25.8.15 #squatsatthedouble

Here’s a little coaching video for those of you working to develop your Double Unders. But remember it is a skill that takes correct practice to develop and will not simply happen by just a little go now and again. Perseverance is key. Practice, practice, practice…


A) Back Squat 

3 x 10


50 Double Unders

12 KB Swing

15 Sit ups

Great sessions today at the box.

New warriors  Jackie and Jess getting to grips with the skipping although no double unders yet but progress definitely on show in DP.

After practice all weekend Anna still couldn’t get double unders but by listening to the coaching did all double unders in the wod well done Anna!

Claudia getting double unders linked with singles. 

Kev also stringing them together with more efficiency.

Good Job 

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