Front Squat
3 x 5


3 Rounds
5 Overhead Squat
8 Burpee Toes2Bar
Run 400m

For time

Remember to get yourselves signed up for the Reebok CrossFit Open 2012 here by tomorrow night as all entries must be registered before the Open Begins on Weds 22nd. And we will be holding the Open WODs here on Fridays @ 6.00pm get down get involved come and support our athletes.

Where else can you register and take part in a competition to find the Fittest people on Earth? The competition begins here! Do it..What are you afraid of??!


6 thoughts on “21.9.12

  1. 90kg front squat, needs work!!

    WOD 7.35

    Need to listen better, ran 600m for 1st round! Doh! All in the bank!

  2. Felt good to be back and to see some old familiar faces.

    Front squat 60kg for 3 sets

    WOD (scaled) 10:30

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