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Today at delightfully Sunny Box we had


Front Squat


OTM 15

  • 40s Row
  • 5 TNG Squat Clean
  • Run 200m
  • 20 Wallball
  • Rest 1min

Remember Saturday Timetable

9-10am Celtic Bootcamp

10-11am Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit

9.30-11.30am Celtic Weightlifting  Club


30.5.16 #Bankholiday

Being a bank holiday proved not to be a reason to not train

Great atmosphere throughout this morning at the box
PRs for many Fran on her back squat with ease Lad and Abi continuing the Olympic lift bests.

Rachael and Mike for great family WODs as was the case for all of team Doffy. 


Back Squat



20 OTM

Muscle ups

– Double Unders

– Wallwalk

– Run 200m

Normal Timetable resumes tomorrow…

1.10.15 #comfortable beinguncomfortable

Today we saw a nice classic bit of CrossFit whilst the nation held its breath during the critical Rugby World Cup match between Wales and Fiji.


A) Split Jerk 2RM

B) 4 Rounds 

Row 500m

10 Power Clean

10 over bar Burpee


We saw some impressive 2RM split jerks exceeding some of our Celtic Warriors previous single RM For a 2RM. With Kev, Tracy, Lee, Matty McIlroy and John all managing this feat.

And Aimee putting 15kg into her split jerk almost getting 60kg for a double. Great work Aimee.

Then we hit a classic CrossFit triplet that was another that looked ok on the board. But the elegant combination of Rowing power cleans and everyone’s favourites over bar burpes leaving nothing left in. The tank for anyone with the rest between rounds allowing both quality of movement and intensity to remain high for our Cektic Warriors ever increasing Work Capacities.

Good Job

Oh and I do believe there was another Wales Win?!

Oly Lifts & Skillz 

Oly Lifts and Skillz tonight @Celtic Crossfit  
Great work by Rhys Guard continuing to show ninja like skills, today was his 1st ever WOD using bar MU and destroying them unbroken in rounds of 7-5s.
He also clocked up the Fastest time of night. He just keeps on getting better!!! 

Katie Doff gets another mention for great kipping form on her pull-ups linking large chunks and getting better as WOD went on. 

Our fastest ladies time this evening went to Nat Tanner! Like Rhys, she is another unassuming athlete that continues to go from strength to strength!! 

Then we come to the barbell… Where Jo,Tracy and Aimee came to the fore for the ladies showing consistently smooth form throughout their lifts and it was great to see Kathleen cycling the Bb well after her return from globetrotting. 

Not to be outdone the boys also put a shift in with their cleans! Little Robs speedy return from his nasty road accident was great to see! as he and bully worked incredibly hard on speed under the bar and hitting full hip extension throughout every lift! 

And a final special mention goes to member no.1 Bridie for no repping husband and member no.2 Geeves on his press ups, that really is True Love!


*NEW FACES & OLD*It was lovely to welcome so many of our August On Rampers into main classes tonight and this workout really was a baptism of fire that they did not shy away from! No fewer than 6 took the opportunity of their 2 weeks free membership on their first Monday since graduating! Amazing!!!

We also got to welcome back some old faces, including Claudio “The Italian Stalion” Martini and Kelly Cook, who had the adorable Tommy in tow. It was lovely to have you guys back at the box and hopefully we will see a lot more of you on the near future!

 Our workout included an extended focus on clean and jerk technique leading into the following complex OTMEM for 12 mins

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Power clean

1 Split Jerk

There was once again some amazing progress made on these lifts in Particular Mike, Lorna, Aimee and Kevin who really improved their split jerk mechanics, with their last lift actually better than their earliest!

 Then we had the workout ….

50 Double Unders

20 front Squat

400m run

40 DU’s

15 Front squat

300m run

30 DU’s

10 Front squat

200m Run

20 DU’s

5 Front Squat

100m Run

Sam and Liam hit the fastest times for the boys with Bridie Geeves smashing the WOD for the ladies!

It was great to see so many able to go unbroken throughout while hitting the runs extremely hard!

A big shout out to Stu for a 100m finish Usain Bolt would be proud of and Jo and Ross for some awesome double Unders!

Great work guys!

Couplet From Hell …. 

Wow… What a night at the box!! It started in our bonus open gym session, where Gavin Howells hit a new 1rm Push jerk of 120kg. 
Followed by some fun in our strength session of Barbell Step ups. Especially from Owen Davies, lifting more than most of our bigger lifters and moving very well in the process! And Maria and Aimee moving well with more weight than most of our men had on the barbell. 

