6.6.16 #BacktoWork

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After a fun bank holiday and half term week of Sun by many our Celtic Warriors were back to the hard work of constant improvement today at the Box


1) 8 Sets

2 push Jerk

2 split 

Every 90s
2) 1min AMRAP of each 


-HPC 50/35



X 3

Hot and sweaty one for the Celtic warriors. 

Good pairs workout and everyone encouraged and cheering each other on and working hard. 

Top work by Leighton getting out a load of HSPUs strict. 

Lorna moving like a ninja in the wod, forever improving her clean technique.



On Ramp starts Tuesday – be a part of the fitness Revolution

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Another awesome day at the box with a packed and always sweaty Bootcamp 

Followed by another quality Weightlifting session with Coach Christie on her triumphant coaching return, from the successfull Junior Battle in Austria over the weekend, congratulations guys.

Yet another night of improvement in Celtic Weightlifting in the books. With Wave 2 done and Wave 3 ready to commence on Monday



Teams of 3 

0-8 mins Max snatch 

8-13 mins Burpee pull ups 

(every time you swap 200m run) 

13-21 mins wall balls 

21-26 mins Double unders 

(every time you swap 20 sit ups) 

26-30 mins max reps floor press (60/40) 


Something a bit different from the Arnold Classic and pretty impressive.

Nothing like a bit of Celtic Bootcamp Followed by a Saturday SweatFest Class to get the weekend underway in the Saturday Sun

A) 5/3/1 Catch Up

B) 3 Rounds in Pairs

20 Squat Cleans


40 Burpees

50 TTB

600m Run



Busy Celtic Bootcamp this morning for an early Saturday morning blast to get the weekend going.

Followed by our Saturday morning SweatFest CrossFit class.

A) Max load Overhead Lunge
x 2 Widths

B) Partner WOD
50 Burpee Box Jump
75 KB Swing
100 pull-ups
200 Double Unders
100 Goblet squat
75 Deadlift

Training Diaries

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