4.4.16 #ultimatecelticwarriors

4.4.16 #ultimatecelticwarriors

Now that the dust has settled on the 2016 open, we have had time to reflect. For some it was their first experience and for others it was an opportunity to measure the progress they have made throughout their fitness journey.
2016 has been a massive year for Celtic Crossfit. Taking a massive leap and moving into a bigger facility, kitting out the box with brand new equipment and investing a lot of time a energy into growing our #celticwarrior community and it has definitely been worth it. As a staff it was incredible to see so many of our members and non-members tackle the open workouts with commitment, determination and enthusiasm. Every single person bought into the Celtic Crossfit Affiliate Cup and made it an incredible experience for everyone involved.
It think it’s important to also mention Friday Night Lights. It was the first year, real emphasis has been placed on creating an event like experience every Friday, and that is thanks to every single #celticwarrior. The effort put into the catering, entertainment and of course the workouts was amazing and something we are extremely proud of.

Before you scroll to the scores I think it is important to mention some individuals, who volunteered their time to help us produce #fridaynightlights.
Firstly, Mark who gave up his time to DJ, which I think everyone will agree helps you guys push that little bit harder and squeeze out a couple more reps, secondly Luois Alonzi who produced awesome highlights of each evening, I am writing this with the understanding of how long it takes to record, edit and produce these video clips and he did it off his own back and in his own time, these highlights showed the amazing community that we have build in Celtic Crossfit. Also I think we need to mention Abby and Lulu and stu for the amazing bakery skill, I’m sure there are plenty of #celticwarriors who will gladly taste any cakes that are made 😉

And the scores are…..

Awesome work from all, but the 2016 #ultimatecelticwarriors are Team 4, can you all arrange to be at the gym at the same time at some point this week so we can take order for your customer DNA apparel t shirts and have a team photo.
Onto tonight, it was the first night of testing in preparation for out new Celtic summer cycle. We kicked thingsoff with lower and upper body strength lifts, and there was some serious tin being thrown about and then an alactic test of 4 rounds 40:20 of burpees.
With plenty of PBs being ahcieved lots of mentions to be made, appologies if I’ve left you out, please comment below with your PB.
Drewy – press
Ryan – front squat
Nat T – front squat & press
Sharon – front squat & press
Owen – Front squat
Iwan – front squat
Will – front squat
Leighton – front squat
KellyC – front squat & press
Lorna – squat & press
Little Rob – front squat
Maria – front squat & press
Vix – front squat & press
Matty – front squat
Jen – front squat
Georgia – front squat
Parks – front squat
Also a massive welcome back to Gav C and Saad they are big parts of our community and you have been sorely missed, can’t wait for you boys to get stuck into training again. 
This is just the first evening of 2 weeks of testing, so ensure you rest up recover as best as you can and get your nutrition on point. Tomorrow I will be posting a day of meals which will ensure you are prepared as best as possible for forth coming tests. 
Also Wednesday will see our Olympic Weightlifting Seminar, 6-7:30pm make sure your name is down on the list, it is an opportunity you do not want to miss.
A) 30mins to complete both
1RM front squat
1Rm Overhead press
B) 4 rounds for max total reps. – 40:20


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