well what a weekend (more almost a week) of competition that was with the most Gruelling and Impressive display of human physical capacity. With the Elite of CrossFit showing an amount of work and performance way above what would have ever thought to be possible in any test of Fitness. Finding 2 new champions and the Fittest on Earth and a whole load of excitement along the way with the champion not crowned until the end of the final WOD and an exciting finale. Just Awesome.


Today saw the start of ‘Games Week’ @celticcrossfit where you our Celtic Warriors will get the opportunity to tackle some of the WODs seen over the last week and a fun test of your own Fitness .


First test for our CelticWarriors saw our athletes tackle the barbell challenge

‘Hero WOD’ DT


5 Rounds

12 Deadlift

9 Hang Power clean

6 Push Jerk

Top of the box tonight for this hero, Big Gav just ahead of Drewy for this on the 1st day of games week. Plenty more fun to be had.

Which games WOD will be next?



The 2015 CrossFit Open has come to an end and the 2nd Celtic Crossfit Affiliate  Cup.

Another great year of in house competition and yet again expectations and limitations exceeded, with the first taste of the Open and competition for many and a definitive sign of improvement for many many Celtic Warriors during this years Open. Also a chance for reflection, contemplation and prioritising around the Strengths and weaknesses exposed during the last 5 weeks

with full results and Prizes to be announced very soon…


This week sees some Strength testing before the next exciting wave of training. This will allow you to maximise the efficiency of all the hard work you put in at the Box.

We will be following a phase of the Wendler 5/3/1 Strength training methods across 4 main lifts Back Squat, Deadlift, Press and the bench Press in conjunction with appropriate CrossFit WODs allowing you all to push your performance to the next level.

Ensure you keep record of all your upcoming 1RM lifts as these will form allow correct work on  varying percentages across 4 week cycles of training. Which will provide constant challenges and proven improvements across the lifts and your whole work capacity.


A) 1RM Press

B) 3 Rounds for Reps

30:30 With Partner


Push Press

KB Swing

Wall Ball





A) 3 RM Push Press


30 Burpees

30 Thrusters

30 burpees

30 thrusters

20 burpees

Max Thrusters

Great to have a buzzing box on a Monday. Another go at everyone’s favourite combo of Burpees and thrusters with a twist. 

Nice to welcome lots of our March ON RAMP gang into full classes. 

Also nice to welcome back after Surgery, Tracy who is glad to get moving again and back involved with our community of Celtic Warriors.

A bit of Pregnant partner WODding on the cards tonight too with Natalie and Kelly whilst growing some junior Celtic Warriors of their own.


Some action from DP today no better way to start the day than swinging from a bar throwing yourself upside down and rowing.

Warrior Wednesday WOD 

A) Pistol Practice 

B) HSPU Practice 


teams of 3

5o Cal Row 

50 HSPU 

50 Pullups


A) 3 RM Front Squat 

 B) 5 RM Back Squat 

 C) 8 MIN Ladder 



OB Burpees

PR City on both lifts this evening and RXD weight on the WOD for Saad, Sean and Ben. Top effort guys.

Round 3 of ON RAMP was awesome great movement and work all round. 1 more to go Thursday then Full classes await. 

Celtic Warriors remember your jobs of smiling and introducing to our March ON RAMP gang or motivational consequences will await #yayburpees



A) Muscle up Practice

B) 20 MIN Partner AMRAP

100 Wall Ball

200 Double Unders

3 min Max Muscle Up




Partner Open WOD mash up to get the week underway this Monday.

Big mentions to Jo getting 85 Double unders unbroken.

Also Matty who got his first Muscle up today, and got so excited by the achievement that he lost his shorts around his ankles whilst above the rings?!


CrossFit Open WOD 1 and an awesome first week of the Affiliate Cup in the books with PR’s aplenty as a result of 15.1 and 15.1a. 

Well done to all Celtic Warriors who managed to get the Workout done.

What fun will 15.2 bring?


 Tonight at the box 

 A) 3  Front Squat OTM

X 8 


 10 OHS 

 10 Over Bar Burpee