Then came a very nasty test of anaerobic capacity and recovery levels in the form of a lung sapping, repeated couplet of Barbell Clusters and burpees! It was amazing to see so many of you cycling the barbell with such efficiency. Emma Bradley, Tracy and Kathleen in particular making huge progress in their clean. Maria and Vicky really grasped the stimulus of this workout and hit it hard from the outset, the competitive nature of these ladies is really helping them progress in class! There are a few more athletes that deserve a shout out… First of all little Rob for not letting injury deter him from training Scaling and substituting movements to ensure that the same stimulus could be achieved. 

Secondly Tyla for the fastest burpees of the evening and thirdly Steph for not giving up even though this workout took her to a very bad place! I hope she feels stronger and better for her amazing perseverance and resilience, you should feel very proud Steph! 



A) 5×10 Barbell Step Ups 

B) 5 min AMRAP – 6x Clusters, 6x Burpees (90 sec rest) x3 rounds 

Then after class we had Our Awesome August On Rampers smashing tonight’s workout! Already getting to grips with the attitude and community spirit that it takes to become a Celtic Warrior! A true pleasure meeting and coaching you guys this evening, some huge potential in this group! Well done! Can’t wait to see you in main classes! #augustonramp #celticcrossfit

And finally during a fab evening I leave you with a little advice from Vicky Smith…. 

“Don’t be so scared just get it up”


Celtic 2.0 – The future… And how we have arrived here 

It’s Sunday evening… We’ve Just left Celtic 2.0 after another evening of planning and measurement taking! And we are Absolutely buzzing! This truly is going to be an amazing facility with countless opportunities for our athletes and the wider community of Newport to embrace health & fitness, strength & conditioning and of course Crossfit. It will also be, for us, the realisation of a Dream that we have been working towards over the last 5 years! Many of you won’t know this, but we were one of the first 6 Crossfit gyms open in Wales and one of the first 30 in the UK (There are now over 300).   
It was 2010 when we had the amazing idea of opening a business in a recession! alongside our already hectic day to day careers. Back then, there was not the opportunity to look for a loan or find a wealthy financier to throw money at the business and buy the latest equipment. We had to follow the “Crossfit business template” of growing organically from a true garage gym, expanding as our community and experience allow. We operated our first “Crossfit classes” from a secondary school gym in Newport. Open three nights a week for two hours at a time with just a few bars, bumper plates, some very old school skipping ropes, the schools climbing ropes, one or two kettle bells and a small group of dedicated members and close friends to kick us off on this amazing journey. 

Our legacy was built on an investment of £400 each and a lot of hard graft!! Our members were introduced to pull ups on a gymnastics beam (and you guys complain about some of the rigs you’ve been on!!) and our classes had the privilege of lugging this equipment from the gym to a storage cupboard in the school before and after every session!! 

 Despite our meagre beginnings our community started to grow, after much deliberation and worry, we took the plunge and moved into our first “Box” this was a tiny 1200 square foot industrial unit. Our small group of members helped us paint, lay flooring, move equipment and clean the place up! We could not have been prouder! 
 Not long after moving in to the Box we held out first Crossfit competition, again this was in a time where competitions were very few and far between. We hosted the competition in conjunction with one of our then members and Ex Welsh international rugby player Richard Parks, who had embarked upon his amazing 737 challenge! And all funds raised went to this cause. Most of the Crossfit boxes from Wales at the time were present and represented at our little facility! With current Crossfit seminar staff members and European Regional competitors Danny Watson (currently Crossfit 3D) and Andy Edwards (Owner of Dragon Crossfit) coming first and second respectively with Pete Rankin (Owner of The boatshed Crossfit facility and also European regional competitor) in third place! It was also an introduction to Crossfit competitions to the now extremely established Heavy Rep Gear boys, that sold T shirts and a younger, slightly less ripped Mike Catris owner of Kratos nutrition (& another European Regional competitor) that was also representing in his first ever Crossfit competition. 

Our athletes have had much success representing in many prestigious Crossfit competitions over the years. But the pinnacle must be, just missing out on team qualification to the European Regionals in Copenhagen by just one place in 2012. This was the start of our love affair with the Open, that has seen us introduce the Celtic Crossfit Affiliate Cup. A free “In house” team competition, that runs alongside the Open each year. This is always a massive buzz for our athletes and community and has encouraged many to enter into crossfit in a competitive capacity. 

