4.6.16 #SaturdaySweatfest

Our next On Ramp – Introduction to CrossFit starts Tuesday 7.30pm
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Today had the usual mixed bag of fun including Celtic Bootcamp, Saturday Sweatfest CrossFit and Celtic Weightlifting Club

HUGE mention for Jen who has been working diligently and consistently at Celtic Weightlifting Club- hitting a huge 50kg Clean and Jerk PR this am



10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Deadlift: 1 1/2 body weight

Bench press: body weight

Clean: 3/4 body weight

Sunday Open gym 9.30-11.30 Tomorrow



Huge respect and well done to #CelticWarrior Ben Black who walked 100km with friend Charlie to raise Funds for Blind Veterans UK – A military charity that supports visually impaired veterans. You can support Ben’s with good friend Charlie’s efforts via the link Ben Black 100km charity walk Link. A genuinely lovely bloke doing good thins to help others. Top man. We hope all your hard work at the box helped to get you from start to finish.  


A) 1RM Back Squat

B) 21-15-9 Pull-ups

42-30-18 Goblet Squats


  What another awesome Monday for the Celtic Warriors- PR City once again with plenty to mention. Apologies if there’s anyone I’ve missed out post them to comments if we have

With our recent short stint of Wendler 5-3-1  proving very positive accross tonight’s numbers.

PR club tonight;

Ryan at a lighter bodyweight 2 weeks into PALEO, little Rob, Kathleen, young warrior Max again surpassing father Box Head.

Kev and Fran also joining PR Club.

Tracy and Erika getting in on the action with comfortable lifts.

Will and Matty also – with a spell of lightheadedness for 1 Direction fan Matt.

Vicky and Maria continuing on the PR trail with yet more bests.

Lee Bradley, Stu, Morgan, Saad getting in on the fun. A +15kg PR for James also for Chris. Rhys Liam and Sam showing their strength levels are jumping up along with their engines.

The 7pm ladies winning the mental battle over the Barbell with Yet more PRs for Laura with the fastest max Squat of the day. Hannah Abi and Claudia getting through mental battles to show their new bests. And Young Katie Doff yet again smashing her way to the most leisurely max of the day.



Warrior Wednesday WOD   

     A) HSPU / HS Walk

B) teams of 3 (25 min cap) 

50 sandbag / empty barbell bear complex (1 team member held off floor)

75 HSPU/ strict press, partner holds plank 

200 double unders partner holds handstand/ front support 

200m sand bag relay 

(Score = amount of distance covered on time cap) 

Each time you switch partners or break x 4 synchronised burpees

Another amazing night of Celtic Warrior AWESOMENESS in Wariir Wednesday, gymnastic skills progressing accross the box nicely. With continued upside down work today. 

Biggest mentions deserved for Becky and Zoe both overcoming their fears to learn a new skill. Becks on Video but Zoe a tad camera shy.

Nat Arlett, Stewart and young Josh for nailing their headstands.

Matty, Vicky, Kelly Aherne/Foucher, Liam and Hannah (have said it before and will say it again- this couple have skills!) on huge strides literally on handstand walks.

Kira, Claudia and Vicky Barry for DU progress.

Also another BIG hand(stand) to Mr and Mrs Geeves for – Mr his best teapot stance see action pic above and Bridie for awesome support getting Becky past her fear of handstands to mastering them tonight.


Paleo June – Beach Body Challenge?

We will be starting a new 30 Day Primal food challenge starting 1st of June.

The purpose being to visit for the 1st time or for many to re-visit some stricter but simple to follow guidelines with a conscious effort for 1 Month as a community, adding a little bit of fun competition and support for everyone taking part.

if eating in this way is something totally new it will help to be doing it with others. If your eating habits could be tightened up a touch. This challenge can get you looking great and feeling great ready for the Summer.

what will make it even easier is there is a ready to use- simple App to keep Track and join the

download the App

Paleo Challenge App available on iPhone and Android

select Join Challenge on the Home Screen;

Celtic CrossFit Paleo Challenge 2015

and join.

With easy to follow categories of food and even the option to buy 7day (£1.99) or 30 day (£3.99) meal plans that fit with the challenge.

Who doesn’t want to look, feel and perform better in just 30 Days?


A) Back Squat



 30 Front Squat

30 Wallball

Run 1 Mile 

For Time

More notable efforts at the box

A good turn out at Dawn Patrol 

Then, Laura and Kathleen fresh off on ramp racking up big numbers in their squat, Becky Hughes working hard to improve her squat form.

Steph conquering her hatred of running to manage the full mile and come in within the time cap.

Max and Joe Doff picking up the quickest times on the WOD both sub 10mins.

Good job 

***Competition Winners***

Congratulations to our first Facebook competition winners;

Natasha Liddle – Winner of a Free spot in our June ON RAMP starting Tuesday at 8pm 


Vicky Smith who wins a months Free Unlimited Membership.

Well done ladies


another Great weekend of regional action in the books and another group of athletes make it to the Games in Carson for 2015 to find the fittest on earth.


A) Deload Week #2

Bench Press

B) 3 Rounds for Time

run 800m

21 Burpees

run 800m

21 Burpees

run 800m

21 Burpees

 Great to welcome Celtic Warrior Angharad Jones back from London. Always a warm welcome to our #celticwarriors past and present to the box. Great to have you Angharad hopefully catch up with more familiar faces over the week. 




Good Fun in the Sun this Bank holiday Monday for some Suns out guns out action.

Well done to all, and a mention to Saad who grinded through and managed to get the job done with a smile on his face.

Normal Timetable resumes tomorrow- finish the month off strong. 



Busy Celtic Bootcamp this morning for an early Saturday morning blast to get the weekend going.

Followed by our Saturday morning SweatFest CrossFit class.

A) Max load Overhead Lunge
x 2 Widths

B) Partner WOD
50 Burpee Box Jump
75 KB Swing
100 pull-ups
200 Double Unders
100 Goblet squat
75 Deadlift

Training Diaries

If you do want a Celtic CrossFit training diary @only £10 please get your name on the sign up board in order for us to place our next order- be warned the last batch sold out in under a week


New CrossFit Video by Reebok- The Sport of Fitness has arrived.

8 min AMRAP
7 back squats 100/70
7 chest 2 bar pull ups

10x 200m run 90s rest

Post rounds and times to comments;


Great to see so many new faces at the box for their FUNdamental session! Great work guys excellent start a couple more sessions only 1 for some of you and you’re into main classes, there we can adapt the sessions for your level of Crossfit experience and you will see the amazing results come your way! Good stuff. A slight alteration to FUNDAMENTAL timetable as of next week (keep your eyes on the website- I think Coach Carter did mention it to the guys at tonight’s session?)


Back Squat 2/1 rep max


5 Rounds for time
5 Sandbag Burpee Box Jumps
Run 600m
For time

Sorry no photos tonight guys was too excited, 1st night back at the box on my stix post op!

Post loads and times to comments;