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19 Queensway Meadows Industrial Estate, NP19 4ST

Really easy to find-  From J28 of the M4 (5-7mins away)

Go past Tredegar Park (not house!) 2nd exit off roundabout following the southern distributor road(dual carriageway around the South of Newport) stay on that road around the back of MaesGlas retail park(the big shopping park on your left), past Newport Saracens rugby pitch then timber yards (on your right).

Remain on that road for about 2 miles passing the transporter bridge(on your right) over the new road bridge past the town centre (to your left), keep going past Newport stadium(on your right) NASH College(on your right)

Next to Newport retail Park (Tesco roundabout with KFC)

Take the exit off the roundabout directly after KFC into Leeway Industrial estate. Follow the road into the estate past the karting centre on your right, follow around past Self Storage until you get to Large green FOX Storage.

Take the LEFT TURN at FOX Storage- then Left where there is a Celtic CrossFit sign at the road.

TURN RIGHT immediately after into the industrial row of units- Celtic  crossFit is 100m on the Left next door to the Newport Gymnastic Academy.

From J24 of M4 at Celtic Mannor (3mins away) Simply follow southern distributor road(dual carriageway around the south of Newport) stay on that road past llanwern High school(on your Left) keep going until you pass Newport retail Park on your Left. On the next roundabout with KFC take the exit off the roundabout directly after KFC into Leeway Industrial estate. And follow the same directions as above…


11 thoughts on “HOW TO FIND US

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  2. my wife and i are coming to wales for a oly trainers course in late june early july. we are leaving heathrow on a wed and want to visit all the xfit boxes that we can. i think you guys are close to swansea. we have no plans just kinda winging it!! would love to visit you guys if that is possible.

    coach b

    • We are about 45mins from swansea and friends with Jaffa and Matthew of Velocity nad they have been a great help to us in getting our affiliate up and running. It would be good if you were to drop by, we are in the process of moving into a new box which will hopfully be all done by then, by all means it would be a pleasure. Just let us know when and i’m sure we can sort something out no problem at all.

      Cheers, Jonesy- CELTICCROSSFIT

  3. what time would the wod’s be finished at sundays’s cf charity event? need to be back in cardiff before 6pm but would really like to take part.

  4. Hi, I was wondering is the Celtic boot camp class open to pay as you go per class or would I have to be a member?
    Thank you

  5. Hello.

    I would like to try cross fit. What are your membership prices? Can you pay as you go?

    Jo CLarke

    • Hi Joanne. To enter crossfit classes you would need to complete our on ramp course which ensures all fundamental movements are safe and correct. The price for this is £40 once this is complete you are free to enter the crossfit classes. You will get the remaining of the month free. After the initial month drop in (pay as you go) is £7, unlimited classes is £55 and 2x per week is £45. If you are a teacher or a member of police, fire, ambulance service or armed forces you get £5 discount.

      Hope this has helped, if you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us on here or email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

      Many thanks
      Team Celtic Crossfit

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