As time progressed we understood that despite our extensive experience in teaching and coaching, to ensure the successful progression of our athletes we would need more than just a Crossfit Level 1 qualification. So we invested in and continued to build upon this and our Honours Degree’s in Sports science and post graduate teaching qualifications in Physical Education, by undertaking more Career Professional Development in an abundance of areas. These include Crossfit Olympic lifting, BWL Olympic lifting, Crossfit Powerlifting and Westside a Barbell powerlifting methods, Karl Paoli’s Freestyle connection movement and Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Football (power and sport specific), Kelly Starrett (Mobility WOD and supple Leopard) Mobility seminar and Crossfit Kids are just some of the areas we have implemented into our ever expanding and evolving programming and experience.  

 As we grew as coaches, our community followed suit and we once again needed to expand! So with the help of our athletes, we knocked through the wall of our little Unit to next door and doubled the size of our facility yet again! Since being there much has changed, not just our experience as coaches, our programming, our opening hours, and our equipment all evolving. But we have helped create some fabulous athletes, including some Welsh and British Record holders. As proud as we are of this feat. We are just as proud of the fact that we can categorically confirm that we have made hundreds of people in and around the Newport area fitter and healthier in the process! It’s not just people’s physique and health we have impacted! Since opening we are proud that 4 of our ex members have gained the confidence and experience from us to fuel their own ambition, following in our footsteps to open their own Crossfit or Health and fitness facilities. 
We now embark upon our latest expansion, into a huge 6000 square ft facility that will cater for Celtic Crossfit Classes, Celtic Crossfit teens, Celtic Crossfit kids, Specific Olympic lifting (Celtic Barbell) and Celtic Power lifting programmes. Fully equipped with brand new equipment, an in Box nutrition and Apparel Shop and on site sports massage available. Once again we ask for the support of our community, to help us move in and make this facility the premier Crossfit and strength and conditioning facility in the Newport area. Thank you to those that have already given up time to come and visit the new box, there will be another opportunity more opportunities in the near future for anyone else interested in having a tour of YOUR new gym. There will also be a sign up board at the box, for anyone that has a skill or trade or contacts that can help us with the move or anyone willing to get involved? whether that be with some painting or even moving of equipment, any help will be much appreciated! 

 It has been a monumental struggle at times, but building this amazing community and seeing you flourish as athletes makes it all worthwhile! Many of you have been on this amazing journey since the start especially Members #1 & #2 Bridie and Geeves and we thank you for your continued support and friendship, It will be so rewarding to see you all evolving with us, as we move onto our next phase! Celtic Crossfit 2.0 
*Coming Soon* 


Interested in joining us ? Email Celticcrossfit@hotmail.co.uk 

Member of the month May

Lee Bradley

Lee has been chosen as a result of his diligence and hard work to improve skills and techniques he has found challenging since beginning his Celtic CrossFit Journey. This allowing him to progress with his gymnastic skills and Olympic Weightlifting movements, we have seen a vast improvement in what he can do physically. With his unassuming demeanour to just get on with the hard work, allowing the focus on doing things correctly to pay him back no end.

His passion for CrossFit eventually wearing off/down his wife Emma outside of the box at home. Having recently being persuaded to comple her On Ramp, to which she has also thrown herself into full throttle. From WOD #1 where she was 1st out the door for the run, to getting straight into classes and their challenges straight after. So the enthusiasm has now become a household trait.

Well done Lee, we look forward to both your continued progression and hard work but also that same approach already showed by Emma.
A Quick Q & A with Lee to introduce himself fully to our community…

Age? 35


Operations Engineer


Don’t really have one, a few people call me Bradders.

How long have you been doing Crossfit? 

13 months. Completed my on ramp in April 2014.

What is your best achievement within Crossfit? 

Kipping and butterfly pull ups (although there is still a lot of room for improvement). Kipping handstand press ups.

Movements/workouts you enjoy? Wall balls, box jumps, rowing, cleans and snatch. Does anyone “enjoy” the workouts. I enjoy them all when they’re finished!
Movements or workouts you don’t enjoy?

Running, wall walks and burpees
What are your Crossfit goals for the future?

To be able to finish a workout with double unders, instead of singles. Muscle ups is definitely something I would like to achieve.
Describe Celtic Crossfit in 1 sentence?

A great community that helps you push yourself to your limit to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

A random fact about yourself? During a road trip across Western Europe, I completed a lap around the Nürburgring Race track in Nürburg, Germany on my motorbike. It’s not much, but it’s one off the bucket list!

Thank You Lee- our Member of the month for May..




Some great work on another Awesome Monday at the box great to see faces new and old getting into our Monday classes this week. Week 3 of Wendler and plenty of good reps at high percentages. Followed by a sharp sweaty and sweet little triplet.

Well done Celtic Warriors


A) Back Squat

5@ 75%

3@ 85%

1+@ 95%

B) 8 Min AMRAP

8 Squat Clean

8 Burpee

100m run