#Sprints&Burpees #ScaleTheHeights

Today saw some time to work on our Olympic lifting skills with some split jerk finished off with some sprints mixed in with kettlebell work and gymnastics

Special mention to Ivor for pushing himself to the end on every round at lunchtime class tonight!

(1) Split Jerk – 6×2 (set every 90s)

(2) 5 x Rounds

200m Run
10 x KBS
Max Burpees
(In 2 mins)
90s rest

A huge well done to a few of our members this weekend who competed Drewy, Doffy, Katie Doffy, Sam and Dave who took part in Scale The Heights Semi-finals at Slough this weekend! A great effort all round representing the box and the Celtic Warriors didn’t disappoint in doing us proud!
Special mention to Master Doffy who finished on the podium and for the second year in the row qualifying for the finals!

Doffy – 2nd
Drewy – 16th
Katie – 19th
Sam & Dave – 29th

Now on to next weekend where Maria will be competing in her Semi-finals next weekend in Leeds!


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