Once again more PB’s at Celtic Crossfit today! Some athletes moving up as much as 10kg on their previous Strict Press PB! #Gainz






Tonight sees us continue our week of Open Workouts from previous years.. Today saw our Celtic Warriors tackle 11.1 Power snatch and Double unders after some heavy squats!

A) 5×3 Back Squat

B) 10 Min AMRAP
15 Power Snatch
30 Double Unders



More of our ladies smashing tonight’s WOD joined by …. A mini meatball!!

Great Work Ladies!!


So the open is over and back to business as usual at the box. Everyone did extremely well over the last 5 weeks. Sarah Finishing just outside qualification at 66th and the team so very close just 1 spot out at 31 out of every CrossFit box and entered athlete in europe! If you had said we would do so well we would have been more than pleased with those placings in our first entry to the Open. Having said that being so close but yet so far I’m sure everyone will agree at being gutted not to be going to regionals in Copenhagen!

The little things and a few more reps and a bit more practice of what we suck at and next year we can go that final inch or two. Well Done everyone it has been great at the box for the last 5 weeks onward and upward. Bring that extra focus to the box over the next year and let’s see where that takes us?! Fantastic place to be a part of and thank you guys for making it what it is.

So very close

Sun time fun time
Run 1km
1 rope climb
25 Kb clean and jerk
25 box jumps
25 toes to bar
25 ring dips
50 Double unders
400m sandbag carry
12 kb c&j
12 box jumps
12 toes2bar
12 ring dips
1 rope climb
50 double unders
30 Burpees

For Time

We went long tonight for a change, well done all

Post times to comments;



Different night at the box for some time trials;

Within the hour establish a time for each of the following;

1.3km run
250 du’s
50 burpees
100 ab mat sit ups
1000m row

Post times to comments;

Remember to get yourselves registered following the link below for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012< where as last year 5 WODs will be posted 1 each week starting 22.2.12 to find the qualifiers for Regionals. We will be running the OPEN WODS at the box. Get involved officially.

All of you get signed up and put your skills and work capacities to the test, measure yourself against the Crossfit World. “what have you got to be scared of?” hopefully we get another good showing and our team goes one step further?!? That could be anyone of you who register!


Remember no open gym this Friday or class Saturday morning as Team CelticCrossFit is representing in the SICFIT London Throwdown at Brunel Athletics centre.

Paolo and Sarah having done really well to come in the top 60 from hundreds of entrants from all over Europe to qualify for the individual competition. Our team of 5 other athletes challenging in the team competition. Some are hitting the road to support/enjoy the weekend! Good Luck all involved- Do us proud!



London Throwdown


100 Double unders
30 K2E to pull-ups
30 Hang snatch 35/25kg
100 Double unders

For time

Movement Standards

Double unders:
Any rope may be used.
Rope must pass under the feet twice.
Only complete reps to be counted, not attempts.

K2E to Pull-ups:
Start at a full hang from thee bar.
Knee’s must make contact with the elbows simultaneously.
Athlete must then return to a fully locked out position at the elbow hip and knee (can pass through during a kip).
Chin must then pass above the horizontal plane of the bar.
If an athlete completes a K2E but ‘misses’ the pullup they do not have to do the K2E again, they may do one pullup to complete the rep.
One rep = one K2E + one pull-up

Bar starts from the hang.
The bar must halt between the knee and hip before starting the first rep and on redrafts of broken sets.
The bar may be caught above a squat a ridden down until the hip crease passes below the knee.
Passes through a full squat (crease of hip below knee) with the bar locked out overhead.
Bar must be moved stood to a position locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended with feet inside shoulders and head neutral.

It’s been a tough but awesome week at the box with a great buzz about the Throwdown WODs. We as coaches have really enjoyed them in our classes and personally as WODs with some very impressive scores to date. Hit up any you missed at open gym tomorrow or in Saturday mornings class 11-12. Love CrossFit Love the competition against others. Keep a look out for the next competition and hopefully a ROAD TRIP in mid February to the London Throwdown with individuals and a team?!

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