5.4.16 #metcontest

Tonight saw the first metcon test, it is one that since starting over 5 years ago we have used as a pure crossfit condition test. this has allowed us and you guys to measure the progress that you have made since begining your fitness journey, it also allow any newer members to get a base line score for what I believe is the perfect crossfit workout.

‘Helen’ was the workout and with gymnastics, loaded movement and running, it covers pretty much all aspects of crossfit.

mentions for 

Dp- rhod and Ian from on ramp getting stuck into the classes consistently now with massive improvements in performance and movement already as well as Drewy for chasing his target and finishing sub 10. Also welcoming back Ivor after a while off 

Class 1 – Leighton for shifting some serious tin on bench

Ryan for leading the way through Helen with the best score of the day (8:36)

Class 2 – big lifts from coach ross and Dan 

Vicky not letting injury get in the way of the workout. 

Class 3 – saad showing he’s still got it and Jen for achieving 3 strung together pull ups which is a skill she has been working on constantly and is paying off

A) 1RM – Close Grip Bench Press
B) Helen – 3 RFT
12 KB Swings
15 pull ups
400m Run


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