Back Squat



A CrossFit Girl for the board of fame

100 pullups
100 press ups
100 air squats
100 sit ups
For time

Great effort tonight at the box after the weekend Throwdown

Oh and who owes me some Rowing



Post guilty names and times to comments;

WOD 3.10.11

Tonight we met another CrossFit Girl to get the new ‘somehow hot’ month of October under way.

Kipping pull up practice


100 pull ups
100 press ups HOG
100 sit ups
100 squats
For time

Great atmosphere through this tough gymnastic WOD tonight at the box, great to see the technique coming on with lots of you. Some notable times. Stick with the basic kip and keep working at it, a bit of good practice will pay off, helping to ramp up your capacities and intensities in pullup WOD’s in future. Remember to use your time to hit your weaknesses as much as you can.