7.11.15 #intensity

Tonight’s session was an evening of mixed intensities. There was also no compound or oly lift in sight which gave our #celticwarriors and opportunity to work a barbell movement that is rarely seen. Then a workout which was focused in high intensity, digging in deep and maintaining as close to redline as possible. 

Amazing effort by all, key aspects were closely followed. Mentions for Ryan, nat, Sam, Maria, Dave and Katie who hit the quickest times of the evening. Further mentions for nat tanner who rxd with ease, Ammie who over came box jumps andlorna who smashed her cleans with superb technique. 

#celticcrossfit2 develops further tonight with our new crossfit flooring being laid, the remaining equipment will up and by next week. Could we please stay off the flooring for the time being and we are waiting for it the settle and take shape. Diolch!!!!!

A) 3×10-12 bent over row


20 HOG press up

10 P.Cleans

20 Box jumps

C) 3sets of

20 OH Sit up

20 Plate twists




    Saturday SweatFest WOD

    A) in 3s OMEMX15

    Min 1:15cal row

    Min 2: 6 thruster & OB burpee

    Min 3: 40 DU’s 

    B) in 10min window 

    (in teams of 3)

    Run 1mile

    Max reps C & J @ 70/40kg

    Big shoutout to all this morning worked hard specifically Aimee who is fresh off on ramp and was worried about running in part 2 so planned to scale to an 800m which she had never ran before. But thanks to encouragement from Vicky B Hannah K and Abbi ended up running the full mile. 

    Big Milestone for her already breaking down barriers thanks to the help and Celtic Warrior spirit shown by our lovely Warriorettes.
    AWESOME stuff Aimee your journey is only just beginning and AWESOME stuff ladies you are AMAZING



    Some Bench followed by a few Burpees on the agenda at the box today. As much a mental challenge of fortitude as of physical capacity to be able to keep going. But our worriors showing great effort and amazing community spirit to cheer each other through to the final Burpee for the final person, with plenty happy cheery voices to be heard after that many Burpees. Good  job all round.


    A) Bench Press

    3@ 70%


    3+ @90%

    B) 150 Burpees 

    For Time


    2 days to 14.2…What delights will Castro throw our way this week?

    Who will be on top of the Affiliate Cup Leaderboard after week 2?


    A) Front Squat

    B) 10 MIN AMRAP

    5 Overhead Squat

    10 Pullups

    March ON RAMP

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    Starting Mon  17.3.14 8-9pm

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    Tonight @CelticCrossFit… Burpee week continues…

    You will be pleased to know we have had a grand total of Zero water bottles and or rubbish left at the box since burpee week has begun!

    A) 3×3 Front squat
    B) Pairs WOD
    1km Run
    100 Thrusters
    60 Pull ups
    1 km Run
    100 Burpees
    60 Ring dips



    Tonight sees the start of “Burpee Week” at the box
    Motivated by the huge amounts of plastic bottles and rubbish left at the box, even after we have pleaded with you to take it home. We have decided to implement one of your favourite exercises in greater volume in our workouts and warm ups this week! We hope that this helps you remember to take things with you when you leave and deters you from repeating these behaviours in future… On the plus side by Sunday you will all be Burpee Ninjas and never fear the dreaded exercises cropping up on the whiteboard when you rock up to a session in future! WE REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY BURPEE WEEK!!

    A) 3×5 Back Squat
    B) 150 Onto Plate Burpees

    Great effort and mental toughness shown by all of our Celtic Warriors this evening to get through such a mentally and physically challenging workout! You have once again demonstrated that you really are physically prepared for anything!


    Tonight saw us hit some weaknesses… and re-visit an old favourite from The Crossfit Games Open qualifiers…

    It was amazing to see so many smashing their previous scores and fab to see some of our newer members posting some impressive results to boot!

    Strength/ Skills
    A) 4 Overhead Squats OTMEM (7 mins)
    B) 7 mins to achieve 3 rounds max reps Toes to bar


    A great job working technique and mechanics on two of our biggest weaknesses!
    A) 7min AMRAP – Burpees
    5 minute rest…
    B) 3 min Double Unders

    Just as disgusting as last time!! But amazing guts and determination shown by you all to get through and smash your previous bests!

    Congratulations to our latest graduating On Ramp Class
    Tonight saw the final session for our latest On Ramp members. In line with every other session, they were amazing!! We have seen such progress in only two weeks! Just imagine what results you could achieve with regular sessions! Well done to you all! Hope to see you smashing some workouts in class soon!!

    Smashing a very spicy power clean & burpee couplet

    Our first Crazy American member Spencer, absolutely wrecked after smashing tonight’s WOD!!


    Some more entries from our athletes as we have past the halfway point some of you still owe 50 FOR TIME (we know who you are!!);


    ‘Ahoy there’ a maritime effort by Bridie i think?? on a leisurely sail from Cardiff to Swansea not letting travelling by sea get in the way of a burpee.


    Who’s this?………… Oh yes, it’s the Statue of Liberty……….. and Lowman with another International effort from NYC @ ‘Liberty Island’ and ‘Times Square’. We think she’s coming back and not emmigrated?!


    Second entries to the fray from accross the pond by Lowman

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    burpees 3500 miles from home at Mantauk point, the closest point to us while holidaying in Long Island New York. And ‘giant duck burpees’ with log overheads thrown in from the USA.

    The bar has been raised by a few of our latest entries, over half way in the challenge now. Oh and we haven’t forgotten you all owe 50 FOR TIME!!!