18.4.16 #neweera

A new era was the hot topic at Celtic Crossfit today. A brand new inclusive programme that provided our #celticwarriors with opportunities to get fitter than they were yesterday. Although there we some sore heads as they had to think and decide which programme best suited them and their goals. 

Firstly the fitness crew got some squatting and deadlifting done and then hit some conditioning with running, step ups and strict pull ups. 


Mentions for Hannah R who moved well after some initial concerns. Sam and Doffy having a bit of a race off at the end to finish the wod.

Then the strength crew getting some additional accessory work and strengthen that posterior. 

We also had the introduction of #CelticWeightlifting , which started with a bang. Coach Christie took the snatch and clean and jerk back to the basics then hit some back squats and then some push press to finish. 

With plenty of people taking the advice there will be some PRs smashed in no time. 



3 x 5 Front Squat- Tempo 31X1

2)DL 5x 2 5s lower

3) 3 rounds 

run 400m

10 Kb step ups

20 Chin ups 



1 & 2
as above instead of 3) perform

3a) 3 sets 10-12 strict pull-up 

3b) 3 sets kb step ups

3c) 3 x max Plank

4) 3 x 6-8 BB Row Tempo 30X1


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