A HUGE Well Done!! To our Celtic Bootcampers, Celtic Weightlifting Club and Saturday Sweatfest Crew this morning! Some particularly challenging workouts tackled in true Celtic Warrior fashion! A great turn out as always and an even better attitude and application from everyone! Hugely proud of everyone that walked through the door today! You guys are Awesome!!


400m x Run
40 x Box Jump Overs
40 x Pull Ups
40 x Strict Press

800m x Run
50 x Box Jumps
50 x C2B Pull Ups
50 x Push Press

1km x Run
60 x Burpee Box Jumps
60 x Burpee Pull Ups
60 x Push Jerk




It’s never too late to begin CrossFit or your training with us at Celtic CrossFit to improve your life, health and fitness in every way possible!

Today saw some Olympic lifting mixed in with a twist on one of the CrossFit benchmark “girls”, Elizabeth

(1) Build to heavy complex
1 x Squat Clean, 1 x Push Jerk, 1 x Split Jerk

(2) 21 – 15 – 9

Ring Dip
DB Hang Squat Clean



Some saucy squats today working on volume and keeping form under fatigue follower by an interested twist on Cindy

Mentions for Leighton class in one for going unbroken in the snatches throughout and Will for the top Rx score of the day

(1) EMOM Back Squat x 11
3 x @70%

(2) 15 Min AMRAP

5 x Power Snatch (50/35)
10 x Press Ups
15 x Air Squats


imageimageimageimageimageimage#HSPU #Barbell

Tonight saw the start of a new programme series focusing on GPP to aid and improve on all improvements and gainz from our last weeks of programming!

Handstand push ups saw a return tonight as our skill work into the workout consisting of plenty of barbell practice

Mentions to Shaz in class 1 for great improvements in her handstand progress, Coach Carter for leading the way with a huge deficit HSPU whilst in matching clothes to Sam….head to toe and also Will for needing a hand with taking his top off mid workout, clearly too many gainz 😉

Class 2 to Lucy for some great work during the workout showing great determination and technique!

(1) HSPU Max effort

(2) 2 Rounds : 2 Rounds
7 x Deadlift
5 x Hang Power Clean
3 x Thruster

15 min AMRAP

4.7.16 #10benefitsofCrossFit

10 Reasons Every Woman Should Try CrossFit

CrossFit is intense, it’s challenging and it’s fun. Here are 10 reasons you should consider trying it.


With more than 11,000 affiliate locations (aka “boxes”) worldwide, CrossFit isn’t just for meatheads and bodybuilders. Every day, real women are giving the constantly varied, high-intensity mix of cardio, weightlifting and gymnastic movement a shot…and loving it. Here are 10 reasons you should check out your local CrossFit box and see if it’s right for you.
1. You’ll learn proper form. Have you always stuck to hand weights or avoided strength training all together? If you’ve worried about getting hurt or were never sure what exactly to do with your gym’s selection of plates and barbells, CrossFit is a great place to start. Most boxes require new athletes to complete a basics course that covers equipment usage, proper lifting form and commonly used CrossFit terminology.
2. Bored? Not anymore. CrossFit is made up of constantly varied, high-intensity movements. Which means that over the course of one WOD (workout of the day) you may be running, rowing, swinging kettlebells and working on gymnastic moves like ring dips and handstands. Coaches use the timer throughout the class and keep athletes in constant motion.
3. Measurable results (that have nothing to do with the scale). CrossFit is all about metrics, but you’ll rarely hear anyone talk about pounds (unless it’s how much they’re lifting). Most CrossFitters keep track of their PRs (personal records) for specific workouts and lifts via notebook or app, which makes it easy to see improvements in strength and stamina over time.
4. But that doesn’t mean you won’t look damn good. T he constantly varied nature of CrossFit means that every part of your body will get a workout, with specific emphasis on the glutes and thighs. Lots of squats, both with and without weight, mean a perkier butt. And an increase in muscle mass is a surefire way to boost metabolism.
5. Everything can be scaled and modified. Take a look at a typical class at any box and you’ll see a variety of ages, amounts of experience and levels of ability. Yet everyone’s getting a workout that’s HBD (hard but doable). That’s because scaling weight appropriately is encouraged, and nearly all CrossFit movements can be modified. For example, a new athlete may modify pull-ups by using an exercise band or opting for a lighter a kettlebell than the prescribed weight.

6. New workout buddies. Critics call CrossFit a cult, but anyone on the inside will tell you it’s a community. The best coaches and boxes create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for more advanced athletes to share training tips with newbies and stay behind to cheer them on while they finish a workout. And athletes who start CrossFit around the same time often form a special bond as they improve and grow together.
7. Efficiency. You know how it goes: when time is an issue, you either focus on lifting or squeeze in a few biceps curls after 45 minutes on the elliptical. If you’ve only got one hour to work out, CrossFit is your best bet. Most WODs include a mix of cardio and weight training. You’ll be surprised how fast you can accelerate your heart rate with a 10-minute mix of burpees, push-ups and air squats.
8. The opportunity to right the wrongs of gym class humiliation. Are you haunted by memories of the President’s Fitness Challenge? Did rope climbs give you nightmares well into your 20’s? CrossFit gives you the chance to confront all the movements that troubled you from grades K through 12, all in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Good coaches will show you how to work towards challenging movements like pull-ups, handstands and rope climbs with strength-building exercises and progressions.
9. It’s like personal training, but more affordable. Yes, CrossFit is typically a significant financial investment. But, it’s much more affordable than sessions with a personal trainer, and you’ll still get many of the same benefits. CrossFit coaches make an effort to get to know every athlete so that they can help them with goal-setting. And, in every class, you can expect to receive guidance on form and technique.
10. CrossFit movements are functional. After a couple months of CrossFit, you may find activities like carrying groceries or changing the bottle on the office water cooler to be a lot easier. That’s because CrossFit focuses on functional movements: carrying awkward items, sprinting short distances, lifting heavy things from the ground. CrossFit training is, in many ways, training for everyday life.



2 Rounds OTM 3 15min

7 Deadlift

5 Hang Power Clean

3 Thrusters



Another great morning at the box this Saturday with the sun shining which is always a welcome to help aid our workouts. Bootcamp as always showing to be enjoyable and challenging

Amazing work from Gemma, Virginia and Lucy in particular for finishing well under cap at sweatfest class!

(1) 5 hpc into 1 rope climb X 6 rounds

(2) WOD -50,40,30,20,10 Wallballs KB swing burpee, every-time they break 5 front squat @60Kg



Bootcamp was full of enthusiasm and fun once again!

Great buzz at tonight with plenty going on! Louis, Mark and Gareth pushing through a great team workout, Coach Ross and Rob, Maria and Katie Doffy doing amazing in their qualifier workouts!

(1) Tomorrow is the start of the month so we all know what that means, memberships due 👍

(2)Next On-Ramp starts Tuesday 7.30pm and contact
get-startedcelticcrossfit@outlook.com for more details or to book your place!




Great work by everyone today showing great enthusiasm throughout all classes progressing and practicing their muscle up skills

Mentions to Bryn for great tekkers in the workout on the rings and the whole dawn patrol gang for amazing effort in the early hours of the morning!

(1) Run 200m

1 Min AMRAP of MU

1 Min Rest

(2) Max Reps (x5)

Bench Press @50%

Chin Ups


Next On-Ramp starts Tuesday 7.30pm and contact
get-startedcelticcrossfit@outlook.com for more details or to book your place!