Some team WOD fun this evening at the box


Liv who made all sorts of funny noises whilst on the gremlin!

3 x 7

In teams of 4
20 muscle ups
Whilst partner holds 100/60
60 wallballs
Whilst partner holds chin over bar
Partner carry 100ft with kettlebell
40 Burpee box jumps
Partner carry 100ft with kettlebell
20 muscle ups
60 wall balls whilst partner holds chin over bar
Partner carry 100ft with kettlebell
40 Burpee box jumps
Partner carry 100ft with kettlebell
2 muscle ups each

For time



Day #4 of LADIES week

Geeves finishing a snatch- unfortunately for the rest of us he has got his voice back!

Bubba finishing AMANDA as RX’D only a couple of weeks after nailing his first successive muscle ups.

Muscle ups

For time

Great effort tonight at the box once again for a technically difficult WOD

Remember tomorrow is our Christmas night out so no open gym just drinks and FUN in Cardiff.

Meet @ 7pm in peppermint(opposite walkabout) Christmas jumper and drinking shoes ready!!! Woohoo!!

Got muscle ups?

Some have some haven’t. Here is a good instructional video from Freddy C. owner and trainer at CrossFit One World who is a Baddass and one of the fittest over 45’s in the world after recently competing in the 2011 CrossFit Games. Everyone can do muscle ups with correct mechaics it is just the intensity/difficulty level you are at that is different. Work at your level to get better don’t jump ahead and get those muscle ups!

Remember MECHANICS then CONSISTENCY then INTENSITY is how we work at CelticCrossFit not in any other order. We move well first then we move well consistently, then we ramp up the Intensity using your efficient and consistent movements. Not doing one good rep and 3 bad ones, if you do, remember you are only cheating your own body and the results you can achieve.

Richie was spot on in his conversation he was having after tonights first class

“I’m not great at deadlifts so i’d rather go a bit lighter and Improve my technique first and get better at the movement”


If we move better in everything we do our possibilities keep going up and up AND NOT being limited by faulty mechanics and technique which will evidently limit your progress.

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WOD 8.6.11

Warm up
Power Snatch practice
Muscle up practice

3 Rounds for time

10 Power snatch 40/20
5 muscle ups
Run 300m

Carlos joins the ‘muscle up club’ in his first muscle up practice- Amazing work

Followed closely behind by Richie

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A more technical session tonight.
Very BIG MENTION to our newest members Carlos and Richie smashing out a muscle ups twice!
Welcome to the club boys!!!

WOD 4.5.11

Hello muscle ups!

Introduction to muscle ups

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.4

AMRAP 10 minutes
60/40 bar facing burpies
30 Overhead Squats
10 Muscle ups

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Good to be back at base tonight for our muscle up fun after our easter travels. Some very good first attempts by everyone and we’re sure our first athlete muscle up isn’t far away. Lets keep working hard to make sure we keep on improving our physical capacities before our exciting move, which is hopefully in the very near future!

Also the Reebok CrossFit Games European Regionals is taking place in Bolton on the weekend of the 3-5 of June we as coaches are there involved in the event. It will be the biggest CrossFit event ever in Europe with many of Wales’ CrossFit community heading up north along with British and European CrossFitters to, watch, compete and see the European elite in action. Are you keen to go, watch, drink and be merry, should be a quality weekend with CrossFit events and games traditionally a festival atmosphere!

Can you say ROAD TRIP?!?!
I will post more details very soon.

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