19.8.15 #skillsandsweatsfortwo

#warriorwednesday at Celtic CrossFit saw our warriors tackle some skills and put them to the test in a pair of lovely couplets in pairs, a great way to highlight any movement limitations and help to build more efficient movement patterns. With great progress displayed again across the skills across our Celtic Warriors at the box.




A) Skills

B) 21-15-9



C) 20 OTM

Odd 40 Double Unders

Evens 12 Burpees

Some mentions for the day-

Firstly a belated happy Birthday to the quietly always improving Claudia Alonzi-Lewis who managed to sneak in and out under radar before we knew it was her Birthday saving her and the class any Birthday Burpees. And her Bitthday present from Celtic CrossFit, her first pistols! Boom! 

Same for Steph also getting her first pistols tonight, comfortably and just before she heads off on Holiday. With other half Luke possibly getting his final WOD tonight before he relocates to Essex for a new job- so we wish him all the best in his pastures new.

Good luck to Katie Doff collecting her Exam results tomorrow.

Top Work again tonight for the always impressive Sam and Liam absolutely destroying the OTMs tonight. 

Best DUs shown by Jo also completing all sets of double unders with ease.

Ben Black with consistently the quickest DUs across the whole workout. 

And James for perseverance whilst his DUs deserted him mid WOD only to regain his composure and finish in style.

Well done all on another awesome #WarriorWednesday


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