18.8.15 #pulluppulluppullup

With the amazing progress of late continuing with our awesome #celticwarriors the pull-up efforts today were no different demonstrating the continued improvement across many movements. Followed by tasty little weightlifting and gymnastic mash up of the 5-10-15 rep scheme 


A) 3 x max Pull-up 

B) 15min AMRAP

5 Box Jump

10 Push Press

15 KBS 

Run 150m

Rest 30sec

A warm DP welcome this morning to some more August On Rampers Jess and Jackie,  throwing themselves into the pre breakfast fun. Great way to start the day ladies!

The awesomeness continued this evening- with some very busy classes and the typical awesome atmosphere.

Shout out to Steph-Her first time RX’ing a wod combined with excellent tekkers on the push press. Great community spirit all round tonight with plenty of support from everyone on a tough wod. 

Another mention yet again for the always improving Rhys with 31 unbroken pull-ups. Another Celtic Warrior who just keeps getting better.

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