Oly Lifts & Skillz 

Oly Lifts and Skillz tonight @Celtic Crossfit  
Great work by Rhys Guard continuing to show ninja like skills, today was his 1st ever WOD using bar MU and destroying them unbroken in rounds of 7-5s.
He also clocked up the Fastest time of night. He just keeps on getting better!!! 

Katie Doff gets another mention for great kipping form on her pull-ups linking large chunks and getting better as WOD went on. 

Our fastest ladies time this evening went to Nat Tanner! Like Rhys, she is another unassuming athlete that continues to go from strength to strength!! 

Then we come to the barbell… Where Jo,Tracy and Aimee came to the fore for the ladies showing consistently smooth form throughout their lifts and it was great to see Kathleen cycling the Bb well after her return from globetrotting. 

Not to be outdone the boys also put a shift in with their cleans! Little Robs speedy return from his nasty road accident was great to see! as he and bully worked incredibly hard on speed under the bar and hitting full hip extension throughout every lift! 

And a final special mention goes to member no.1 Bridie for no repping husband and member no.2 Geeves on his press ups, that really is True Love!



*NEW FACES & OLD*It was lovely to welcome so many of our August On Rampers into main classes tonight and this workout really was a baptism of fire that they did not shy away from! No fewer than 6 took the opportunity of their 2 weeks free membership on their first Monday since graduating! Amazing!!!

We also got to welcome back some old faces, including Claudio “The Italian Stalion” Martini and Kelly Cook, who had the adorable Tommy in tow. It was lovely to have you guys back at the box and hopefully we will see a lot more of you on the near future!

 Our workout included an extended focus on clean and jerk technique leading into the following complex OTMEM for 12 mins

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Power clean

1 Split Jerk

There was once again some amazing progress made on these lifts in Particular Mike, Lorna, Aimee and Kevin who really improved their split jerk mechanics, with their last lift actually better than their earliest!

 Then we had the workout ….

50 Double Unders

20 front Squat

400m run

40 DU’s

15 Front squat

300m run

30 DU’s

10 Front squat

200m Run

20 DU’s

5 Front Squat

100m Run

Sam and Liam hit the fastest times for the boys with Bridie Geeves smashing the WOD for the ladies!

It was great to see so many able to go unbroken throughout while hitting the runs extremely hard!

A big shout out to Stu for a 100m finish Usain Bolt would be proud of and Jo and Ross for some awesome double Unders!

Great work guys!



A little sign of appreciation we received from our friends/Crossfit community this evening along with some gifts. All very humbling and very much appreciated.

Celtic CrossFit is not about us as coaches it is about you guys, you make it what it is and that is special.

We have loved our 1st year running our affiliate growing our community helping you and us get better at life. We know you hate us sometimes, but we as coaches have stood back of late and taken stock of where you guys are compared to where you came from before CrossFit. WOW what a difference, testament to your effort, hard work and perseverance towards improvement. And what an improvement!

THANK YOU!! BRING ON 2012 (after I finish my gifts off!)

5×2 Back Squat

The Bear Complex (Old School CrossFit Video demo below)

7 cycles of
Power clean
Front squat
Push Press
Back squat
Rack jerk

5 rounds (rest as needed between rounds)

Post max weight used to comments;

Olympic Squat Clean video watch it!

We’ve been hitting some lifting hard lately. Here is the original CrossFit ‘Nasty Girl’ Annie Sakamoto showing you how it’s done, with some of the key points highlighted for you to see…

Notice tight mid thigh position….Speed through the middle of the lift jumping the bar up…..Bar stays close to body…elbows high and wide….aggressive pull under the bar….elbows nice and high in the deep catch position.

Happy days!


WOD 8th April 2011

you put your right leg in….right leg out…..oooo the hokey kokey

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
75kg/50kg Squat Clean
75kg/50kg Push Jerk

First you clean it then you jerk it for 5mins….OUCH!!

Then Sunshine Funtime weekend WOD


10 Med Ball Cleans

15 KB Swings

20 Double unders/60 singles

Post Rounds for BOTH WOD’s plus WEIGHTS USED  to comments.