Front Squat
3 x 5


3 Rounds
5 Overhead Squat
8 Burpee Toes2Bar
Run 400m

For time

Remember to get yourselves signed up for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 here by tomorrow night as all entries must be registered before the Open Begins on Weds 22nd. And we will be holding the Open WODs here on Fridays @ 6.00pm get down get involved come and support our athletes.

Where else can you register and take part in a competition to find the Fittest people on Earth? The competition begins here! Do it..What are you afraid of??!



Hang Tough Warm up

10 min AMRAP

5 Overhead Squats
1 Rope Climb

The ‘Relish’


Row 1km

For time

Coach Carter and his Pink Ladies

Post rounds and times to comments;



Dave and Natalie Lifting like Sumos

Sumo Deadlift
4 x 6

10min AMRAP
(or as far as possible in the time)
100 Power Snatch
1 Burpee min 1
2 Burpee min 2
3 Burpee min 3
Etc etc ….up to 9 in min 9

Big mention to Bubba who nailed the WOD in the 10min window despite feeling under the weather..Good shift pal!

Post loads and scores to comments;


Back Squat



A CrossFit Girl for the board of fame

100 pullups
100 press ups
100 air squats
100 sit ups
For time

Great effort tonight at the box after the weekend Throwdown

Oh and who owes me some Rowing



Post guilty names and times to comments;

SICFIT London Throwdown

Well an ‘Interesting’weekend at the Throwdown.

Paolo getting stuck into the 3min Deadlift/2minDouble unders of the individual men’s competition WOD #3 this morning

Sarah Giving a good account for herself in the Ladies 3min Deadlift/2minDouble unders WOD#3 in the Ladies Competition- making the video highlights on Sicfit.com


The ‘Circle of Fun CrossFit’ Team CelticCrossFit ready to rock for WOD#3

‘Now it’s a WOD’ tops off following 5 mins of Grind for Deadlift/Double Unders WOD#3. Which ended up being the final WOD for our team, despite finishing in the top20. Then being told we hadn’t made the cut. Only for the table and scores to be altered a second time to put us at 19th place and into the mix for the team FRAN?!

Only having been told we were out half the team were away down the M4 on our way home!! Dissapointing is putting it mildly at the counting COCKUP.

A Good Learning Curve for all involved however we are all immensely proud of those who took part and hit the road to support/enjoy the occasion! Top marks to Geeves and Reevesy- You know why!!

Well done Sarah who placed 30th in the Ladies Individual, just missing the cut and her favourite WOD ‘FRAN’

Paolo who placed 44th after some re-calculations in the men’s Individual Both in their 1st full competition.

And Team CelticCrossFit- Coaches Sanky and Carters, Natalie, Kirsten and ‘Pistol’ Pete of Boatshed CrossFit who joined the best dressed Team for the Throwdown. Finishing 19th before WOD #4 but the counting cock up meaning no team FRAN.

Well done all- Follow their lead and all get yourselves registered for the CrossFit Open 2012 and the road to the games, measure yourselves against the CrossFit World


SICFIT London Throwdown



Great day 1 @SICFIT London Throwdown With Paolo and Sarah giving good accounts in the Individual competition. With team CelticCrossFit in 6th place following WOD 1 and just smashed into WOD 2 so we will see where we stand going into day 2?

Great effort by all post WOD recovery food and beverages on the cards.



Different night at the box for some time trials;

Within the hour establish a time for each of the following;

1.3km run
250 du’s
50 burpees
100 ab mat sit ups
1000m row

Post times to comments;

Remember to get yourselves registered following the link below for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012< where as last year 5 WODs will be posted 1 each week starting 22.2.12 to find the qualifiers for Regionals. We will be running the OPEN WODS at the box. Get involved officially.

All of you get signed up and put your skills and work capacities to the test, measure yourself against the Crossfit World. “what have you got to be scared of?” hopefully we get another good showing and our team goes one step further?!? That could be anyone of you who register!


Remember no open gym this Friday or class Saturday morning as Team CelticCrossFit is representing in the SICFIT London Throwdown at Brunel Athletics centre.

Paolo and Sarah having done really well to come in the top 60 from hundreds of entrants from all over Europe to qualify for the individual competition. Our team of 5 other athletes challenging in the team competition. Some are hitting the road to support/enjoy the weekend! Good Luck all involved- Do us proud!