3.3.16 #excitingtimes

With deload week over the next two weeks will see lots of opportunities for our #celticwarriors to test every aspect of their fitness. 
For each week there will be allotted times for you guys to catch up on any tests that have been missed or if you plan on attending every day it could be an idea to have a rest day to ensure you are recovered and raring to go for the remainder of the week. 

This week,

Wednesday will see 5-6 open gym which will be used as a catch up session. 6-8pm will then see our 3rd seminar which will be presented by Welsh Weightlifting Regional Development Officer and Welsh Weightlifting Athletes. With 50+ members already signed up it is something that is obviously exciting for you guys, if you haven’t got your name down but are interested make sure you sign up at the reception desk or see a coach. 

We will also have 4-5 on Friday and 9:30-11:30 on Sunday as further catch up opportunities.

This week will also see the return of Celtic Movement. Episode 4 will provide an Olympic Weightlifting warm up series which will tie in nicely with the grand opening of our affiliated  Welsh Weightlifting club on Monday 11th April. 

#celticnutrition will also return with the 2nd member blog as well as some other member led things. 

There are lots more new initiatives in the pipeline which will provide our #celticwarriors with plenty of engaging material and further opportunities to maximise their potential. 

EXCITING TIMES for out #celticwarrior community. 

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