Affiliate Cup, The Final week 

As we enter the last week of the Crossfit Open and more importantly the last week of the affiliate cup, the race is hotting up for the top team position! And the award of our Huge Prize Hamper! (We will be announcing full contents later this week) 

There are only a few “regularly seen movements” and one workout format that we suspect may pop up… We are yet to see the dreaded Thruster, or box jumps, or last years surprise package, The Row! Not to mention everyone’s favourite BURPEES! And We are all expecting a Chipper.. But with the introduction of the scaled division this year allowing more complex, high skilled movements and increased weights do we really know what DC has up his sleeve? 

One thing we can count on, is that this Friday @ Celtic Crossfit, the box will be bouncing for the final workout! Everyone giving their all to gain those precious extra points to push their team into the lead! This is hopefully going to be followed by a post Open Party this weekend!!! You have all worked extremely hard, throughout the five weeks! Let’s make this last workout the best yet!! And celebrate in style afterwards!! 

March Member Of The Month


 Introduced to Crossfit around 2 years ago by some of our Master athletes, Matt has adopted the same attitude to Crossfit as he takes on the rugby field most Saturdays, for his beloved Caldicot.  Most of the Celtic Crossfit coaches know what it means to be in a committed rugby team and it’s great to see Matt bring that commitment, attitude, and banter to the box every time he enters; a subtle character before a workout, on the count of 3,2,1, GO he attacks any WoD with as much endeavour and tenacity, as a local Chepstow derby.. 

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to gain a slender running advantage, I have personally witness Matt, give another athlete a little shirt tug at the start of a sprint (yes I did say sprint!) to gain an advantage, all in good humour and tone..

Matt has embraced the training methodology and over time has rebuilt his body to become a strong, supple and agile individual that would complement any rugby team. This you would think, would be enough for a man who’s seen PB after PB in strength cycles of training, but for Matt this was just the beginning. In recent months Matt has worked hard to improve his gymnastics ability and has recently completed the holy grail of gymnastic movements, the muscle up! For anyone who knows how these work within a Crossfit context, they are not a gimme, and require lots of technical application and skill. Matt really embraces and listens to the coaching team; I recall watching him get his first bar muscle up a good 6 months ago now, I offered him a few tweaks to his technique, and it was there, BANG. Similarly with his recent first muscle up on the rings, his application of technical detail, gave Matt the confidence to attempt 15.3 RX’d and succeed in stringing not one but a few muscle ups together in this very challenging Open Workout.

 Matt is a great character to have around the place and has almost become part of the furniture without even realising it. Im sure Matts journey to moving better  will not end with muscle up’s, and he will continue to improve and grow. Matthew Hill, a  fully deserved Member of the Month!



I’ve been doing Crossfit for just over 2 years.


My best achievement was pretty recent by producing a muscle up on the rings for the first time mid week, then hitting 2 MU’s in the Open WOD 15.3.

I enjoy clean and jerk the most and weirdly enough i enjoy Burpees.


Matty hates a thruster! Also not too keen on the whole running malarky!


My goals for the future are to improve on my weaknesses, so I am able to compete in competitions for celtic crossfit.



I am absolutely petrified of heights, probably the one and only time you may see me cry. I am also a secret wrestling fan! If you smell what I’m cooking

Tonight’s WOD 

A) Pistol Practice 

B) “Bowen” 


A special mention tonight for one of our newest members Dan Kasongo. Just fresh out of On Ramp Dan smashed tonight’s Hero Workout leaving experienced members and coaches in his wake as he blasted through the three rounds in an amazing time! Keep an eye out for this athlete… Did I mention he is only 16!? 


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