Today saw a  bit of dynamic work on bench press before a quick but tough workout with plenty of skills to put into practice 

Dawn Patrol – a great class this morning with almost record numbers for our early bird class.  Shout out to Chris Griffiths for his first time skipping in a workout Ian not letting his shoulder injury stop him from training and taking himself on long hard run and Coach Ross for setting a time to beat which proved to be the best of of the day

09:30 – Emil and Lad working together and pushing each other in the workout finishing at almost identical times

12:30 – Huge improvements shown from Big Lee on his muscle up progress and hitting them unbroken with ease and as always great to see Rob Hoffrock back in action.

Evening classes with mentions to Kelly Ahearne in Class 1 showing great technique throughout the class and Anna L-M for demonstrating true grit to get through the workout.

Also the best of Luck to our very own Anna McNally during her competition in Bristol tomorrow.

CG Bench Press 

8×1 @70% 

3 x Rounds 

35 x DU

7 x Power Clean

5 x Push Jerk 

2-5 x Bar Mu

***Timetable for Bank Holiday Monday

9.30am CrossFit Class

10:30am-12:30pm Open Gym

12:30pm CrossFit Class

PM – Gym closed

Celtic Weightlifting to resume Thursday as normal



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