A) 4x400m (90 seconds recovery)

B) 5 Min AMRAP
Clean & Jerk

With the Open just around the corner, this week will be dedicated to hitting some Open WOD’s from previous years. Tonight saw the return of Open WOD 11.3 “Death by Clean & Jerk”, after we hit a big box weakness and all round suck-fest!! 400m intervals! YUCK!!
An amazing effort tonight by everyone! And a great turn out even after our Throwdown with Crossfit Caerphilly yesterday!
Welcome to our March On Ramp Class !

A great first session! Make sure you get some active recovery tomorrow ready for another top session on Wednesday!




A condensed clip of a talk to CrossFit HQ staff by Gary Taubes. Author of “Good Calories Bad Calories” and “Why we get fat” on his extensive research and the benefits of a low carbohydrate high fat diet such as paleo and how it benefits health and help to reduce fatness and improve health. There are plenty more videos online featuring Taubes, they are well worth a visit if you are (and by now i’m pretty sure you are!) interested in actual Healthy Nutrition (Paleo) not the commonly thought ‘Healthy’ high carbohydrate (grain/wheat) misinformed western Diet.

Some of Class 2 prior to the session as they forgot a new month had started so they needed to pay?!

Turbo and his new trimmer frame at the top of the rope for the first time, which he did a fair few more times in
Part 2 of tonight’s wod- Happy days, well done big man.

Clean and jerk

Rope climb

Ring dips
For time

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So the open is over and back to business as usual at the box. Everyone did extremely well over the last 5 weeks. Sarah Finishing just outside qualification at 66th and the team so very close just 1 spot out at 31 out of every CrossFit box and entered athlete in europe! If you had said we would do so well we would have been more than pleased with those placings in our first entry to the Open. Having said that being so close but yet so far I’m sure everyone will agree at being gutted not to be going to regionals in Copenhagen!

The little things and a few more reps and a bit more practice of what we suck at and next year we can go that final inch or two. Well Done everyone it has been great at the box for the last 5 weeks onward and upward. Bring that extra focus to the box over the next year and let’s see where that takes us?! Fantastic place to be a part of and thank you guys for making it what it is.

So very close

Sun time fun time
Run 1km
1 rope climb
25 Kb clean and jerk
25 box jumps
25 toes to bar
25 ring dips
50 Double unders
400m sandbag carry
12 kb c&j
12 box jumps
12 toes2bar
12 ring dips
1 rope climb
50 double unders
30 Burpees

For Time

We went long tonight for a change, well done all

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Day 2 of our LADIES WEEK an intro from THE MAN Rich Froning Jr. He’s the Fittest man on the planet for a reason- Check this out 225lb/102kg Grace!!!


You’ve got to love ‘Grannie’ at This time of year!


30 Ground to overhead

For time




Double unders

Sit ups

For time


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