The newest members to our Celtic Crossfit Community completed their final On Ramp class this evening and are now fully fledged Celtic Warriors! You will all now have the pleasure of meeting and training with these guys in class and I’m sure you will be looking forward to introducing yourself in true Celtic Crossfit style! I hope our new members enjoy the rest of their first month with us and make the most of learning from and working with our inspiring coaches and members! 

You have been a pleasure to induct into our community! Now the real fun begins! 

Future Superstars

Today also saw us welcome back Newport Schools U 15’s for their weekly pre season strength and conditioning sessions. These boys have progressed at an unbelievable rate over the past four weeks. Witnessing them master physical literacy along with substantial betterment of movement patterns, core strength and work capacity has been a pleasure! And there is plenty more to come in the remaining few weeks with us! Great effort today boys! (Don’t forget for more of the same, our teen classes are available to all of you, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3-4pm) 


(Sorry backs your pic didn’t come out ūüėĘ) 

As for classes ….. 

Tonight had an in depth mobility focus on one of our problem areas, the overhead squat. Coach Ross utilised a variety of mobility exercises to, in many cases drastically improve foot and hip position, during the squat, as well as upper back, lats and shoulders in the overhead position. This again proved a huge eye opener to some and once again highlighted the importance of core strength and mobility to conquer this movement. (This will be an area of focus in our up coming mobility seminar, don’t forget to sign up at the box, ask a coach for more info.) 

Top time this evening went to Sam, who continues to impress! Even superman had his cryptonite, but we are yet to find anything to slow this guy down!! Sam was closely followed by the ever improving, hard working, Matty. There was also Awesome work from Hannah completing the workout under cap including 10 rounds of un-assissted pull ups!!! An Amazing achievement!! Our final shout out goes to Claudia. Claudia is an athlete that likes to fly under the radar, but I’m afraid, when putting the first class, hard work that she has of late, not only RX’ing nearly every workout these days, but demonstrating amazing resilience and perseverance to ensure almost flawless form throughout each workout, she definitely deserves a mention. Keep it up Clauds!  

A)OHS Clinic 

B) 10 Rounds

X5 OHS, x7 pull ups, 100m Sprint 

C) 3x max effort banded pull downs 




Tonight saw us hit some weaknesses… and re-visit an old favourite from The Crossfit Games Open qualifiers…

It was amazing to see so many smashing their previous scores and fab to see some of our newer members posting some impressive results to boot!

Strength/ Skills
A) 4 Overhead Squats OTMEM (7 mins)
B) 7 mins to achieve 3 rounds max reps Toes to bar


A great job working technique and mechanics on two of our biggest weaknesses!
A) 7min AMRAP – Burpees
5 minute rest…
B) 3 min Double Unders

Just as disgusting as last time!! But amazing guts and determination shown by you all to get through and smash your previous bests!

Congratulations to our latest graduating On Ramp Class
Tonight saw the final session for our latest On Ramp members. In line with every other session, they were amazing!! We have seen such progress in only two weeks! Just imagine what results you could achieve with regular sessions! Well done to you all! Hope to see you smashing some workouts in class soon!!

Smashing a very spicy power clean & burpee couplet

Our first Crazy American member Spencer, absolutely wrecked after smashing tonight’s WOD!!


4×3 Touch and go Squat cleans (60 sec rest)
4×3 Push Jerk (60 sec rest)

10 min AMRAP –
5 Overhead Squats (50/35kg)
10 Pull ups
20 Double unders

Busy night at the box tonight, with some impressive weights being thrown about and a few more PB’s to add to the almost full PB board this month! Really seeing some huge progress from you guys at the moment! and it’s no coincidence that those hitting the biggest numbers are the members attending more regularly! We have some big competitions and events coming up, so to make sure your hitting top form leading into them, get your ass to the box! Exciting times ahead!



He hasn’t asked us to put this on here but thought it only right we shared it with you all. If you don’t know¬†Joe¬†is having a bit of a¬†quest for Sport Relief, Him and his team are¬†attempting to cycle and row around the UK this Friday. An incredible feat i’m sure you’ll agree. Show him some love and get a donation his way, to an amazing effort and a very worthy cause. Lets hope all those hours of Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity at the Box will aid him in his and his team’s quest, sure he’ll smash it as he always does.¬†Not bad for a guy in his 50’s?! Still having made arrangements to get 12.5 done before the epic venture starts. Top man give a good donation his way he’ll earn every penny for charity. Well done Joe

OPEN WOD 12.5 CAN BE COMPLETED 7-8 TOMORROW OR AT OPEN GYM FRIDAY, OR ON SATURDAY WHERE THE GYM WILL BE OPEN 11-1pm. Whatever it may be? only a few hours until we know???





Overhead Squats


For Time

Post times to comments;


Front Squat
3 x 5


3 Rounds
5 Overhead Squat
8 Burpee Toes2Bar
Run 400m

For time

Remember to get yourselves signed up for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 here by tomorrow night as all entries must be registered before the Open Begins on Weds 22nd. And we will be holding the Open WODs here on Fridays @ 6.00pm get down get involved come and support our athletes.

Where else can you register and take part in a competition to find the Fittest people on Earth? The competition begins here! Do it..What are you afraid of??!



Today’s burpees and wall balls

Coach carter getting his new CelticCrossFit by Belief, Skin out. Guaranteed to improve your performance- in stock at the box now!!

Back squat
4 x 6

5 min AMRAP
5 front squat
5 overhead squat

5 rounds for time
10 wallballs
10 burpees

Post loads and rounds/times to comments;

A great bouncing box this evening in the run up to the SICFIT LondonThrowdown. 11-12/02/12 with our team and individuals throwing down and many hitting the road to support, are you in?? ROAD TRIP!!!

Oh and any ideas who left their stuff out after WOD class 1 starts with G and rhymes with Eeves?!! I smell a ROW on the horizon!!!


Richard Parks 737
Tonight Richard Parks payed us a visit @CelticCrossFit to receive the £500 cheque from the fundraising 737 Welsh CrossFit Challenge. A great amount raised by the Welsh CrossFit community and fantastic effort by all of our athletes who took part and helped the event to run smoothly. Helping a great cause in Marie Curie Cancer care thanks to Richard for popping in to see us, and a huge thank you to everyone involved in the great day. Who knows we may even see him back with us at the box for a WOD or two. But THANK YOU ALL

establish 1RM
Overhead squat
Power Clean
Bench Press

2) 2 min AMRAP on each
Kb swings
Hand release press ups
Sit ups

3) Finisher
400m sprint for time



Continuing with the charity theme ‘Movember’ the month formerly known as November is upon us and loads of men sporting odd facial hair pop up, we @CelticCrossFit will be doing our part, a link will follow shortly, are you in??Sign up on the board then on our dedicated Movember group. All coaches and some athletes have already showed an interest.

Post loads, reps and times to