12.6.16 #Inspiration

An amazing and inspiring morning at the box.

Just 12months on from fighting for his life and undergoing Open Heart Surgery. 

Jon asked if it would be possible to mark the anniversary and complete a Hero WOD for a Saturday Sweatfest.

Jon is an inspiration to us all, which was demonstarted by the number of you coming down to get a good sweat on, donate to ‘Welsh Hearts‘ and WOD alongside our own box Hero and wife Virginia. 

With Special thanks to LuLu and Stu for providing the delicious homemade cakes for everyone post WOD with some Coffee

A year ago Jon was a shadow of himself and had no idea what lay ahead. But has made a successful return to the gym and is once more a regular feature at the box and fitter than most men half his age.

The WOD chosen was ‘Bull’ to encompass Over Head Squats to represent Jon’s Open Heart Surgery just 12 Months ago. 

A Special Morning – A Special Place – With Special People 

Thank you Jon and Virginia Stone we are so pleased to have you both as a part of our Celtic CrossFit Community


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