Plenty of olympic lifting today, with some hang cleans for the strength portion and hang snatches in the workout.

with the intensity starting to ramp up a little, focus for today pacing throughout the 15mins and holding on the the barbell and ensuring everything is completed unbroken.

A mention to our ever popular Dawn patrol gang today, Rich Archer for massive improvements in his snatch, Martin for looking fitter and healthier with every session braving DP after a gruling hero wod yesterday and rach for starting to consistently nail her DU’s in workouts

Also big mention to the ever young  Louis Alonzi hitting no less than 6 muscle ups tonight AWESOME!


A) Within 8 sets build to a heavy rep

hang clean

b) 5 Rounds

10 Power Snatch

15 HOG press ups

30s L Hang

25 DUs



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