Congratulations Coach Simone!!!

Defending Welsh and British Champion, Coach Simone entered her second Welsh Powerlifting Championship yesterday and once again surpassed even her own very high expectations with her performance.
Leading up to the competition, Simone was struggling with a shoulder injury, that has really hindered her preparation in all three lifts, but particularly her bench press. Despite this, Coach Sim prevailed! With her positive, resilient and never say die attitude that optimises the toughest Celtic Warrior, Coach Simone Not only retained her title and qualified for the British Championship with ease!!! But in the process broke her own Welsh, British and European Records in 2 of the 3 lifts.
Coach Simone’s total was also a British record even though she chose to only perform one comfortable lift on the bench press to manage her injury!



We are all sooooo proud of her! The entire Celtic community have sent messages of support and congratulations and will be fully supporting her preparations for further achievements, maybe even World records at the upcoming British Championships! She continues to inspire our Celtic warriors and Warriorettes in her coaching, performance and probably most importantly her warm caring nature!
It doesn’t go unnoticed!!


Well Done Coach Simone!

Tonight’s Classes
A) Build up to a Heavy 2 rep Touch and go Snatch
B) 21 Power Snatch, burpees, Pull Ups
15 Overhead Squats, burpees, Pull Ups
9 Full Snatch, burpees, Pull Ups
(10 min Cap)


Congratulations to Matty, hitting a new PB of a 60kg snatch not just for 1 rep but almost for 2 T&G reps!

February On Ramp
We still have some spaces on our February On Ramp course


For further info. Contact us at celticcrossfit@hotmail.co.uk or on Facebook, or tweet us @celticcrossfit



Welcome Back “Geezer”

Great to see yet another familiar face rejoining us at Celtic Crossfit! You have been missed Crispy!

2015 Goals
Another Busy night at the box, with our athletes really showing the drive and determination it’s going to take to reach their Personal Strength, health and fitness Goals set for 2015. The Goals board will soon be added to the box, with 3 month, 6 month and 12 month targets to be set! Let’s start raising our aspirations and not settle for just getting fitter, let’s be the fittest, fastest and strongest we can be!

A) Coach Sim’s Special Warm Up

B) 3×10 Front Squat


C) 90sec on 90sec off
4 Thrusters (50/30kg)
8 Pull ups




WELCOME to our January On Rampers
A fab first session from the newest members of our community, a great bunch of people who will fit into our Crossfit family nicely! no doubt there will be a few sore legs tomorrow! Make sure you get some active recovery in, so your raring to go again in Session 2 on Thursday!

A change to Warrior Wednesday

In preparation for the 2015 Open and Affiliate Cup we are changing Warrior Wednesdays to …….
“Open WOD Wednesdays” for the next few weeks. In these sessions we will be re visiting some of the most gruelling Open qualifying Workouts from the last few years, looking at tactics and how best to approach them if something similar presents itself this coming February!
As always there will be varying levels of the workout, scaled to suit every individual athlete!
The first one starts tomorrow….
Look forward to seeing you all there!!


The Countdown is on…
In just a few hours the first workout will be released for the 2014 Crossfit Open! But more importantly for our Celtic Warriors, it also means the announcement of the first workout of our Celtic Affiliate Cup Competition!
Computerised scoring and league tables have been created and the weekly athlete score board has been added to the white board!


All the remains now is to sit back, enjoy and embrace whatever is thrown at us!

Continuation of our open prep…
A) Strict Press
B) Helen
3 Rounds – 400m run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups



Membership Announcement
We are piloting a new membership system from March, it will require ALLour members to go to the following address.. Www.celticcrossfit.frontdeskhq.com and create an account. You will also need to fill in the information required and sign the online waiver! This system will hopefully make things easier for you as members and us as coaches moving forward! Thanks for taking the time to do this!


Back Squat 5×2 reps

Max reps Chest to Bar Pull ups x3

Wall Balls –
20, 18, 16, 14 … 2
Double unders –
10, 20 … 50, 50, 40, 30 .. 10

14 min time cap



4×3 Touch and go Squat cleans (60 sec rest)
4×3 Push Jerk (60 sec rest)

10 min AMRAP –
5 Overhead Squats (50/35kg)
10 Pull ups
20 Double unders

Busy night at the box tonight, with some impressive weights being thrown about and a few more PB’s to add to the almost full PB board this month! Really seeing some huge progress from you guys at the moment! and it’s no coincidence that those hitting the biggest numbers are the members attending more regularly! We have some big competitions and events coming up, so to make sure your hitting top form leading into them, get your ass to the box! Exciting times ahead!


Ross on top of a very good box jump

Kiwi Suze smiling her way to a 1RM thruster.

Phil couldn’t quite lock out his thruster attempt



3 Thrusters
6 pull ups
9 Jumping squats
1 Min rest
X 6

Post loads and rounds to comments;


3 min AMRAP rope climb

Bubba, Sarah and Dave on their way up

Rhys and Daz too


cindy was a nice girl
10 min AMRAP
50 kb swing buy in
Then in the remaining time
5 Chest to bar pull ups
10 HOG press ups
15 Front squats

Jonesy dedicating some time to MOBILITY!

Post rounds to comments;


London Throwdown


100 Double unders
30 K2E to pull-ups
30 Hang snatch 35/25kg
100 Double unders

For time

Movement Standards

Double unders:
Any rope may be used.
Rope must pass under the feet twice.
Only complete reps to be counted, not attempts.

K2E to Pull-ups:
Start at a full hang from thee bar.
Knee’s must make contact with the elbows simultaneously.
Athlete must then return to a fully locked out position at the elbow hip and knee (can pass through during a kip).
Chin must then pass above the horizontal plane of the bar.
If an athlete completes a K2E but ‘misses’ the pullup they do not have to do the K2E again, they may do one pullup to complete the rep.
One rep = one K2E + one pull-up

Bar starts from the hang.
The bar must halt between the knee and hip before starting the first rep and on redrafts of broken sets.
The bar may be caught above a squat a ridden down until the hip crease passes below the knee.
Passes through a full squat (crease of hip below knee) with the bar locked out overhead.
Bar must be moved stood to a position locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended with feet inside shoulders and head neutral.

It’s been a tough but awesome week at the box with a great buzz about the Throwdown WODs. We as coaches have really enjoyed them in our classes and personally as WODs with some very impressive scores to date. Hit up any you missed at open gym tomorrow or in Saturday mornings class 11-12. Love CrossFit Love the competition against others. Keep a look out for the next competition and hopefully a ROAD TRIP in mid February to the London Throwdown with individuals and a team?!

Post thoughts and times to comments;


Qualifying Workout 1:

Complete in any order or breakdown…

75 Thrusters 35/25kg

75 Burpee bar hop-overs

75 Pull-ups

Movement Standards


  • Bar must start on the ground.
  • First rep can be squat cleaned.
  • Hip crease below knee. No ‘guides’ i.e med balls to confirm ROM.
  • Bar must finish locked out overhead, with hip and knee extended, head neutral.

Burpee bar hop-overs:

  • Movement starts parallel to the bar.
  • Chest and thigh to the ground.
  • Both feet leave the ground together and land on the opposite side of the bar together.


  • Arms start fully locked out.
  • Chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.


Post times to comments;