perceptions of the game.
Is he our best ever?

Diolch am yr atgofion, C’mon Cymru

Super Saturday WOD

1) Karen 150 wall balls for time

2) 15 amrap
250 row
25 hog pressups

3) 30 t2b
30 hollow rocks

Post thoughts and scores to comments;



GET YOURSELF SIGNED UP FOR A NEW YEAR CROSSFIT COMPETITION some already have- We are hoping to enter individuals and a team or two (from members and coaches) gat in and represent us!  Also we will be running the qualifying WOD’s during Classes next week so you will all be doing them anyway. It would be a great chance to make a CelticCrossFit ROAD TRIP TOO?!

IF INTERESTED (and you should be as your already going to be doing them!!) YOU NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE BY SAT 3rd of DEC (this week) and its only £8- nothing to lose qualification into a big CrossFit Competition to be gained, and think how much you all enjoyed our 737 competition, give your training a goal to work to.(click on the picture link below)

London’s first major crossfit competition.

Online qualifiers December 5th-11th

Competition date February 11th & 12th

60 male and 60 female athletes

40 mixed sex teams

 Held at Brunel University Indoor Athletics Centre, home of British Athletics.

On site accomodation and catering for the whole weekend


Kipping pullup practice

2 x max strict pull ups


8 Rounds each for time

Row 200m

Run 200m

Rest as needed between rounds:

Get signed up get competitive and post times to comments;



Guilty of any of these?

Coach Carter has put up our gym rules in the box for everyone to be clear.

Please tidy up all equipment after your use, back to where and how it should be. Not just scattered around the area it came from! If you make a mess please tidy it up after you;  equipment, CHALK, sweat and our most hated as Coaches RUBBISH(bottles/paper/your clothes).

Your Box is getting busy, clean up after yourself leave the gym as you found it, you’re CrossFit so you definately aren’t lazy!! We love coaching you guys, we hate cleaning up mess we don’t need, help us make your box better.

Also as we are currently updating our equipment and we are quickly losing any dead space. So, could you please once you’re changed and ready put your bags etc. back into your cars, leaving the gym clear to train and only what you need for the WOD and your car keys inside the box.

Thanks, Coaches



For Time

1000m Row

50 Thrusters

30 Pull ups

Post times to comments;