Press 5 sets x 3 Reps

3 x max ring rows



Fair play to Bubba and Phil who made this evenings WOD after a relaxing weekend on Coach Sanky’s stag, a relaxing weekend of RnR! Sweating pure alcohol this evening. Apparently Box Head was there too but must have left before the picture for another early night!!!



Great night at the box this evening. With a huge number of PR’s recorded in the ‘CrossFit Total’ and this years dedication so far paying dividends.


Dave who along with Burkey pulled 220kg in the Deadlift. Well done boys!

‘CrossFit Total’
1 Rep max
Back squat

Post loads to comments;

Big mention to Bully who has been literally working his ass off, having lost 1.5 Stone since joining us 5 weeks ago! Well done pal keep up the good work.




A little sign of appreciation we received from our friends/Crossfit community this evening along with some gifts. All very humbling and very much appreciated.

Celtic CrossFit is not about us as coaches it is about you guys, you make it what it is and that is special.

We have loved our 1st year running our affiliate growing our community helping you and us get better at life. We know you hate us sometimes, but we as coaches have stood back of late and taken stock of where you guys are compared to where you came from before CrossFit. WOW what a difference, testament to your effort, hard work and perseverance towards improvement. And what an improvement!

THANK YOU!! BRING ON 2012 (after I finish my gifts off!)

5×2 Back Squat

The Bear Complex (Old School CrossFit Video demo below)

7 cycles of
Power clean
Front squat
Push Press
Back squat
Rack jerk

5 rounds (rest as needed between rounds)

Post max weight used to comments;

WOD 22.8.11

Monday; and a bit of a heads up, for this week and some of next we will be hitting some max lifts at the start of our sessions. This will be followed by the WOD in order to set records for you guys. This short strength focus all in order to improve your training and to allow efficient scaling of workouts to each and every one of you. This will also help you keep track on the strength side of things. Maximising your progress and results from your training at CelticCrossFit. These will be visible on the strength board for you to keep a track of.

So come ready to bring it from the start hit some good lifting then shorter intense WOD’s hard.


Establish a 1RM Press


3 rounds of Barbara
20 pull ups
30 Press ups
40 sit ups
50 squats
Rest 2 mins


Post load and times to comments;