20.4.16 #practice

Tonight’s workout focused on development of aerobic capacity and pacing continually throughout. In my opinion this type of training is the most important, primarily because if you do not have a developed aerobic (with oxygen) base you are going to struggle when you try and increase intensity and start tapping into you anaerobic (without oxygen) capacity. For the most part, Crossfit utilises the aerobic zone and the ability to keep the same pace throughout the workout is key, if you sprint off and hit that red line too early it is very difficult to maintain and recover from. 

We also hit some tempo barbell work which focused on pressing  and specifically time under tension to develop maximum strength. 

Mentions for everyone in a very busy dawn patrol. This is quickly becoming a popular time to train. 

Also Rich C, James W and Doffy who utilise open gym to get their sweat on. 


1) Close Grip bench press 4x 5
@Tempo 31X1

2) OMEM25

1- 10 Kb lunge

2- row calls

3- 10-15 wall ball

4- 8-10 pull up

5- 15 overhead sit up
Paced across 5 Maintain start pace throughout!


Back Squat instead of CGBP

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