Another very busy day at the Box….
Which saw, a very competitive dawn patrol, some DWF training from our Celtic Team, The welcome return to training of Coach Ffred after his Honeymoon. A visit from the Amazing “Sports Therapy Cardiff” to help some of our athletes with their recovery, Three very busy evening classes AND… Our April On Rampers 2nd session. PHEW! ….
It’s great to see our community growing and even better to see the progress being made at the moment.. It’s not just about hitting PR’s or finishing first in a Workout. The big “Gainz” are evident in the improvement in the way that your moving! Your technique! Your skill development! Your understanding! This makes us, as coaches very proud. And is clearly evident in all classes at the moment. Once again superb effort today from every one of our Celtic Warriors.
A) 1 Deadlift
2 Hang Power Cleans
2 Jerk
OTMEM for 12 Mins
B) 10 Wall Balls, 10 Toes to bar, 100m
9 Wall Balls, 9 Toes to bar, 100m run
8 WB, 8 T2B, 100m run … Down to..
1 Wall ball, 1 Toes to bar



Important Announcement
This weekend our much loved “Master Doffy” has qualified to compete in Britain’s biggest and most prestigious Crossfit Masters Competition “Raising the Bar” bring held at Dragon Crossfit.

We hope that a large contingent of our community will try and be there to support him! On this note..We will only be open 9-10am this Saturday for ONE class There will be NO Open gym afterwards. as we will all be down supporting Doffy in this amazing achievement.
Sorry for any inconvenience but this is a special occasion!



Tonight saw us hit some weaknesses… and re-visit an old favourite from The Crossfit Games Open qualifiers…

It was amazing to see so many smashing their previous scores and fab to see some of our newer members posting some impressive results to boot!

Strength/ Skills
A) 4 Overhead Squats OTMEM (7 mins)
B) 7 mins to achieve 3 rounds max reps Toes to bar


A great job working technique and mechanics on two of our biggest weaknesses!
A) 7min AMRAP – Burpees
5 minute rest…
B) 3 min Double Unders

Just as disgusting as last time!! But amazing guts and determination shown by you all to get through and smash your previous bests!

Congratulations to our latest graduating On Ramp Class
Tonight saw the final session for our latest On Ramp members. In line with every other session, they were amazing!! We have seen such progress in only two weeks! Just imagine what results you could achieve with regular sessions! Well done to you all! Hope to see you smashing some workouts in class soon!!

Smashing a very spicy power clean & burpee couplet

Our first Crazy American member Spencer, absolutely wrecked after smashing tonight’s WOD!!


A) 5 mins max Turkish get ups
B) 3x Max effort toes to bar (in 5 min window)

A bit of Turkish get up fun! Not sure what Claudio is doing though??

Burping Randy

75 power snatches (35/25kg) for time with 5 burpees on the minute every minute
(15 min time cap)

Our midline stabilisation focus continued tonight. Some great controlled lifting and bang on form proving what an impact it is having!
Another tough but fun session! Really glad to see everyone is buying into this! Keep it up team!
Post scores in comments below…


Some great things happened during this weekends regionals check out the WEEK 3 REGIONAL UPDATE BELOW;

Run 400m:90sec rest
X 8


15 Press ups
15 ring rows
15 Toes2bar

Post times and rounds to comments;


So the open is over and back to business as usual at the box. Everyone did extremely well over the last 5 weeks. Sarah Finishing just outside qualification at 66th and the team so very close just 1 spot out at 31 out of every CrossFit box and entered athlete in europe! If you had said we would do so well we would have been more than pleased with those placings in our first entry to the Open. Having said that being so close but yet so far I’m sure everyone will agree at being gutted not to be going to regionals in Copenhagen!

The little things and a few more reps and a bit more practice of what we suck at and next year we can go that final inch or two. Well Done everyone it has been great at the box for the last 5 weeks onward and upward. Bring that extra focus to the box over the next year and let’s see where that takes us?! Fantastic place to be a part of and thank you guys for making it what it is.

So very close

Sun time fun time
Run 1km
1 rope climb
25 Kb clean and jerk
25 box jumps
25 toes to bar
25 ring dips
50 Double unders
400m sandbag carry
12 kb c&j
12 box jumps
12 toes2bar
12 ring dips
1 rope climb
50 double unders
30 Burpees

For Time

We went long tonight for a change, well done all

Post times to comments;


Ok it’s here guys 12.3 take a look at the deo/explanation from CrossFit HQ and Annie T. The worlds fittest woman.

Here are some tips from the mobility guru Kelly Starrett of mobilitywod.com  and Carl Paoli of gymnasticswod.com what these guys don’t know about movement is not worth knowing. Have a look use their advice for 12.3 but how the points they make can transfer into so many of the movements we use so much.

Some more tips from Jon Gilson of Again Faster taking you through more efficient Toes to bar ready for 12.3.

Get down to get stuck into it or cheer the guys on in their open quest or do both at open gym tomorrow!


Power Clean 3 x 5



Power Clean

Tyre flip


Post loads and rounds to comments:


Hosts Rory McKernan and Miranda Oldroyd give a recap on Open Workout 12.2. The latest news from the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open. Interview with the UK’s very own Sam Briggs on why she unfortunately  had to withdraw from this years competition. If you think you’ve had a tough day/week and can’t give your best? Check out the story of Jodie Dean Monroe (at about 20mins)…..WOW. Now give us an excuse after seeing that!! Plus more on the top games competitors so far and the Legend himself  ‘Coach B’

12.3 to be announced 1am tomorrow…..Whats up next?

If you havent been at the box at 6pm on a Friday after Open Gym for the Open WOD’s it has been a great atmosphere to train in and to push that little bit harder. Get down get involved, support our athletes, your friends.

It has been suggested we have a post 12.5 (last WOD of this years open) celebration meal/drink, what do you guys think??


Skills- Practice a gymnastic weakness


Run 800m

15 Deadlift 90/60

20 Toes to bar

Run 800m

20 Toes to bar

15 Deadlift 90/60

Run 800m


Post times and thoughts to comments:


London Throwdown WOD #2

Output 1200/800kg of power clean. (Select your own weight).

Then complete…

5 rounds of:

5 Shoulder-to-overhead 60/40kg

7 Front squats 60/40kg

9 Toes-to-bar

Output 1200/800kg of power clean.

For time

Movement Standards

Power clean:
Chosen weight start from the ground, on ‘go’ you can grab the bar.
Bar received on shoulders with elbows in front of the bar. The rep is complete when the hip and knee are fully extended.

Bar starts on shoulders (can go right after the last power clean).
Bar must travel from the shoulder to a position locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended, feet inside shoulders and head neutral.

Front Squat:
Bar starts racked on shoulders (can go right after the last STOH).
Crease of the hip must pass below the knee then return to a full stand, with hip and knee extended.

Must start at a full hang from the bar.
Both feet must touch the bar simultaneously.
Any part of the foot/shoe is acceptable as a contact point with the bar.

Fantastic effort by the girls at the box this evening with Sarah sub 12min and Kirsten at around 14 mins. Top work ladies!

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