well what a weekend (more almost a week) of competition that was with the most Gruelling and Impressive display of human physical capacity. With the Elite of CrossFit showing an amount of work and performance way above what would have ever thought to be possible in any test of Fitness. Finding 2 new champions and the Fittest on Earth and a whole load of excitement along the way with the champion not crowned until the end of the final WOD and an exciting finale. Just Awesome.


Today saw the start of ‘Games Week’ @celticcrossfit where you our Celtic Warriors will get the opportunity to tackle some of the WODs seen over the last week and a fun test of your own Fitness .


First test for our CelticWarriors saw our athletes tackle the barbell challenge

‘Hero WOD’ DT


5 Rounds

12 Deadlift

9 Hang Power clean

6 Push Jerk

Top of the box tonight for this hero, Big Gav just ahead of Drewy for this on the 1st day of games week. Plenty more fun to be had.

Which games WOD will be next?



Warrior Wednesday 

   A great night, at the box! We had some skills practices followed by the very tough, #2 Icon Nutrition online qualifying workout, that tested our athletes physical and mental toughness and highlighted the importance of tactics and strategy in competitive workouts. 
It was amazing to see so many people progressing to the next level during the WOD, Ben Black in particular, surprising himself by pushing himself to use 32kg and 30 inch box to RX comfortably! 
Also big shout outs to some of our ladies, that continue to make amazing progress with their skills! Nat Arlett, Tracy and Lorna Doff, are starting to really master their freestanding head and hand stand movements. Hannah Keating has made huge strides, linking her kipping pull ups together more efficiently! And Bridie Griffiths, working incredibly hard on building a base of strength in order to master her pull ups! 


In Pairs 

50, 40, 30, 40, 50 

Box jumps & Russian KB Swings

In the WOD we saw Sam and Liam with 11:12 the fastest time of the night and Abi and Hannah bring roared on by a crowd of class 3 that stayed to support! This evidently paid off with the girls achieving an awesome 14.41! 

Ps. It’s nice to see that some of you pay attention to our posts! Thank you to Sarah, that didn’t look silly at all modelling her shin pads for the box jumps this evening! You are a star! 

Bring on a WOD 3!!! 


Good way to finish off the week


   A) 5 ME Ring Press Up

5 Sets 10 Step ups

3 Sets max Kb Row

B) 15-12-9-6-3



***Yet more Perpetual Progress accross the box ***

Well done to Steph and Kelly on mastering ring press ups- then surpassing their expectations by smashing out 5 rounds of them.

Great work by Sam, Saad and Morgan for taking max effort to another level.

Zoe England getting her first set of strict gymnastic position press ups.

Erika getting her first toes to bar, then linking 4 together.

Then Morgan again and Abby for determination and perseverance to finish the workout under the time cap- with fantastic support and encouragement from their fellow warriors.

Now Relax enjoy your Friday evening and recover ready for our ever popular  Saturday Bootcamp@9am and Saturday SweatFest @10am




A) 10 RM Push Press

2 x 90% max reps


200m run

12 DB Snatch

7 T2B

12 HOG Press up

Lovely bit of GPP today at the box. Good to make the most of the weather following the last couple of days downpours. Has the summer fun just begun? Just in time for our June Beach Bodies.


Well done to our June ON RAMP GANG on their route to #liftingweightlookinggreat session 1 done. 3 to go in your journey to being Celtic Warriors


First Day of the 2015 Celtic CrossFit – Paleo – Beach Body challenge

Not too late to get registered…just download the User Friendly App and register for $9.99 in our challenge and start using the easy to follow guidelines and scoring system. Become accountable to yourself, officially recording how you’re doing with your eating.

Including a points system for different foods, tracking systems, private before and after pics and measurements for you to see the change over just 1 month. With the option to buy weekly meal plans or even a 30 day meal plan for ideas to help keep you on track and your taste buds interested.

Previous challenges have seen big changes to many, transforming eating habits and performance forever after.

Remember it is not only a challenge against others but a system to help you along the way and keep track of progress with your fellow #CelticWarriors. Making the habit changes a much easier thing to do in good company with help and support than by yourself.

30 days to looking better, feeling better and performing better. Are you ready?

Beach Body Pre Test


A) Power Clean 1RM

B) ‘Jackie’

Row 1000m

50 Thrusters

30 Pull-ups

For Time

C) 2 Min MAX Burpees

Another AWESOME Monday at the box- 

Too many PRs to mention and some great targets to aim for after a month of clean eating. 

Big lifts by little Rob, Lorna,Kate, Lee, Fern, Bull, Mike, Maria, Vix, will, James, Rich, Parky, Rhys, Sam,Liam, Ben to mention just a few. 

With many more good scores on Jackie and some good numbers on the Burpee test.

Great grit and determination showed by all in a busy bustling record beating box!

AWESOME JOB #celticwarriors


Are you signed up yet? Sign up means valuable extra points for the accompanying Celtic Affiliate Cup too…




A) 2RM Banded DL

Odd 7 Deadlift
Evens 50 Double Under

C) 3 Rounds
20 KBS
30 Sit ups



Great effort all around for ICON OC WOD #3

A good late shift put in by some of the #warriorettes who
were last up tonight and some top performances at the box again. Kelly even tidying up after Coach Reeves-
Social organiser come top community member, even looking after the coaches.

9.00-10.00am Celtic Bootcamp
10.00-11.00am Saturday SweatFest CrossFit Class.


Competition Season starts off with a BANG!
An amazing turn out for all of tonight’s classes! Great to see some members returning from prolonged work commitments or a break for the Christmas period.


January sees the start of a very busy competition season for us at Celtic Crossfit!
– Icon Nutrition Online Championships start this Friday, if your yet to sign up get involved ASAP
– February welcomes the Welsh Mens Throwdown at Crossfit Pen Y Bont. We have 5 spaces available to represent Celtic Crossfit in this event, that follows on from the success of the women’s competition last year in which our Warriorettes were amazing!

– February/ March are also the dates for the Crossfit Open and more importantly for you, our members, the return of The Affiliate Cup!
Now is the time to set your training, health and fitness goals! focus your training and step up, be bold and test yourself against the best there is!
A) OTMEM 12 mins
Even mins – 5 Power cleans
Odd mins – 3 Push press
B) 21-15-9
Kb Swing & Burpees with a 400m run at the end of each round


Weekend Warriors Smash a partner Saturday Sweat fest!



Another amazing Saturday session guys! Font forget to keep an eye on our website for new classes and new developments @ Celtic Crossfit in the near future!