16.4.16 #newtoys

Plenty of action in today’s classes. Starting off with a jam packed bootcamp class. Hitting some high intensity workouts and all that attended also got to play with some new toys.

Then our Crossfit classes completed the final skills test and workout of the testing period. 


A) 3min Max effort muscle ups

Awesome effort by Matty Hill who hit an easy unbroken set of 11 muscle ups.

B) 10min Max reps

strict HSPU


15 Box jump



Brand new differentiated programme being released in Monday’s class which will be aimed to cater for all ages, experiences, abilities and goals.

The last couple of weeks have been a massive few weeks for us as a community and as a business, we had an amazing experience with the open and Celtic a Crossfit Affiliate Cup, then we employed our first full time coach and this week we have introduced day time hours, the response throughout this week has over exceeded our expectations and we will be now releasing a new and fun filled timetable.

We will be offering a number of Crossfit and functional fitness opportunities as well as opportunities for our #celticwarriors to catch up or get some skill/strength work done. As of Monday we will also be starting Newport’s only Welsh Weightlifting Affiliated Club.

Throughout tomorrow we will be releasing explanations and further information for all our new classes as well as some more exciting news.

Stay tuned !!!!!!!!


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