Weekend Warriors
Another highly charged Saturday morning @Celtic Crossfit! Our weekend warriors notched up some BIG Push jerk scores! and smashed a very tough pairs workout, that included a few “different” movements …




A) Push Jerk
B) Partner WOD
Inverted Burpees
Goblet squat holds
KB Swings
KB Carries
Partner burpees



BOL #2
Last minute attempts at BOL #2 by Doffy and Big Dave! Great work gents!!




Strong Is Sexy!!
A very busy but, successful day @Celticcrossfit! Our strength focussed session saw loads of Front squat PB’s

plus…a very interesting introduction to some new accessory strength building movements that I’m sure will have a few walking like John Wayne after a vindaloo!


It was also the final session for our October On Rampers! And may I say what a pleasure it was to introduce such a great group of people into our community! I know you will all make them feel very welcome!! (Or 50 of the best await you)
A) Front Squat
B) Sumo Deadlift
C) KB step ups
D) Hamstring lowers
E) Over head Sit ups & Plate twists


Tonight sees the start of “Burpee Week” at the box
Motivated by the huge amounts of plastic bottles and rubbish left at the box, even after we have pleaded with you to take it home. We have decided to implement one of your favourite exercises in greater volume in our workouts and warm ups this week! We hope that this helps you remember to take things with you when you leave and deters you from repeating these behaviours in future… On the plus side by Sunday you will all be Burpee Ninjas and never fear the dreaded exercises cropping up on the whiteboard when you rock up to a session in future! WE REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY BURPEE WEEK!!

A) 3×5 Back Squat
B) 150 Onto Plate Burpees

Great effort and mental toughness shown by all of our Celtic Warriors this evening to get through such a mentally and physically challenging workout! You have once again demonstrated that you really are physically prepared for anything!


A) OTMEM for 5 mins
1 Muscle Snatch
1 Power Snatch
1 Squat Snatch
X3 rounds increasing the weight each round


B) 5 Min AMRAP
3 Thrusters
3 Pull ups
6 Thrusters
6 Pull ups

We also witnessed a Jones brother Snatch off! Can’t wait to see who has the biggest snatch in Open WOD 13.1 !



Skills Workshop
A)Double Unders
B)Handstand walks
C)Hang Tough bar work

3 Hang Cleans 70/40kg
6 Box Jumps 30/24″
9 Toes to bar

5 Rounds



Another great night at the box! Last weeks buzz from the qualifying workouts is still present! Big congrats to Tim for smashing his first hand stand walk (The length of the box!) and to Bridie for only adding one thing to her “I can’t” board this evening!


Celtic Crossfit Qualifying WOD 3

We come to the third of our qualifying workouts for our 2012 DWF Team. Tonight… An AMRAP including an Olympic lift, a strength based gymnastic movement and a sprint! Altogether resulting in another horrible concoction!

Coach Reevesy Warming up our first set of athletes…

12 min AMRAP
6 Squat Snatch (50/35kg)
6 Chest to bar pull ups
200m Run

Big Dave hates a snatch, but showed true grit and determination to power through to an impressive score tonight

Mini Meatball AKA Liv demonstrating amazing tekkers in every one of her lifts!

Heat 4 of 5 smashing the C2b pull ups
Remember to post rounds in comments…


Saturday Morning Mayhem
Another big turn out for our Saturday morning class! These are fast becoming one of our more popular classes! So much so that we actually ran out of weights today!!! (A very nice problem to have for us as coaches!)

Some of our Saturday morning Celtic Warriors setting up for the session

In pairs…..
20x 200kg Deadlift -Both on bar at once
400m Run-Done together, one partner carries sand bag first 200m the other a 24kg KB, then swap for 2nd 200m
40 Press Ups– Split any way, but non working partner must hold press up position throughout! If they drop 3 air squats each before continuing
X4 Rounds


(Ladies were at 130kg)
Post times and abuse for such a horrible WOD below

Don’t Forget To Check The Website Tomorrow Around Mid Day For Information and More Importantly The WOD’S For Our CELTIC CROSSFIT DWF QUALIFYING WEEK! Starting Monday!


A very intense, worthwhile snatch clinic tonight! Hopefully you guys are starting to understand the mechanics of this technical lift and now have some ideas as to how we can work on the weaker aspects of it.

Skills/ Strength
A) 4X3 Snatch pull
B) 4×3 Snatch balance
C) 4×3 Pendlay row

Coach Reevesy and class 2 braving the elements for an outside Burgner warm up….
20 burpee buy in…
15 Power snatch @50kg
15 Box Jumps @30″
10 Hang Power snatch @50kg
10 Box Jumps @30″
5 Squat snatch @50kg
5 Box Jumps @30″
A tough WOD again, really working a weakness! Very impressed with some of the tekkers of late! Keep up the amazing work team! Big mention to Nic, who displayed perfect technique throughout! A pleasure to watch!!
Cheeky Finisher
In pairs…
6 min AMRAP – Barbell Turkish Get Ups

Post your scores in comments…
PS. Keep your eye out on here for some very very exciting news coming up in the next day or two! 😉


Tonight saw us hit some weaknesses… and re-visit an old favourite from The Crossfit Games Open qualifiers…

It was amazing to see so many smashing their previous scores and fab to see some of our newer members posting some impressive results to boot!

Strength/ Skills
A) 4 Overhead Squats OTMEM (7 mins)
B) 7 mins to achieve 3 rounds max reps Toes to bar


A great job working technique and mechanics on two of our biggest weaknesses!
A) 7min AMRAP – Burpees
5 minute rest…
B) 3 min Double Unders

Just as disgusting as last time!! But amazing guts and determination shown by you all to get through and smash your previous bests!

Congratulations to our latest graduating On Ramp Class
Tonight saw the final session for our latest On Ramp members. In line with every other session, they were amazing!! We have seen such progress in only two weeks! Just imagine what results you could achieve with regular sessions! Well done to you all! Hope to see you smashing some workouts in class soon!!

Smashing a very spicy power clean & burpee couplet

Our first Crazy American member Spencer, absolutely wrecked after smashing tonight’s WOD!!


5×2 Clean & Jerk (80%) rest 60 sec
4×5 Bench press, rest 90 sec
4 Rounds of Cindy buy in…
(5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats)
(21-15-9 Deadlift & Handstand push up)
4 Rounds of Cindy buy out
20 min time cap
Great work again tonight guys. Intensity and mechanics are really coming on! Those of you still scaling some of the skills! Get in early or to some open gym sessions and practice practice practice! Great progress this month by all!! Keep it up!!