Competition Season starts off with a BANG!
An amazing turn out for all of tonight’s classes! Great to see some members returning from prolonged work commitments or a break for the Christmas period.


January sees the start of a very busy competition season for us at Celtic Crossfit!
– Icon Nutrition Online Championships start this Friday, if your yet to sign up get involved ASAP
– February welcomes the Welsh Mens Throwdown at Crossfit Pen Y Bont. We have 5 spaces available to represent Celtic Crossfit in this event, that follows on from the success of the women’s competition last year in which our Warriorettes were amazing!

– February/ March are also the dates for the Crossfit Open and more importantly for you, our members, the return of The Affiliate Cup!
Now is the time to set your training, health and fitness goals! focus your training and step up, be bold and test yourself against the best there is!
A) OTMEM 12 mins
Even mins – 5 Power cleans
Odd mins – 3 Push press
B) 21-15-9
Kb Swing & Burpees with a 400m run at the end of each round



Celtic Crossfit Qualifying WOD 3

We come to the third of our qualifying workouts for our 2012 DWF Team. Tonight… An AMRAP including an Olympic lift, a strength based gymnastic movement and a sprint! Altogether resulting in another horrible concoction!

Coach Reevesy Warming up our first set of athletes…

12 min AMRAP
6 Squat Snatch (50/35kg)
6 Chest to bar pull ups
200m Run

Big Dave hates a snatch, but showed true grit and determination to power through to an impressive score tonight

Mini Meatball AKA Liv demonstrating amazing tekkers in every one of her lifts!

Heat 4 of 5 smashing the C2b pull ups
Remember to post rounds in comments…


some PALEO love from the gremlin

A good link shared on comments by the gremlin, which while you find your feet will make your 4 weeks a bit more tasty judging by the amount of plain chicken being eaten at the moment?!

Remember share the love for all things PALEO on here in comments along with your points. Here’s the link spelling mistakes I know are never in here so in the following comment they are courtesy of the gremlin not CelticCrossFit;

guy there are some really nice recipies on the again faster website. i made the paleo smokey bacon chilli last week and it was really nice, there is also a really nice sweet mash and sausage breakfast pattie that looks nice. check it out



5 back squats
5 chest 2 bar pull-ups

2) 3 x 800m run

Post wod scores and paleo scores to comments by 4pm Tommorrow and remember guys to get some fibrous carbohydrates into you to refuel the machine Post WOD. Up to one hour post wod when your body will absorb them best (sweet potatoes, bananas or other things on the post WOD list) it is crucial to help aid recovery and replenish energy stores before you hit it again. If you don’t you won’t be able to work as hard at the box, which is what you guys love to do!


Some great things happened during this weekends regionals check out the WEEK 3 REGIONAL UPDATE BELOW;

Run 400m:90sec rest
X 8


15 Press ups
15 ring rows
15 Toes2bar

Post times and rounds to comments;


Non CrossFit Video

Watch this crazy welsh rugby fan….But don’t if you are offended by swearing!

Brilliant………Anyone know who Faro is?? (Makes a bit more sense if you can speak Welsh but funny non the less)

Anyway back to the box.


Muscle up practice


5 Rounds

50 Double Unders

Run 400m

For Time

Post rounds to comments;



IT’S HERE!! some of our athletes threw down and completed WOD 12.1 From the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 as they are unable to make tomorrows scheduled 6pm slot for the Open WOD straight after Open Gym. Excellent effort by all involved with Relish, Daz, Phil and Kirsten who are entered in the Open hitting 12.1 Tonight. They are already loving the extra push the Open WOD gave them this evening. Big mention to Phil who got to 104 and is currently 53rd in Europe.

Bigger mention to Kirsten who ‘Loves’ Burpees who got to 111 and on current scores would put her at #1 in Europe, early days with the WOD posted at 1.00am today but WOW!!!

Big thanks to all those who watched cheered, screamed the guys on today.

Join the Fun still time to get registered if you haven’t yet. Get down to open gym tomorrow raise the noise and push your fellow CelticCrossFit athletes further as they take part in the competition to find the fittest Man, Woman and Team on the Planet.


Press 3 x 6



10 Power Snatch

10 Pull ups

Run 100m

Some of the boys post 12.1!


Post times and loads to comments;


Front Squat
3 x 5


3 Rounds
5 Overhead Squat
8 Burpee Toes2Bar
Run 400m

For time

Remember to get yourselves signed up for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 here by tomorrow night as all entries must be registered before the Open Begins on Weds 22nd. And we will be holding the Open WODs here on Fridays @ 6.00pm get down get involved come and support our athletes.

Where else can you register and take part in a competition to find the Fittest people on Earth? The competition begins here! Do it..What are you afraid of??!



Different night at the box for some time trials;

Within the hour establish a time for each of the following;

1.3km run
250 du’s
50 burpees
100 ab mat sit ups
1000m row

Post times to comments;

Remember to get yourselves registered following the link below for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012< where as last year 5 WODs will be posted 1 each week starting 22.2.12 to find the qualifiers for Regionals. We will be running the OPEN WODS at the box. Get involved officially.

All of you get signed up and put your skills and work capacities to the test, measure yourself against the Crossfit World. “what have you got to be scared of?” hopefully we get another good showing and our team goes one step further?!? That could be anyone of you who register!


Remember no open gym this Friday or class Saturday morning as Team CelticCrossFit is representing in the SICFIT London Throwdown at Brunel Athletics centre.

Paolo and Sarah having done really well to come in the top 60 from hundreds of entrants from all over Europe to qualify for the individual competition. Our team of 5 other athletes challenging in the team competition. Some are hitting the road to support/enjoy the weekend! Good Luck all involved- Do us proud!




8×3 Front squat

‘Celtic Running Randy’
75 snatch for time

Twist-every time the bar is set down to rest run 100m. PLUS SOME FUN -some bars may be removed- if there is no bar for you to snatch do burpees till one becomes available.

Wod with a twist this evening, post times/reps to comments;